Friday, May 13, 2005

music by way of procrastination

i can't seem to concentrate on my studying so i guess i'll just talk about some upcoming live shows. of course, i've already mentioned the shins show that is happening today, so what else is on the horizon?

i kno that when i miss a dolour show, most likely they will be back in a month, and indeed, they are. this time they'll be playing at el corazon on saturday, may 14th. oh gosh, that's like tomorrow. if i can scrape together the money to go, i just might!

earlimart is coming to the croc on wednesday, may 18th. chances are high that i will be there, so i hope to see you there too (unless you're ugly).

i just listened to the newest aqualung album recently and i think i like it, so i'll mention their (his?) upcoming appearance at the showbox on saturday, june 3rd. does anyone else think he's adorable? i mean, in that pale british mannequin kind of way, of course.

and finally, rilo kiley will also be at the showbox on saturday, june 15th.

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