Saturday, May 14, 2005

a not-terrible encounter with the past

this is new food network personality dave lieberman. i finally caught an episode of his new show good deal, which premiered some time last month, wherein he prepares "quick, easy, and inexpensive" meals. he's sorta like a cross between rachael ray and michael chiarello, with a generous portion of jamie oliver mixed in as well. actually, he seems a lot like the american version of jamie oliver, which is a good thing. he's cute, entertaining and his recipes are simple enuf to make, which means i'll be tuning in whenever i can. bravo, food network!

so last nite, i ran into a couple people i went to high school with. ordinarily, i despise the stop-and-chat, but this time it wasn't terribly bad. i was waiting for something, so it's not like i had anything else to do. i tried to press them for some gossip on our other classmates, but either they didn't want to give me anything, or they really didn't kno anything. the best i could get was something about someone having to quit school for drug-related reasons (that wasn't really a big surprise, cuz the dude was a huge pothead in hs), which i had already heard from someone else. it's bad, but it totally makes me feel better that i'm not the only abject failure at life in my year. i tried my best to spread the news i had heard from someone else that another classmate was getting married to a guy who already had a kid. or something like that.

it seems like not very many people in our class has done anything interesting. it's only been five years and people are either still schooling, or just haven't accomplished much. it makes me wonder why we're bothering to have a five-year reunion (who does that anyways?). the people i've wanted to keep in touch with, i have, and the rest of them... okay, so it might be a little fun to see what people look like now (like the guys i used to secretly desire), but it's not something i have to do. anyhow, after some chatting, we parted ways and one of them said "keep in touch. let me kno how things turn out," and i couldn't help but think to myself "who are you kidding? you don't care what happens to me. i haven't talked to you in five years. 'keep in touch?' i don't have your contact info and even if i did, i prob wouldn't call, cuz _i_ don't care enuf." but i just smiled and said, "yeah, definitely!" and walked on, probably never to see these people again for another five years.

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