Wednesday, August 30, 2006

alcohol happens

yesterday, i was pouring myself something to drink, orange juice. what was left in the carton wasn't enough to fill the glass i had, so to make up for it, i filled the rest with vodka.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


so i took japanese over the summer, mostly cuz i didn't kno what else to do with myself, and despite how much work it was (hours upon hours every day...), i actually met some pretty cool people. well, i'm sure there are cool people in every class i've taken, but when you're forced to spend hours every day with the same people, you actually are forced to get to kno them. i also met some people i never want to see ever again, but i didn't let that ruin my experience.

anyhow, i just wanted to detail our last day together, because it was a lot of fun, and i'd like to keep that memory.

after our final (around 1100am) on friday, we thot it was a good idea to go to someone's place (she lived in a frat over the summer, which was a good thing, really) and do sake bombs. we got nice and drunk and loud, and every now and then, a hot, sometimes shirtless (hell, yeah) frat guy would pop his head in to see who was making so much noise so early in the morning. some got drunker than others, and when we went to get food afterwards (at best of bento on the ave), a few people fell out of their chairs, and a few heaved into the toilet. you kno who you are.

afterwards, i took someone home so that they could pass out and wake up for the planned dinner get-together for the class, and i went with some classmates to get some more liquor for the party get-together that would happen after dinner that nite.

then we chilled at another classmate's place and drank some beers that he had brewed himself until it was time to head to dinner.

the dinner was at bush garden (600pm), and while i'd seen the aging sign for its parking lot, i'd never actually been inside. the food was pretty standard (good, but not extraordinary), but the company was a lot of fun.

when we were done with dinner, some of us went to get yet more liquor and then we headed to the place where the party was to be at. the day begins to grow fuzzy around this time, but i'm quite sure i was having drunk conversations with my teachers, and i kno i found out that the hot sensei, who'd ta'd first-year, was gay. i'd thot so, but it was good to get some confirmation. had i been sure, i would have turned up the charm. *wink*

anyways, after we chilled at the house for a while, we headed off to karaoke. this is the part of the nite i almost don't remember. i don't kno where we went or hot i got there, but i do remember shouting a few songs into the microphone, and then flirting with the lesbian working at the front desk. one of my teachers drove me home, and i passed out.

it had been a while since i'd partied all day like that, so it really brot me back to my younger days in college. who knos when (and if) i'll be able to do something like that again.