Friday, April 29, 2005

change in weather

to be filed under "you can't make this shit up," this japanese anti-public smoking/littering of cigarette butts ad campaign includes such mind-boggling messages as the one shown above (via no-sword). just in case you think it's simply a case of engrish, it's really not. according to the staff of japanese translators i keep in my basement (in a cage, of course), the translation is fine. also, if you don't trust them, you can see that the pictures match the statement. their website has similarly enlightening messages, such as "inhaled. burned. thrown away. if it were anything but a cigarette, it would surely be crying," "posters saying 'don't litter with cigarette butts' are like children scolding adults with paintbrushes," and "before passing gas i look behind me. but i don't bother when i'm smoking." of course, while i'm puzzled at some of these, a lot of the others do make plenty of sense, and i applaud that there is such an ad campaign going on anywhere, because i totally hate smelling other people's smoke and seeing cigarette butts all over the streets. i can't wait until the day there'll be ads at bus stops in seattle equating the scope of one's relationship to a cigarette with their relationship to their boyfriend.

in keeping with the whole asian theme, if you kno anything about chinese, then this article about sign-making in china is a riot (via by way of no-sword). it's so full of misinformation, i can't believe it made it to print, but i guess it says something about the accuracy and credibility of the magazine. i'll tell you what, i won't be picking up a copy of metropolis anytime soon.

this news made me happy only cuz previously, i was selfishly jealous that i hadn't found $100,000 in my backyard, but now i'm glad i'm not an idiot.

today, i saw a totally cute blonde boy with glasses walking around campus with his adorable little white puppy, who needed no leash as it followed the boy around obediently. if you are the boy, oh my god, i love your puppy! mebbe we could arrange some time when i could see the puppy again. mhmhmhmhm...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

a dozen eggs

shawn yue is fawking hot! i love this picture of one of my favorite hong kong superstars. there's just something about it that makes me want to jump on him. it could be the eyes, or it could be the lips, or mebbe it's just that he's already on what looks like a bed. here's another pic. i hope he continues to make lots and lots of movies, cuz i really can't get enuf of him.

look at this picture of tyson ballou with his mom from some time ago. it is too sexy. i love me a good mama's boy.

i got the strangest call today. i was taking a nap (a nap that was apparently fated to be interrupted at least five times. you'd think after the third interruption, i'd give up, but i soldiered on), and my phone rang and woke me up. no name popped up so i wondered who it was. when i answered it ("hello?"), i heard these words: "who are you, you stupid faggot!? why are you in my girlfriend's phonebook?" still in a sleepy haze, i didn't kno how to react to that, so there was just stunned silence. i really didn't even kno where to begin. "anyone fucking there?" apparently not, because after another minute or so of silence, i just hung up. i was in no presence of mind to be dealing with such things, and if he really wanted to get to kno me, i was sure he would call me back. unfortunately, he didn't. after my brain turned on, i realized just how weird that all was. in whose phonebook was my number? was it a girl i knew or not? if not, why does this girl have my phone number? wait, how did he kno i was a stupid faggot? oh my god do i have a stalker? i turned to the trusty white pages, and found that the phone line that some girl's jealous boyfriend had used belonged to someone named marcella over in maple valley, washington. marcella? i didn't kno any marcellas, and maple valley? i didn't even kno where that was (before i looked it up). it must have been the strangest wrong number i'd ever received. well, no, there was that one time when i was little that a creepy old guy thot i was a teenage girl and started hitting on me, but that story's for another time. i sorta wish marcella's boyfriend had called back, cuz it would have been fun to yell at him and make him feel like the dumbass he is. oh, well. here's my advice to marcella tho: you gotta dump your stupid jealous asshole of a boyfriend. you may be a whore and it may not be wrong of your boyfriend to distrust you, but he was too much of an idiot to dial the rite number, or at least made sure he had called the rite person before he went off on them. you don't really want that kind of guy around, do you? nosiree.

Friday, April 22, 2005

like summer

so everyone's talking about hottie aitor mateo from spain, and there's no doubt as to why. just look at him! these pics are also from this season's af mag. some more aitor by bruce weber: with blue steel and magnum. hot hot hot, if not terribly varied. for even more aitor, check out oh la la paris and just jared.

today, it almost reached 80 degrees. i like. i also like tan shirtless boys lounging about the quad. yum!

look at this stupid bitch!

best idea i've found this week is postsecret. (via timmy ray)

what's the verb form of civil union? what does one say? "i got civil-unioned to eddie cibran this past weekend"? or "civilly unionized"? or is it just a simple "civied"? the queerfolk of connecticut will now have to deal with this question that the vermonters have been tackling for some time now. (via towleroad)

washington state needs one of those indoor-smoking bans. that's something i miss about visiting manhattan and san francisco, coming home from a nite out and not smelling like a fucking ashtray. i respect people's rite to smoke if they want to, but i just don't like it when it affects me. ick!

we are 40% thru this quarter and it seems like it's been going by really quickly.

isn't it silly how physical contact stays with you so long?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

beautiful days

look at those stupid people! they are standing in the middle of the road! how could people be so stupid? i dislike people like that who are too stupid to get out of the fucking way before standing together in their little geek circle and talking about their loser lives. stupid, stupid people! i was in a rush, or else i would have idled my car at them for a few minutes and mebbe honked a few times, just to let them kno how stupid they were being. if one of those people was you, you are a very stupid person!

in other news, today was the first of hopefully a series of really nice days. look at the sky in the picture! it's marvelously blue and cloudless. this is what spring should look like. yay, weather!

remember jon jonsson from manhunt? he's in this season's af mag, putting out the fire in his shorts with a long, wet hose. if you look closely, you will also notice that he is adding pressure to the water with his thumb. nothing like a little water hose masturbation to get people to buy clothes. he looks like he's enjoying it, which is good, because i'm enjoying it too.

the new pope is really ugly.

Monday, April 18, 2005

lessons in bookending

hey, look who's on the cover of this week's time magazine. why validate her existence (the persona of "ann coulter," rather than the actual person named "ann coulter." yes, i think there is a difference) with all this attention? wait, why am i validating their validation by posting about it? oh yeah, i wanted to make fun of her.

and now for something completely different! i'm currently enamored of model josh saunders. what is there to say? he's a fawking hottie, and i would like to see more of him. it's funny, cuz i kno of someone who looks a lot like him. oh my god mebbe he's secretly a super hot model under an assumed name! i must investigate.

yes, as you can see from the album covers above, m83 and ulrich schnauss are coming to chop suey on the 26th of this month. i would like to go, but we'll have to see whether or not i have the funds to participate in this event.

okay, so my roommates are generally good and nice people. i don't really have too many complaints about them, since i've definitely had worse roommates. however, i have to say something about our toilet situation, because it's really starting to annoy me. sometimes i feel like we have a public gas station toilet installed in our apartment. where did these people learn how to go to the bathroom? as you can see from the picture above, i often find shit smears and piss stains where there shouldn't be any: on the toilet seat.

for the piss, i can understand how that got there: someone doesn't kno how to lift the fucking seat. i'm not pointing any fingers, but i think it might be the guy who is sometimes too lazy to close the door while he pees. if you're too lazy to close the door, you're gonna be too lazy to lean down and lift a plastic toilet seat. i don't enjoy hearing and walking by people peeing, but it's not that big a deal. peeing on the seat tho, is nasty. of course, if you're too lazy to lift the seat, you're gonna be too lazy to clean your pee off the seat.

what's nastier than the pee? the shit! the zone in the back of the toilet seat, i get how the crap can get there. i'm not going to go into it. but what the fuck, on the front edge of the toilet seat ON BOTH SIDES? how? why? actually, i probably wouldn't want to kno what the hell was going on there. i've only found the shit on the front edge once, and i hope it's the only time it's happened. i'm not actually that annoyed at the fact that someone gets the toilet seat dirty; it's that they don't bother cleaning it up. do they want all the other roommates to kno they somehow never learned to shit squarely in the toilet bowl? it's gotta be some sort of weird fetish. that's the only reasonable explanation i can think of.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

odd ends

okay, i think this is the rest of the pictures i want to share. i have a lot of others, but i think these are my favorite. on the left, the bridge. in the center, a seagull. it was really windy, so the gull would glide into the wind, but then it wouldn't actually move forward at all. it made it easy to take a picture of it, and i tried to make it so that there was nothing behind it, to get that nifty sky effect. on the rite, alcatraz. i didn't go to alcatraz this time, so this is just about as close as i saw it.

hey look it's san francisco! this was taken while i was on the bridge.

left: the bridge. center: the peace pagoda at japan center. rite: somewhere in the presidio, as the sun went down.

left: another tree. center: st. ignatius church at the university of san francisco. it's lit up really nicely at nite. rite: and yes, another picture of the bridge.

i have decided that i don't really like one of the film profs i have this quarter. his lecture isn't very good, and he goes on and on about certain things in much too much detail for our class. you might say he's describing the trees, when we're interested in the forest. except, the forest isn't very big, so he probably has to compensate for that by talking about the trees. and then i keep getting the feeling he doesn't kno what he's talking about most of the time. the other prof is great tho, so the class only sucks half the time.

for the past three days, the weather report has told us that there would be thunderstorms, but every day, it's actually been pretty sunny for most of the day. it's kinda annoying, because in the morning, i don't kno what to do. do i dress for the sun or dress for rain? even if it's sunny when i leave in the morning, it's seattle, so who knos what the weather's gonna be like in an hour or two. in addition to that uncertainty (and the fact that the weather report is a big lie), the sun that appears isn't warm! if you're sitting inside looking out, it looks like it should be in the low to mid-60s, but once you step outside, you realize that it's not even 50 degrees out AND the wind is blowing hard. this will not do. this will not do at all.

apparently, dimsum is bad for your health. they say that "excessive consumption will increase the risk of obesity." wow! really? that's like totally breaking new ground. i wonder what other foods will make you fat if you eat too much of it. someone should do a study. they also proudly claim that this study on dimsum is the first of its kind. i wonder if that's because the last time i checked, there isn't a problem with obesity in hong kong. i wish someone would pay me to come to completely obvious conclusions.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

i'll show you a beautiful soul

yeah, it's an old pic from an old issue of af magazine (here's another), and i'm like years and years too old to be ogling highschool-aged boys, but... i thot some of you would enjoy it. yeah, that's it. besides, today is his birthday! happy birthday, jesse! he's officially 18 now, so have at it. and that's not all. he's coming to the moore on may 5th. exciting, isn't it? if i didn't dislike his music and the inevitable sea of little girls (and their parents) at the show, i'd totally, _totally_ go. or mebbe i'll just try to catch him out on the town afterwards. oh, wait, he's not aaron carter (who turns 18 at the end of this year, by the way), is he? sometimes i get them mixed up and don't remember which one is the boozer pothead, who is more likely to be hitting the clubs. hey, wouldn't it be great if they had a feud? someone needs to start something here.

speaking of af magazine, i need to go check out the new one for the new season. hopefully, there will be some scanworthy pics in there. who am i kidding? it's bruce weber. of course there will be. like the cover (hot!).

with apologies to the shins, that they must share a post with mr. mccarter, i must mention that they are coming to hec-ed pavilion on the 13th of may, and that tickets are now on sale, so grab 'em fast.

one last thing, what the fuck is that on her head?

Friday, April 08, 2005

look at the pretty lights

yay, more pics from sf! i took so many, i just don't kno what to do with them all. well, yes, i do. i can post them. oh my god, i just did. the first one is of the iconic castro theatre on castro st. the second is of a tree somewhere in the presidio. i really liked the way the light looked when it was behind the tree, so i took a picture of it. it was also a really tall tree. the third is a self-portrait! that's my shadow on the sands of beautiful baker beach.

let's talk movies!

rite before i left for my spring break trip, i went to see koreeda hirokazu's new film, nobody knows (dare mo shiranai), about four kids who are abandoned by their mother. while based on real events, the film is a fiction that examines the lives of the four children and how they might have dealt with their situation. this was a very touching movie that was amazingly acted by all the kid actors. i don't think any of them could have done any better, and indeed, the boy who played the eldest boy, akira, received the male acting award at last year's cannes. there was a current of sadness thruout the whole thing, but that wasn't its focus. there was also a lot of joy to be had by the kids, who by the time their mom left, were already used to spending most of their time without a mother. anyone who wants a nice subtle thinking picture should definitely go see this.

while i was in sf on a rainy day, i watched hotel rwanda, directed by terry george. it was a decent movie about a tragedy way too many people kno too little about, the 100-day genocide of nearly one million rwandans (also the subject of the hbo movie sometimes in april, which i have yet to catch). while the movie's focus wasn't the historical aspect of the genocide, we got to see what some of the atrocities were thru the eyes of paul rusesabagina as played by a very capable don cheadle (a performance for which he received an oscar nomination). while not a fantastic stand-out of a movie, if you have the time, give it a watch. it's worth it. after you finish, read these slate articles from last year about the aftermath and the recent situation in rwanda and the democratic republic of congo.

q. allan brocka's eating out was showing at the castro the week i was there. i had heard about it previously when it played during the seattle lesbian & gay film festival last year. i didn't get a chance to see it here, so what a perfect opportunity for me. the technical aspects of the movie weren't very impressive at all, and the writing and directing were ho-hum. some of the actors did good (hot hot ryan from desperate housewives), but others needed a little more practice (sorry, jim, mebbe you should stick to music... or, on second thot, just stick with looking cute... oh my god what did you do to your hair!?). it wasn't that great a story, but i guess it was still fun to watch, especially the parts where the boys get naked. hot! okay, and it had its funny moments too. rent it if you're bored, but don't expect too much out of it. the organ guy at the castro was cool tho.

if you're gonna see otomo katsuhiro's new movie, steamboy, see it in the theaters, like i did earlier this week. it's well worth the ticket price for the animation alone. if you're familiar with otomo and his akira, then you kno there will be plenty of detailed scenes of mass destruction. it's not tokyo this time, but 19th century london instead. it's about a boy inventor who must stop his grandfather's powerful invention from falling into the wrong hands, but i wouldn't worry about the story too much. it's not bad, but it's definitely not the reason i went to see this. i seriously held my breath thru some of the action sequences, because they were just that good. i hope otomo makes another movie soon, so we don't have to wait 16 years for his next.

"...visually stunning...!" i've been a fan of robert rodriguez since el mariachi, tho i opted to skip the spy kids movies. i'd also heard tons about frank miller and his graphic novel masterpiece sin city (of which, i finally read a couple of the stories recently), so when i found out that robert rodriguez was adapting it for the screen, i instantly decided that i had to go see it. flash forward to last nite, when i finally did go see it, i was pretty blown away. it was everything i expected it to be. stylish, gritty, dark, violent, fast-paced, and for much of it, pretty intense. four separate, but related stories about the anti-heroes of basin city run their courses in the length of this film. while i can't say the characters were very deeply drawn, they fit their purpose perfectly. the film looked a whole lot like the book, and that was a treat visually. there are more stories in the sin city series, and i hope rodriguez will eventually adapt those as well. if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

now for some random shit!

of course, leave it up to the spammers to honor the pope's death by taking advantage of the recent papal mania. sorting thru my email, it went something like this: "lose weight! increase your penis size!! lesbian webcam!!! books about the pope!!!!" i don't kno about you, but i like my lesbian porn with a side of viagra and pope, sunny side up.

by the way, did anyone else watch the funeral? i caught a bit of it while i was doing homework, and dear goodness, the news people needed to shut up! i couldn't believe it, it was like the olympic opening ceremonies or something like that. as if the news personalities couldn't stand silences, and found them all awkward and uncomfortable, fixed only with their constant jabbering. it's a funeral, guys. please. i like you, katie, but shut the fuck up for once!

i got my first myspace spam message the other day from an imaginary slut named sarah who wanted to me to im her ("do NOT email me!") on aim or msn so that she could hook up her webcam and show me her goods (ew). i don't kno why i found it so funny, but it made me laugh out loud. i wanted to post the entire text of it and point out particular funny parts, but it has already been deleted by the irresistable myspace tom. also, the dumbass spammer done got himself arrested.

road rules jake (i'll be calling him that even if he becomes an astronaut and conquers the moon, or you kno, something else that's a higher achievement than being on road rules) made me chuckle with this photo essay about a fish that's since been denounced by grumpy readers for being cruel and ecologically unsound. i think it's hilarious.

ha ha ha ha, japanese pop bands are entertaining in more ways than one.

the first robot to enjoy golden showers and holding your penis. (via goldenfiddle)

and yes, by now you've heard of, but have you seen google sightseeing? best idea of the week! (via justjared)

now that we have all that out of the way, let's talk about boys! i am strangely attracted to the slightly nerdy whiteboy cashier at the kinokuniya bookstore in chinatown, even tho i think he's really tired of his job and isn't as friendly as he used to be. other than that, nothing much of note. how sad. where did all my boys go?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

better late than never

it's about time i said something more about the visit to san francisco that now seems but a distant memory. when i was there, i tried to pack in as much tourism as i could (as much as the rain allowed, at any rate). i wandered thru the different and diverse districts, played in parks and beaches, partied at a few bars and clubs, ate at dozens of restaurants (most of which were delicious), perused a few museums, and of course, took in the bridge.

nothing terribly interesting happened to me while there (nothing that wouldn't have happened in similar venues here anyhow), but i have to say the clubs there are much better than they are here. what a sad, pathetic little collection of so-called clubs we have in seattle. it seemed like every nite of the week, people were out on the town, and it wasn't just the usual crowd. it's quite possible to go out nightly, and not run into the same person twice. unfortunately, it didn't really matter how many people were there; they weren't any better-looking. i guess i'd have to go further south for that sort of thing.

chinatown was not very impressive, nor were the few square blocks that japantown occupied. the castro was nice, but everything there was too expensive (except for this great golden girls t-shirt that said "stay golden" on it, seen in a pic i stole from a random german girl, but they only had larges left). there were some shops on haight st. that i thot were nice, but i didn't find anything great. the union square area was great too, but there were only a few stores we didn't also have here (too bad the h&m had not opened yet). golden gate park was beautiful (and enormous), but i was only able to see half of it.

my favorite part of the trip was probably walking along the coast in the presidio and watching the sun set over the pacific ocean. it was so refreshing, i'm definitely going to go back there and explore more of it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Hosted by

okay, so the bravery show was fucking awesome. it might just have been the best fucking show i've been to all year (so far). everyone was fantastic, especially mike (second from the left above), who lost first his jacket and then his cutoff thruout the set. if only licking band members' body's was mandatory or something. and not only was the show fucking great, we had drinks with the band afterwards, and they were really cool people. anthony (third from either side) was all but inviting one of my friends to come to their hotel room, but for some reason, she didn't press the issue (i blame her new boyfriend). i can't wait until they come back, and hopefully by then, their popularity won't have exploded.

Hosted by SuprFile.comcuriously enuf, kelly osbourne showed up afterwards to have a chat with anthony the drummer. what's up with that? my friend thinks they're totally together or something, but i can't believe that! him with her? seriously? what the heck is she doing in seattle anyways. wasn't her seattle-based show cancelled a couple months ago? wait, if she was here for that, where was sean faris? anyways, last week, adrian ryan of the stranger's celeb i saw u reported that kelly would be in town for a bit, and i guess she's still here. she was actually a lot cuter (and nicer) in person than she ever was on television. i also didn't really watch the osbournes anymore, and i offered to get her a drink. one of my friends later told me that she went thru rehab on the show. whoops! whatever, it's the thot that counts, rite?

friday nite, autolux was just okay, but really sour about everything it seemed like. ambulance ltd did a great show, and i hope they come back soon. i'm definitely a fan.

in other news, the three dumbass bitches who viciously attacked micah painter, a gay man, last pride were convicted last week of committing a hate crime.

and the pope is dead.

Friday, April 01, 2005

no april fools, just music

okay, so besides the shows i mentioned a couple posts ago, there are some more of note:

if you don't get enuf of autolux tonite, they will be doing an instore at the queen anne easy street records, saturday at 1 pm. and for a preview of the bravery, they are going to be at easy street the same day, but at 6 pm.

i'll be at the bravery show at el corazon saturday nite, but i wish i could also go see stars at neumo's and dolour at the croc. times like this that i wish i could be more than one place at one time.

oh, phantom planet. why do you tour with sting, and then why is the show all the way out in spokane? here's a case of me not wanting to spend that much money and definitely not wanting to go all the way out there (eastern washington, yikes!). if you were interested tho, the show is this coming monday nite, the 4th, at the spokane arena.

this wednesday, the 6th, is chop suey's three-year anniversary party, and helio sequence is gonna be there. it'll be free! what more reason does one need to go?

like the phantom planet show, i'm not going to this. however, norsk sondre lerche will be opening for elvis costello at the paramount next thursday, the 7th. i don't really want to see elvis costello, and i don't really have the money for a ticket to go to his show just to see sondre. it's too bad, cuz i missed sondre when he was here last thanksgiving weekend when i had to go up to canada with family. elvis costello came with phantom planet a while back too, and i didn't go to that show either. elvis costello ruins everything!

the album leaf will be at neumo's on friday the 15th. it should be good!

this isn't a cd cover, but don't you kinda wish it was? regardless, food fetish buchanan was caught covered in salad dressing last nite.

also, this unsolicited commercial love story is really funny. (via justjared)