Thursday, April 07, 2005

better late than never

it's about time i said something more about the visit to san francisco that now seems but a distant memory. when i was there, i tried to pack in as much tourism as i could (as much as the rain allowed, at any rate). i wandered thru the different and diverse districts, played in parks and beaches, partied at a few bars and clubs, ate at dozens of restaurants (most of which were delicious), perused a few museums, and of course, took in the bridge.

nothing terribly interesting happened to me while there (nothing that wouldn't have happened in similar venues here anyhow), but i have to say the clubs there are much better than they are here. what a sad, pathetic little collection of so-called clubs we have in seattle. it seemed like every nite of the week, people were out on the town, and it wasn't just the usual crowd. it's quite possible to go out nightly, and not run into the same person twice. unfortunately, it didn't really matter how many people were there; they weren't any better-looking. i guess i'd have to go further south for that sort of thing.

chinatown was not very impressive, nor were the few square blocks that japantown occupied. the castro was nice, but everything there was too expensive (except for this great golden girls t-shirt that said "stay golden" on it, seen in a pic i stole from a random german girl, but they only had larges left). there were some shops on haight st. that i thot were nice, but i didn't find anything great. the union square area was great too, but there were only a few stores we didn't also have here (too bad the h&m had not opened yet). golden gate park was beautiful (and enormous), but i was only able to see half of it.

my favorite part of the trip was probably walking along the coast in the presidio and watching the sun set over the pacific ocean. it was so refreshing, i'm definitely going to go back there and explore more of it.

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michelle said...

great pictures! I love the sunset...its so calm and promising