Sunday, April 03, 2005


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okay, so the bravery show was fucking awesome. it might just have been the best fucking show i've been to all year (so far). everyone was fantastic, especially mike (second from the left above), who lost first his jacket and then his cutoff thruout the set. if only licking band members' body's was mandatory or something. and not only was the show fucking great, we had drinks with the band afterwards, and they were really cool people. anthony (third from either side) was all but inviting one of my friends to come to their hotel room, but for some reason, she didn't press the issue (i blame her new boyfriend). i can't wait until they come back, and hopefully by then, their popularity won't have exploded.

Hosted by SuprFile.comcuriously enuf, kelly osbourne showed up afterwards to have a chat with anthony the drummer. what's up with that? my friend thinks they're totally together or something, but i can't believe that! him with her? seriously? what the heck is she doing in seattle anyways. wasn't her seattle-based show cancelled a couple months ago? wait, if she was here for that, where was sean faris? anyways, last week, adrian ryan of the stranger's celeb i saw u reported that kelly would be in town for a bit, and i guess she's still here. she was actually a lot cuter (and nicer) in person than she ever was on television. i also didn't really watch the osbournes anymore, and i offered to get her a drink. one of my friends later told me that she went thru rehab on the show. whoops! whatever, it's the thot that counts, rite?

friday nite, autolux was just okay, but really sour about everything it seemed like. ambulance ltd did a great show, and i hope they come back soon. i'm definitely a fan.

in other news, the three dumbass bitches who viciously attacked micah painter, a gay man, last pride were convicted last week of committing a hate crime.

and the pope is dead.

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