Tuesday, April 19, 2005

beautiful days

look at those stupid people! they are standing in the middle of the road! how could people be so stupid? i dislike people like that who are too stupid to get out of the fucking way before standing together in their little geek circle and talking about their loser lives. stupid, stupid people! i was in a rush, or else i would have idled my car at them for a few minutes and mebbe honked a few times, just to let them kno how stupid they were being. if one of those people was you, you are a very stupid person!

in other news, today was the first of hopefully a series of really nice days. look at the sky in the picture! it's marvelously blue and cloudless. this is what spring should look like. yay, weather!

remember jon jonsson from manhunt? he's in this season's af mag, putting out the fire in his shorts with a long, wet hose. if you look closely, you will also notice that he is adding pressure to the water with his thumb. nothing like a little water hose masturbation to get people to buy clothes. he looks like he's enjoying it, which is good, because i'm enjoying it too.

the new pope is really ugly.

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