Wednesday, October 04, 2006

i'm in

i always thot i'd use that title for an entry about getting into school or something, but apparently not. the alternate title for this post is "why are there so many crazy people in seattle?"

just today, when i was at scarecrow looking for something to watch other than what i went there for (it's 2 for 1 wednesday today), which i might add, is a horribly difficult thing to do while hungover and not feeling like watching anything at all, i noticed someone talking loudly to himself. automatically i assume that he was talking to someone on a bluetooth or something ridiculous like that, but when i looked over, he wasn't. okay, whatever, people talk to themselves sometimes. but as he's leaving, he starts shouting at the people working at the counter about something i could not make heads or tails of. something about how they were a plague on society and whatnot. crazy talk.

then i was walking on the ave, a tall and skinny shirtless man was pointing at things and shouting. unlike the other guy, i didn't think this guy was talking on his cell phone. i was walking behind a middle aged lady in pink, and he ended up behind us, and i hear this: "hey you, the lady in the pink, you're OUT! you're OUT! i'm sorry but you are out." she ignores him, and i do too, thinking to myself that i really should have taken another route. he tells the woman she is out a couple more times, and then he says, "hey you, the guy with the bag that is rite in front of me." this is me. "you're IN! that's rite, you're IN!" i ignore him, but secretly that is validation i've been looking for my entire life. i felt like i belonged to something! (not really.) i sped up so that i could not only cross the street before the lite turned, but also so that i wouldn't somehow be murdered or something. as i got to my car, i saw him walking down the street, still shouting at people. "you, the girl on the scooter, you're in."

what the fuck are these people on?