Saturday, February 26, 2005

the dangers of public transportation

remember jeremy bloom from the 2002 winter olympics? no? me either. maybe it was because he was all covered up (which is really why i like the summer games that much more than the winter games). thankfully, being covered up is never a problem for those photographed by bruce weber. this shot is from the af mag of a couple seasons back, and i finally got around to scanning a couple pics (here's another one from the cover). i kno, these are kind of old, but don't tell me you don't like it. yeah, that's what i thot. he's got the quintessential hot jock qualities that we all love about the abercrombie culture (the face, the body, and the fantasies attached to it all), and he's talented. i dunno about you, but i'm definitely already looking forward to the winter games next year in turin.

two big thanks to give out today, one to timmy ray for the link! at timmy ray, everything you're interested in, he's also interested in, and he'll give you the latest about all of it from new york! and the other thanks goes to gc spotlight for the mention! at gc spotlight, you'll find more boys that you can fit in a box. check them both out!

let's take some time out now to do some pointless ranting about advertising. i've never been a big fan of people trying to convince me to do things i don't particularly want to do, but if they do it in a funny way, i'll pat 'em on the back for effort. i mean, entertainment is entertainment. however, something i can't really stand is when something is completely misrepresented in the ads, like the recent finding neverland tv ads from repeat offender miramax (their trailer for zhang yimou's hero were inaccurate and misleading about the plot and the characters). it's no spoiler to say that finding neverland is a tearjerker. it starts out moderately depressing, and it just goes downhill from there. yet, the ads proclaim it "the feel-good movie of the year," and they play some upbeat pop song while they show clips taken out of context to make everything look inordinately happy. i don't kno about you, but if my mom was dying, i would not feel that good. i'm so sick of miramax trying to trick people into going to see movies by falsifying the plot or tone of the movie. enuf! this next one is just a nitpick, really. i find it to be ineffective advertising for anyone who has actually read a dictionary. hbo is advertising bill maher's new show and this is at the top, a dictionary entry: "Politics (pol-i-tiks) n. 1. 'Poli' means many. 2. 'Tics' means blood-sucking insects." okay, so you ask yourself, "wait, that's kinda funny, what could possibly be wrong with it?" if you get annoyed by nitpickers, you might just want to skip this one. the fact is, there are so many things wrong with it! first of all, what really annoyed me is that they give their joke etymology of word where the definitions should be. would this have been in a dictionary, the definition of "politics" would have been either "'poli' means many" or "'tics' means blood-sucking insects." how are those definitions at all? grargh! and to make it even worse, they fuck up the etymology completely. no, i understand they're trying to be funny, but "poli" doesn't mean "many" at all. the greek word for many is "poly." it may seem like an insignificant difference to you, but if everyone did as slapdash a job as they're doing, we'd end up with a whole lot of crappy products that don't work rite. that's not even the end of it. a tic is like a twitch or a quirk that is particular to a person. a tick, on the other hand, is not even an insect! it's an arachnid. blah! i think this all bugs me a lot because i feel like if the advertisers want to work within a certain framework, i.e. that of a dictionary entry, they should stick with the conventions of the framework. i would have been more okay with it if they had just put the etymology where it should have gone, instead of where the definitions should be. in my eyes, this would be akin to if they had cast a fat chinese guy as ray charles in ray, just cuz he could act the part. it just doesn't work for me. either the people who thot up this ad are stupid, or they think that i'm stupid, and either way, i'm not pleased with it. okay, i'm done being anal for now. oh, while we're talking about ads, i like the recent geico ads with the cavemen. "so simple even a caveman could use it." i cracked up when i first saw the one where the caveman's holding the boom mike on the set. geico good, miramax and hbo, bad.

despite the sun shining bright all week, there has been very little hot boy activity worth mentioning. i blame the fact that even tho it's sunny, it's still kinda cold. well, last week, on valentine's day, there was a really hot guy working the florist department at the queen anne safeway. i wonder if the fact that he was working on v-day meant that he didn't have a girlfriend... or boyfriend or whatever. we may never find out.

let's finish up with a TRUE STORY (oh my god true story!): i was on the bus on my way downtown and this asian girl sits next to me. no big deal, the ladies always want a piece of this, but as long as she keeps her cooter to herself, i'm fine with it. she may also have sat next to me because it was one of the few remaining seats left. i dunno, i'm not a mind reader. anyways, so at one of the next stops, this slightly creepy-looking white guy gets on, and he stands in aisle just in front of us. every now and then, he'd look back at the girl. the first time, i thot mebbe he'd just accidentally stepped on her foot or knocked into her or something and was turning back to apologize, but by the second look, it became apparent that he was checking her out. eventually, the seat in front of us opened up and he sat down, tho this didn't stop him from periodically turning back to look at her. how fucking creepy is this already!? finally, he starts trying to talk to her. i had my earphones on (and listening to reina!), so i didn't hear exactly what he said, but it sounded like he was trying to make small talk by asking her if this was her regular route. of course, the effect of the question was less "hi" and more "are you on this bus daily at this hour? if so i will also be on this bus daily at this hour so that i can be on this bus daily at this hour with you!" ahhh! if i were her, i'd already have pulled out my pepper spray and given him a good wallop of spice in his eyes! bam! perhaps this girl did not have any on her or perhaps she was braver than i, and she wanted to test fate! again, i dunno. i told you i'm not a mind reader. i don't kno if she gave an answer, but if she did, it was probably distant and disinterested, because the guy stopped talking to her. after he turned back around, out of the corner of my eye, i could tell she gave me a look, but since i was looking out the window, i didn't see what kind it was exactly. i did pull one of my earphones out tho, you kno, just in case he would say something creepy, and i could defend her with my manly skillz, not at all because i wanted to eavesdrop on any further communications that may or may not slightly entertain me on a boring bus ride. soon after, the girl was almost at her stop, since she tapped me on the leg and asked me to pull the stop cord. shortly after i did so, the creepy guy stood up like he was going to get off at the next stop. immediately, the girl turns to me and she gives me the "oh my god no fucking way please save me" look of shock. i widen my eyes in surprise as well, but i had no choice but to give her the "i feel really bad but there's nothing i can do about i'm so sorry" shrug and "good luck" smirk. had i the time, i might have gotten off the bus with her and pretended i was her bf to shake off the creepy white guy, but alas, i needed to get somewhere. when we got to the stop, i could tell the girl was really hesitant about getting off the bus. i could see in her stance that she was uncertain about what she was gonna do. was she going to wait until the next stop and mebbe walk back, hoping that the creepy guy had gone by then, or was she going to risk it and just get off the bus. i think she did the smart thing in the end. she waited to see if the creepy guy was getting off the bus first. luckily for her, he was not (he apparently just felt the need to stand up), and she jumped up out of the seat and rushed off the bus, potential life-threatening situation averted. perhaps i imagined it, but it was as if the rest of the bus breathed a sigh of relief. the side of good had triumphed that day.

Monday, February 21, 2005

lazy monday

murata range is a damn good artist. i really enjoy his stuff. if only i could draw as well as he. plus, i can't help but find his imaginary boys (or are they?) to be damn good-looking. here are full versions of the pics shown above: left, middle, rite. and some more girls: in a kimono, getting ready, and pensively holding a potted plant. all pictures, except for the one from his website are in his artbook, futurhythm. it's only ¥3990 on amazon, so if you want to see more, buy it!

american idol finally got to hollywood where the final 24 are chosen. it zipped thru all the contestants and some were sent home while others went on to the next round, like some i've previously mentioned: carrie, anthony, lindsey, travis, amanda, and mario. they're still looking and sounding good. i hadn't mentioned vonzell before, but she did really well this round and i like her look. she auditioned at first with different colored shoes on, and i have to say that was great. marlea made it thru this round, but quit, because she said she missed her kid. poor girl, she could have made it a lot farther. i still don't like mikalah; she's still ugly and i still don't like how she sings. and i definitely don't like how she acts. what did they inject into her puffed up lips, liquid crack? some of the people got to visit the oc set, which makes me slightly jealous. they went to harbor high, and the bait shop. this was all too overwhelming for jaclyn, and she burst into tears like she does every time someone so much as talks to her. i dislike her already. one last thing before we move on, didn't this asian dude make it to hollywood last year? so, next they tried to see if the idols could work well in a group, because you kno, they need to be able to do this so that when they lose, they can go on tour with the other losers and make the producers money. not much to say here, most of the people i liked got thru, including oh so cute mario. timothy, whom i previously wrote off as just another queer, is kinda cute here, but what is he wearing, and he should really do something about his hair. additionally, judd looks really... small. they ended this episode with the worst of the worst. they didn't sing well, and they didn't kno their song. i don't even kno why they all got thru. my only guess is that by the end of the day, they had not filled their quota for how many people they had to let thru and so they gave these fuckers a break. i'm pretty sure none of them will make it to the last 24 tho, thank goodness.

the final episode of the amazing race 6 began with a train ride from shanghai to xi'an, china. this was fun, because they took an overnite train and "oh my god i've been there!" i rode a ton of those kinds of trains all across china and i actually have relatively fond memories of them. nothing like getting on a train in the evening and waking up at your destination. anyhow, on the train, aaron likened the cornfields of china to michigan, where he's from (yes, there are cornfields in china), and hayden liked how it smelled. yes, that's rite, she liked how it smelled in china, while sticking her head out the window of a train. lemme explain something to you about the trains in china. after you flush the squat toilets on the train, water comes down and the bottom opens up and flushes all that shit and piss and whatever else garbage you got straight onto the train tracks. as a result, much of the area around trains smells like shit and piss and garbage. i don't kno what kind of strange fetishes hayden has, but apparently, she loves the smell of shit and piss and garbage. run, aaron, run! perhaps it was too much fecal inhalation that caused hayden to freak out like a rabid monkey thruout the entire episode. in xi'an, they sprayed a car chassis (boring) and then went to pick up a clue at the tomb of the first qin emperor, the one with all the terra cotta warriors. i haven't been there, but it is something i'd like to see. then they went to one of old sacred mountains of china, huashan, where they had to go thru thousands of locks to find the one that their one key unlocked. again, not terribly exciting, but it wore on the people that performed the task. i think if i had to do this one, i'd go nuts, especially after having to climb a mountain. well, hayden did go nuts, and they skipped the task, causing them to lose the race. of course, aaron felt bad for her, so what did he do to cheer her up? he asked her to marry him. yeah, best wishes... the remaining three teams then flew to hawaii, the place where chip and reichen (oh, reichen) won the amazing race 4, and did some skydiving, which looked really fun. they didn't have time to enjoy the weather tho, since they were sent packing to their final destination: chicago! and their final task? they had to eat a deep dish pizza. come on, amazing race! you can do better than that! after finishing their pizza, freddy and kendra made their way to the finish line and won a million bucks... nooo!!! kris and jon should have won! but perhaps they got along with each other too well, and were too deserving. and if you think about it, at least adam didn't get his hands on any of the money (unless he's dating freddy now or something).

but let us now look to the future! as this amazing race ends, another is getting ready to begin! let's give the new a-racers a quick look. this time, we finally have another queer team, lynn and alex. no, they're not women, one of them just has a woman's name. wait a minute, mebbe they are just bull dykes... oh, no, they're labeled as "boyfriends." they've been together for four years, and one of them is 30 and the other 22. four years ago, cradle-robbing 26-year-old lynn swooped down and snatched up a young and innocent 18-year-old alex. yikes! anyhow, while, neither of them are super hot like reichen, i will still throw my early support to the gay, at least until i find out they're horrible people or something. as a back up, i'm prepared to root for susan and patrick, the mother/son team, of which the son part is a big gay. he'd also be better looking with shorter hair. the mom looks like she could be a huge bitch, and that should be fun. one team i'm already rooting against are the engaged survivors rob and amber, not because they already have a million dollars from survivor, but because rob is a fuckhead, and amber is lame! the only person less deserving of the survivor million is vecepia from survivor marquesas, who basically did nothing for the first half of the game, and then went back on her word for the second half and used god as an excuse to do so. but we're not talking about vee, we're talking about amber, who sat under boston rob's protection while doing nothing for herself. grargh! just thinking about it again makes me shake my fists at no one in particular! the rest of the racers are not terribly interesting to me just quite yet. i do have some questions about megan and heidi tho, and no, it's not about their stupid bandana headbands. they are roommates, but one of them is a stay-at-home mom. where does heidi get the money to stay at home and be a mom. last time i checked, they didn't make any money. is she married? if so, is her husband living somewhere else? why is he doing that? is she just incredibly rich? if so, why is she living with 26-year-old fashion designer? could these two just be secret lesbians!? i'll be keeping a close eye on them (sidenote: megan has an extreme phobia about flying... i wonder how well she'll do with all the uh... flying you have to on the race). i also hate old people! especially old men with women's names, like meredith here, with "his" wife gretchen. first it was the girl hayden from ar6, and now we have guys named lynn and meredith. i salute our servicemen abroad, but why is ron's occupation listed as "former iraq war pow"? is that really a job? does he go to work every day, doing the work of a former prisoner of war? why didn't they just put "student" down there, which is what he actually does? this show is giving me a headache already. chuck has the most boring job i've ever heard of, just short of manhunt's air filtration system salesman, maurice. he "works in boiler tube replacement sales." what is it about selling things that do things that's so boring to me? last thing, joyce is kinda scary-looking, like her eyes are just a little too big, kinda like a gremlin... i hope that's just a bad picture. anyhow, the next race premieres tuesday, march 1st, at 9 pm. don't miss it!

the oc was fantastic! sandy made the mistake of trying to juggle his wife with the memory of a long ago love with that rebecca of the bloated whores! why would he do that? what is he thinking? i think they need to give us a reason why sandy is doing all this. so far rebecca is losing to kirsten in every single way! it just doesn't make any sense! by the end, sandy had abandoned his wife on valentine's day to make out with the bitch-on-the-side for no good reason (one of two kisses to rock the oc!), and kirsten shut him out. i would have too! you go kirsten! and sandy, come to your senses. i kno her dad died, but she fucking abandoned you! argh! ryan played pool with caleb for the prize of leaving him and lindsay's relationship the fuck alone. mostly boring storyline, but still fun to watch. seth and summer and zach went to san diego to pitch their comic book idea, but since seth was worried about zach and summer spending the nite in the same bed (in the room next door!), he didn't get any sleep and completely fucked up the pitch while at the same time letting summer and zach kno how he still feels about summer. damn it, seth! i love you, but sometimes you do the stupidest things! of course, perhaps it wasn't so stupid. letting summer kno you still want her will only add to summer inching her way back to cohen. ingenious! who do i love more and more every time she appears? why, it's julie! what a huge bitch she was, as always, especially to lindsay, whom she doesn't want to be included in caleb's inheritance. this we found out when julie and marissa had dinner together. but before that happened, they had the best back-and-forth in this episode: julie: "marissa, you kno, when i was in europe, i did some real soul searching." marissa: "i hope you didn't hurt yourself." WONDERFUL! next, marissa: "you can't take away my cell phone!" julie: "oh, i think i just did. you gonna throw the bedroom furniture in the pool now?" AWESOME! i think julie wins this round. then, the moment everyone was waiting for, the hot hot hot lesbian kiss on the beach. let's look at it from another angle. ho, yeah...

the apprentice was entertaining, no doubt, but i miss the days of the second episode. this one started off with the whole of magna telling michael he needs to stop being so fucking stupid. but what can he do? he can't help the way he is. this week's task was to make a commercial for dove body wash, and both teams failed miserably. what were they thinking? on the magna side, they decided to go with a horrible "vegetable porn" wherein a female chef stroked her gay assistant's cucumber. does that make you want to buy body wash? me either. but it doesn't make me want to rub someone's abs. yes, that's rite, erin took the opportunity as project manager to hire an actor with a great body, tell him to pull his pants down, and then scrub his tummy. see, that's why it would be fun to be a director. why it wouldn't be fun is i would have to deal with bitchy actresses like the weirdo no-name diva-wannabe who was mad that she was not "received" and had been paid to do nothing for two hours. i don't understand this woman. she had a job for the day and she should be god damned happy about it. how does someone so average-looking get so demanding? she even threatened to walk out, as if there weren't hundreds of other actresses, i'm sure better-looking actresses, who would have jumped at the opportunity to do this. i'm pretty sure she just wanted to create some drama so that she would get some camera time on the apprentice. what a little troll! on the net worth side, it was a lost cause rite from the beginning when kristen became project manager, because her boyfriend was a director and she had been on a set before. uhm... no. well, audrey (whom kristen disliked a whole lot) summed it up pretty well, "she has no respect for others. she is a BITCH, a royal BITCH." oh, i'm liking audrey more and more every week. kristen didn't kno what she was doing, and she did even that poorly. it was painful to watch her "direct." what a mess. angie's take on it all, "i'm not excited at all about this idea. there's nothing innovative about it. there's nothing compelling. it's not even that funny. i want to see 30-seconds of something innovative and outside of the box. this is so fucking in the box, this is rite in the middle of the box. this IS the box," all the while waving her hand wildly around. i don't like angie that much, but she does have a point, and plus she was the main attraction of the second episode. so, both teams went to the boardroom, and since magna actually worked together on the task, project manager of net worth, angie was easily fired for her gross incompetence. funniest part of this episode was when out of nowhere, chris called homosexuality disturbing and yelled out, "i am not a homosexual!" apparently, in an effort to get someone on magna fired for using gay content. what a weirdo!

finding neverland was good, but it wasn't spectacular, definitely not something i would have expected to get an oscar nom for best picture. million dollar baby, on the other hand, was a great movie. good direction by clint eastwood, fantastic acting by eastwood, morgan freeman, and hilary swank, very well written, and the story was just heartbreaking at times, but oh so well done. it also gave me a new appreciation for boxing. it looks like there'll be a bit of a fight between the aviator and million dollar baby for a few of the oscar races. now, i'm a little bit more excited for oscar. i also saw bride & prejudice, which was such a fun movie. the story was jane austen, and the style was bollywood, complete with song-and-dance sequences. gurinder chadha won me over in bend it like beckham, and she doesn't disappoint here. plus, martin henderson and daniel gillies are in it with aishwarya rai, three really hot people. go see it!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

hot and cold

yup, yet another impossibly hot brazilian guy! he's been the man of many a person's dreams for quite a while now, but i finally got around to scanning a few pics of model rafael verga from last month's issue of out magazine. here he's all wet, and another from behind. and here is one of my favorite pics of him (snagged from gc spotlight, where there are more pics). i really need to start planning a trip down to rio. really.

before we go on, let's ponder cute mtv uk news personality tim kash, who is also the presenter for the new top of the pops. that's all.

oh yeah, highly recommended abstinence information websites for your sons or daughters. the best sex is no sex.

so much tv to catch up on it's ridiculous. american idol went to cleveland and orlando and found a couple ones-to-watch, including the adorable, tall and blonde anthony, who looks a bit like harry potter, but taller and blonder and more adorable. oh shut up, he's 19. i also liked briana because... well, i can't quite pinpoint it... there's just something slightly different about her. but i wouldn't mind never hearing "phantom of the opera" ever again. and here we have two gay boys supported by one of their moms. awww, how cute. i didn't like anyone who came out of san francisco all that much. this mess named elizabeth made it thru even tho i wasn't impressed in the least. i guess dressing like a whore does get you places. chris was a big gay loser who supposedly sang on a cruise ship, but if that's the case, let me never go on a cruise. i don't really want to rip on mathew, who probably has a hard enuf time dealing with assholes daily, but i feel i must mention him anyways. he sounds like a woman. if you heard his voice and his singing, you would undoubtedly think he was a woman. it is uncanny. some might say there was a skinny black girl (perhaps named shakiki?) hidden somewhere inside of him. regardless, he was comforted by what looks like a hot guy. lucky him! tho i don't kno who chris wylde is, my friend immediately recognized him as he rapped his way thru his audition and then swore like nothing else after he was rejected. apparently he's a comedian or something? i dunno, he was okay, but i laughed loudest during this episode when lauren's mother cried out, "i done peed mah pants!" by the way, finally a big lesbian! the hollywood portion of the prelims is coming up and hopefully there will be drama and stupidity, the two cornerstones of fun reality entertainment.

the amazing race made its way to shanghai, china from sigiriya, sri lanka. immediately, i kno it's going to be a fun episode, because one, i have been to shanghai and i like shouting "oh my god i've been there" at the tv (imagine how it must be like to watch a home video with me), and two, it is nearly impossible for anyone who can't speak or read chinese to spend any amount of time on the chinese mainland without a guide. i anticipated a lot of frustration coming up, and there's nothing funnier than a bunch of lost and angry foreigners. sure enuf, that's basically what the whole episode was. freddy and kendra were just as lost as any of the others and yet freddy called rebecca a "little one" who didn't kno what to do, so she followed everyone around. which is not really a bad way to run the race, considering they made it thru to the final three. oh wait, mebbe freddy was calling her a little one cuz he's like OLD. you kno, like how your grandparents refer to your parents as "kids." after their stop at yu yuan (oh my god i've been there), their primary trouble was finding a taxi, which i can understand, because if i were a shanghai taxi driver, i probably wouldn't stop for a bunch of crazy yelling white people either. i kid, there are places in china where flagging down a taxi is no easy task, but shanghai is not one of them, even less so rite outside one of the biggest tourist sites in the city. after they got a taxi, their problem became communication with their drivers. this was fun to watch, but also painful. i feel so bad for the poor locals who were yelled at because a couple of foreigners couldn't speak the language, but i enjoyed seeing some of the contestants get so flustered. delicious! they were then send to lower themselves down a tall building and do some window-wiping and then carry some bricks somewhere. not too interesting. adam and rebecca came in last due to a yield, but it was a non-elimination round. in the next episode they go to xi'an (which everyone likes to pronounce wrong). yay, more china!

the oc was so hard to watch this week! first of all, sandy is keeping the "love-of-his-life," that bloated whore, a secret from kirsten. why!? this could only lead to trouble, and of course it did. when kirsten went out at the end of the episode, i knew she was going to find rebecca, and it made me cringe and bite my nails for a good five minutes. oh the suspense... i love sandy and kirsten and i wish death on anyone that comes between them (this means you, rebecca). seth and summer almost kiss and i was holding my breath thru that whole scene. i love summer and zach, and even i will not let even cohen break them up! of course, the summer and zach couple was never meant to be. we all kno that summer still really loves seth. by the way, summer, so hot! caleb continues being an asshole and ryan uses his dark sith powers to cause him to have a heart attack. yikes! sidenote: oboe. marissa and alex's storyline doesn't go anywhere really. marissa asks summer vaguely for advice, which eventually convinces her to run to alex and... hold her hand (well, with rachael yamagata in the background). darn! i guess we'll have to wait for the next episode for them to make the fuck out! instead of calling this episode "the second chance," they should call it "the blue balls." where's my hot lesbian action!?

it wasn't on the apprentice for sure. there's only ugly, straight action here. the first thing that happened was verna from seattle finally quit. what a non-contender she turned out to be! i don't believe she's really from seattle or worked for microsoft. what kind of person can't stay up a couple days to get the job done? the verna kind of person, apparently! i feel like she should have known what she was getting into when she signed up for it. i hate quitters! especially if the opportunity they are throwing away was hard-won. *sigh* oh well, what can you do? this week, they were charged with running an event to advertise for coffee. during the tasks, at magna, we learned that crazy danny is incompetent and could not make any decisions on his own, and that michael is a stupid fucking loser. what a useless bag of shit he turned out to be! he spent the whole time dicking around and pissing people off with his completely asinine behavior. what is wrong with these college grads? i kinda felt bad for crazy danny that he had to deal with stupid fucking loser mike, which is saying a lot, cuz i don't like danny either. meanwhile, over at net worth, nothing happened. of course, with danny's lack of leadership, magna lost and they went to the boardroom, where, god knos why, they tried to get michael fired. he has an exemption! these are a part of the rules of the game! granted, trump changes things up from time to time, but i don't think he ever technically breaks any of the basic rules. just how stupid can magna get? it bothers me these college grads are so dumb. mebbe i should just drop out and be a cussing street smarts kid. naturally, danny was fired, so we are saved from his guitar and singing for the rest of the season (i hope). here's to hoping michael gets booted in the next episode.

in a related story, i wish omarosa would just shut up and go away. i kno i'm just giving in to her by writing about it, but i just can't help it... she's such a horrible person who uses anything she can to get a little attention. yes, she's an attention whore. recently, cnn reported that she's accusing the apprentice for being racist. this is such bullshit! well, it may very well be racist, but definitely not for any of the reasons that omarosa is bringing up. "once you start looking at how all the black men are lazy and laid-back and nonassertive and nonaggressive and all the black women are quite the opposite, i think there is a pattern." since when? i don't think kwame or kevin were like that at all (tho it's hard to tell how craig is, since it's still early in the season), and is lazy and laid-back really a black male stereotype? as for the women, the only one who was a total bitch was omarosa! i liked stacie, who was only portrayed as a crazy person because she let her guard down, which the evil conniving women of apprentice 2 used in order to gang up on her to save their own asses. and in apprentice 3, i don't see either of the black women being like omarosa was in the first season. verna got tired and quit and tara hasn't done anything worth noting. of course, omarosa then contradicted herself and said that "when black contestants don't fit a certain perception, they tend to be ignored." apparently tara called her crying about her lack of exposure on the series (yeah, rite). "'she's well-behaved, well-spoken, she doesn't argue with anybody,' manigault-stallworth said, and she is getting 'absolutely no air time.'" well, fucking DUH, omarosa! it's a god damned reality tv show! if you want to get more camera time, you have to start doing crazy things and start yelling at other people. this is what the viewers like to see, and so that's what they're gonna show. of course, omarosa already knew that, which is why she did what she did to get as much attention as possible. i'm thinking these accusations she's making are due to the fact that they didn't ask her to do commentaries for apprentice 3 like she did for apprentice 2. i'm sure they're definitely wanting you back for the next season, you crazy bitch!

Monday, February 14, 2005

hot teen sex

what is that? a pretty and unique mold growth? an ultra-complex molecular model? or is it a piece from a hot new local artist? none of the above! it's purportedly the first teen sex map. ripped out of the pages of time magazine, the accompanying article goes on to vaguely describe what they thot they were doing when they were carrying out the survey ("The majority probably involved an 'exchange of fluids,' say the authors," yeah, what exactly does THAT mean?). they found that half the 1000-kid school were "sexually active" and that the average loss-of-virginity age was 15 and a half. "shocked?" they ask. not really. that sounds about rite from what i remember from that distant thing called high school. they're distressed about this because the spread of disease in a network like this would read far and wide. 1% of the relationships were homosexual (you see jake and his "bisexual" friend aaron in the upper rite hand corner?), tho it should be 2.5%, according to the national figure. the funniest part of the whole thing is that the takers of the survey thot that since "there was no incentive to lie," that the kids didn't lie. yeah, rite. i'm not convinced that player matt (he's in the upper rite hand quadrant) is really as prolific as he claims to be. as probably inaccurate as it is, it does give us a better glimpse into the sex lives of the underaged. (happy valentine's day!)

in other news, another mother-to-be is attacked by a crazy woman who wants to cut the baby out of the pregnant woman and keep the baby as her own. i don't want to jump the gun and call this a trend, but this is the second time in not too long that we've heard this exact same story. one lunatic tells everyone she knos that she is having a baby, setting up a nursery for the imaginary baby, and then when the time comes, she goes out in search of a baby with her knife in hand. luckily for the mother this time, she fought back and ended up killing the crazy woman. rite on, sarah, rite on! this'll make you think twice about being pregnant in the company of batshit strangers. what kind of world are we living in!?

another story about the dangers of blogging. beware! i just like being called an "affluent young adult." i like the word affluent.

the best news of the week so far comes via vividblurry. the release of the first season of clarissa explains it all on dvd in may. i watched a lot of television when i was younger, and clarissa was one of the best shows on tv at the time. who doesn't like melissa joan hart? i mean, when she's not being a teenage witch or whatever. or course, i don't see why they didn't do a salute your shorts dvd first. pinsky was a total dreamboat and is now part of rilo kiley. (and for that matter, where are our are you afraid of the dark discs?)

oh my god i couldn't get tickets to the killers at the moore! the tix went on sale on saturday and by the time i went to the box office on monday, they were all gone! suck! i hate scalpers and all the rest of the people who grabbed up tickets like hungry hungry hippos! if anyone knos where i can obtain killers tickets at a reasonable price, lemme kno... i don't want to miss my brandon!

i watched ray last week, and i have to say, it's pretty good. jamie foxx did a really good job, and so did everyone else (except for maybe kerry washington, who played della bea, ray's wife. not that it was bad, but i was just unconvinced). the music was naturally fantastic and the visuals were quite watchable. while i never really feel like biopics should ever work well as a story, the filmmakers really pulled it off anyways. if you haven't watched it yet, then perhaps you should make your way to the theater and give it a look (or rent it on dvd).

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

happy new year

i like the new d&g print ads very much. they just keep getting better and better with each passing season. not only are the models great looking, but i really like what they're wearing too. plus, these ads feature my very favorite julien hedquist. he's the one wearing the hat in the athletic wear spread, and is very much more clear in this one and that one. what nice cheekbones you have, my dear. well, i do have one question. what the heck is that thing that looks like it wandered into the shoot from cirque du soleil? here's to dolce & gabbana and their marvelous advertising campaign!

behold, one reason why sometimes i am afraid to walk around at nite by myself.

so what's been going on in the world of television? american idol auditions in new orleans produced a couple potential winners: the kinda cute in that earnest way jeffrey, and the pretty and talented lindsey. unfortunately, lindsey was shot in the back shortly after she won the judges' approval. i bet daron did it, daron whom i was completely baffled by. he was so awful, i don't kno where in the world they would consider what he produced as music. he also looked weird. but no weirder than bobby, a freakshow who collected american idol trading cards. i didn't even kno they made those. what the fuck was he thinking anyways? finally, the one big queer of this episode, and i didn't kno it was open season on making fun of immigrants again. would it not have been funnier to point out the fact that she looks like william hung with a wig on? las vegas was only a little bit more interesting. it is beyond me how mikalah made it thru. i didn't personally like the way she sung and she looks like a fucking train wreck. are they letting people out of the mental hospital to audition on american idol now? are they that desperate? oh wait, i forgot, it was vegas. i love the vegas. i also love them tall, skinny and blonde, like trevor, who did a horrible rendition of "footloose," but was cute doing it anyway. matthew did a great "i just can't wait to be king" (one of my favorite songs in the world), but i guess it was too silly for the judges. he had a nice voice and was adorable (except for the shirt), so i was disappointed for him. matthew, if you need some comforting, i'm rite here (but get a new shirt). of course, i can't wait to see more of mario and amanda. because they can sing, you kno. i didn't like emily's voice that much, but she won me over with her attitude. i couldn't spend 5 minutes in a room with her without throwing her out a window, but she's nice in small doses over the tv. also, what's up with her hair?

the amazing race took the contestants to sri lanka (pre-tsunami) from ethiopia where kendra was having troubles with the food. or so that's what she said. i think they just caught her in the midst of one of her purging sessions. we also learned that bolo looks funny sprinting. adam was a whiny bitch again and wanted to give up, which prompted rebecca to make adam feel stupid by being a huge smartass (i loved it), and then she had another "i don't want to be with you anymore" breakdowns in which she finally decided to suck it up and pretend she still liked adam just to get thru the race. poor girl. in a high altitude ropes course, hayden kept shouting at aaron, even tho there was seriously nothing he could do. if i were aaron, i would have started throwing coconuts at her to shut her up. the last task was to climb up the interminable steps of a big rock to find where the next pit stop was. in order to reach the top, the racers needed to bring their tickets with them. unfortunately, lori and bolo didn't read the directions closely enuf and lost a lot of time. it led to lori charging down and screaming at bolo (hilariously, might i add), "bolo! bring me the fu- friggin' ticket! i sit there and told you to read the frickin' additional information, dit'n i? was in second, now we're in frickin' last now!" which prompted spectators rebecca and kris to giggle at the crazy rednecks. swimming needed to be done to get to the pitstop, and that meant a wet aaron and a wet jon. that was pleasant. because of lori and bolo's mistake, they came in last and were eliminated from the race. oh well.

i have to say, i like the new bitchier lesbian marissa on the oc. more so than the whiny alcoholic poor-me girl seen last season. either because she stopped crying all the time or because she handles caleb better than anyone else. or mebbe because she stopped making ryan's life so difficult. she spent most of this episode making eyes with alex, her hot new lesbian lover, which, while fun, was mostly uninteresting, because it lacked this element. ryan attempted to make lindsay happier by trying to help her bond with her real dad, but that didn't work out at all, because caleb is a big asshole. i don't see why ryan didn't just get her some roses or something. seth and zach start making sweet... comics with each other, which annoys summer, but only until she finds a sketchbook full of drawings seth did of her. it made her fall for seth all over again. too bad zach is completely oblivious that his relationship with summer is about to crash and burn, which is something i'm kinda against. while i loved summer and seth being together, i really like zach and want him to stay around for a long long time, and you have to admit, summer and zach make a great couple. sandy and kirsten's marriage is in jeopardy again and it's another woman! i swear, they need to find more diverse storylines for the old folk. they've already done this thing twice already. hopefully, it does not have a different result. sandy and kirsten may just be my favorite couple (well, besides caleb and julie...). just a note, but i don't like kim delaney that much (despite her sharing a birthdate with me and lucas black), and is it me or has she gained some weight since i last saw her? oh well, it'll just make it easier to hate the homewrecker! some other notables: apparently interpol's "evil" is the theme song for lesbianism. what are they trying to say exactly? first, alex is playing it when marissa is hanging out lesbianically at her place, then marissa plays it when she's getting ready for her lesbian trip to l.a. (rite before she sticks it to caleb), and then jodie is playing it at her lesbian place when lesbians alex and marissa show up to steal her lesbian hearts. mebbe there's just something in the lyrics i'm not understanding, some sort of lesbian subtext. summer to seth and zach, "what are you guys, like, kavalier and gay?" ah, ha ha ha ha...

oh, that may just have been the best episode of the apprentice ever! there was so much conflict and craziness, i thot i was watching an episode of the real world (which i haven't really been following this season except for episode write-ups, but what is wrong with those people?) except the people weren't young and they weren't attractive. let's start at the beginning, which is rite after the last boardroom. bren talks about how he doesn't see danny as someone who could manage one of trump's company's, but i wonder if bren has looked in the mirror recently (from the way he looks, he probably has never looked in a mirror ever). why were they shocked that todd was gone? unless someone who wasn't the project manager did something really terrible during the task, chances are the project manager will get booted. well, certainly towards the beginning of the game anyways. the task was to fix up a nasty ass motel on the jersey shore and get good ratings from the poor customers who have to stay in the nasty ass motels. surly brian volunteered to be the project manager for net worth (by the way, i'm glad they're choosing pms now after they find out what the task is, like the first season, instead of before, like last season) cuz he has "sold motels" and is "from jersey." kristen, brian's archnemesis, immediately talks to us about how she doesn't like brian and that he will fail, setting up for some great drama later on. on the other team, michael, the big queer, butts heads with verna over priorities, and this also sets up for more drama. already, this episode is looking great. meanwhile, brian is yelling at everybody, who by now hates him. well, except for previous pm john, who tried to explain to brian that he needs to be less abrasive because everyone hates him and trump won't hire a dumbfuck like that. brian responds by telling john that trump is exactly like him (uhm, no) and by accusing john of trying to undermine him. what a fucking paranoid controlling weirdo! again, where do they find these people? the next morning, brian and kristen clash again when brian realizes he has no more money left because he didn't draw up a budget like kristen had wanted to. kristen, seriously one of the biggest bitches i have ever watched (her eyebrows don't help), keeps going on and on ("you kno what, brian? we all think you're a shit leader!") and won't shut up. i don't kno what's wrong with this woman. she's rite, but she's fucking it all up by not knoing where to stop. can we really blame her tho? she hates brian and she probably loved digging into him. i kno i would have savored it as well. then, over at magna, is alex gay? i guess i could just ask his girlfriend ali or something. or mebbe i'll just ask him. back at net worth, they seem not to kno how to take a mattress out of its plastic packaging. they put the bedsheets over the plastic, which carolyn found hilarious and kept trying to hint that there may be something wrong, "it's a little crunchy." at night, the folks at magna had all the guests come out and have a party, which actually looked like it could have been decently fun, if the people were different. verna didn't want to join in tho, because she was crazy. well, actually, according to her, she hadn't got very much sleep and her "body was mentally exhausted" and her "mind was mentally exhausted." come on, verna! you're from seattle! don't make us look bad! oh well, there's still alex. the folks at net worth, however, were arguing loudly in the common area next to the pool and in audio range of all the guests. can you guess who they were? yes, it was brian and kristen! you win a cookie. angie and audrey tried to intervene (mostly because they were hungry and needed money from kristen for food) by taking kristen away from the situation, which caused brian and his little brain to accuse kristen of "running away from the problem." what the fuck? i didn't kno that people learned simple logic and reasoning in college. i thot that was like... something you picked up in the natural development of the brain. 22-year-old audrey, obviously sick and tired of all the bickering, tells them both they are acting like little children (so true). they finally pry kristen away and into the van, but she won't shut up. she keeps ranting the same rants about bryan. angie, who looks like she's about to die from listening to kristen, pleads with her to stop talking. she doesn't, and this is my favorite part of this episode (and may very well be the best part of the season rite here), because angie snaps. angie: "you can't just sit here and be quiet for five minutes?" kristen: "angie, this doesn't work when you talk to me this way." (obviously nothing works, cuz they've tried everything... well, except...) angie: "honey... SHUT THE _FUCK_ UP! HOW ABOUT I TALK TO YOU THAT WAY!? YEAH, GIVE US SOME MONEY AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR!" oh my god! i love it, i love it! i absolutely love it! i can't believe people act like this on national television. it blows my mind! i feel a little dirty that i love it, but it passes real quickly. especially when i watch it over again. ba ha ha ha ha! but wait, there's more! on magna's side, verna decides to quit and go to sleep. bren asks her where the coffee is and she just repeats, "i'm not playing this game anymore." that's all fine and good, verna, but where's the coffee? "i'm not playing this game anymore." okay, i understand that, i just want to kno where you put the coffee. "i'm not playing this game anymore." verna then packs up and starts wandering the streets aimlessly, causing carolyn to chase her down. what the heck is going on? i didn't think that successful people had breakdowns like this so easily. she was acting like an annoyed 4-year-old throwing some sort of inner tantrum. carolyn followed her around trying to talk to her, but verna just ignored her. erin with the ugly ponchos (i.e. paris hilton, or ashley simpson, or whomever she looks like this week) loves to talk about people behind their backs (at least until the boardroom) and this time was no exception. she spoke out against how stupid she thot it was what verna did ("i want verna to go home, i really do."), but when verna was brot back by carolyn, she welcomed her back with a hug. what a fake bitch. i love that she's a fake bitch, but i hate her ugly ponchos and the rest of her personality. after verna came back, she talked about how she learned a lesson, which confused everyone because they all thot they were on the apprentice, while verna obviously had gone delusional and thot she was on the real world. the apprentice is not about "discovering who you really are" or "learning lessons about life." it's about not sucking, and i'm sorry verna, but you sucked hard. had magna lost, she surely would have been fired. i kinda wish she had just left tho, so that we wouldn't need to listen to michael quote martin luther king, jr. to her (i guess he was jealous of brian's suggestion that craig set up a shoeshine booth). before the boardroom, brian seems to understand that they lost because there was no leadership, but i think he wasn't too clear on the fact that he was supposed to be the leader and bring the team together. whoops! the boardroom could have been a very boring exercise in brian bashing, but it wasn't, because the first thing brian did was admit that he did a poor ass job and that he should be fired, securing his fate. of course, that doesn't stop trump and the rest of them from giving him a nice verbal beating anyway before sending him home (or to that undisclosed location). and that ends one of the most fun episodes of reality tv i've watched in a while. *sigh* if only they were like this more often.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

totally fucking busy

why yes, i do get magazines i can't read. why do you ask? oh come on, who buys these things for the articles anyways. do you really need any words to tell you just how fucking hot man u's cristiano ronaldo is? i don't think so. i finally picked up the january issue of l'uomo vogue last week and have finally scanned a couple pics from the companion vogue sport italia. here's another hot one. for the rest, get your own! or you could go here for one of the hotter ones (cristiano for pepe jeans!) and plenty of additional pics of my favorite man u striker. i remember watching him play in the euro 2004 and i hope to see more of this boy in action (if only they'd show more premiership games in the us).

while we're talking about boys who speak portuguese, check out bruno gagliasso. those eyes, those lips. i swoon.

thinking about brazil makes me think of carnival... now there's something i'd like to do some day (link via timmy ray). oh if only i had the means...

i have obtained a cowboys & angels poster, but i don't kno what i want to do with it. i mean, where should i put it? on the door to my room, on the closet door or on the wall? do i want to wake up to the smiling of michael legge and allen leech or do i want them to welcome me back? oh my god, i don't kno, someone help me out!

the killers are coming to seattle in april! april 24th at the moore. tickets go on sale this saturday. i cannot wait til this show! i'm completely in love with them (and mr. flowers, yes sir!). hope to see you all there too!

when i was procrastinating, i started browsing thefacebook for people i used to go to school with (which was a hoot, cuz some of the guys i knew grew to be a lot hotter than i ever would have expected). anyways, i got done with that and moved onto googling people's names to see what they had done in the last four years and some of the results were pretty interesting. the guy i had a crush on for much of senior year needs a serious haircut and a shave, but otherwise is still good-looking and it doesn't seem like he's lost any of his quirk. a couple of other guys i graduated with are rapping now. one of my better friends in hs worked on some political campaigns or something. and another couple of people i was friends with are now doing consulting work. i need to get in touch with more people and find out what the rest of them are up to. oh my god, do i really care? i just might...

so classes are going fine; i can't actually think of anything worth noting. my film prof is still a complete and utter waste of time, space and air. i end up just doing homework for my other classes when i'm in her class as she goes on and on and on about nothing. i haven't bothered getting to kno anyone yet and the quarter is half over. if only i cared just a little bit... oh well! i guess i could take this space to rant about more people. there's a guy in my morning class who, i swear to god, hasn't a clue what's going on in the class whatsoever. he's always looking around at what other people are doing to find out what he's supposed to be doing, which apparently doesn't help at all, cuz he remains relatively lost thruout the whole of the class. i guess i can't blame him too much for that, since he's like a foreign student or whatever, but he's not just blockheaded. he also smells bad. i made the mistake of sitting next to him one day and dear god, by the end of the class, i had almost asphyxiated in his miasma. i gag just thinking about it. the guy in my second class is still totally fucking adorable, but i've pretty much given up on that. i'm convinced the vibes were just imagined, cuz i still don't have any conclusive evidence to back up my initial guess. at least now it won't be so weird to try to talk to him. there are still a lot of really cute guys in the film class (that still go to class) and they are the only reasons i don't skip. mebbe it's time to prey before it becomes too late.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

sunny day confusion

perry bible fellowship is twisted and hilariously clever. i can't get enuf of it, and you should give it a gander.

also, visit pen island for all your custom-made pen needs.

super shout out to queerclick for the link! it's not safe for work, but it's damn good at home. from naked boys to carson daly's basket, it's got everything you need for a party. check it out!

anyways, i hate it when companies up and change the designs of their packaging. well, i like it, but i hate it also. i mean, i love new stuff and it's nice to see something new, especially if the old designs were god-awful ugly, but i also hate it because after they change it, i can no longer recognize which product i regularly bought. this didn't just happen to me once this week, but twice. colgate up and changed all their toothpaste boxes on me. what used to look like this, now looks like this. now, i kno some of you may not even notice the difference, but i can tell these little things (except for women's hair, apparently, but that may just be because i don't pay that much attention to it in the first place). so this ended up confusing me and forcing me to actually remember what kind of toothpaste i got rather than what the packaging looked like. i stood there for a good minute or two reading the 5000 different kinds of toothpaste that colgate makes and finally just grabbed one. i'm not THAT particular about stuff like this, but it's just nice to keep using a product that works well with me and that i am used to. i ended up picking up the rite one anyways, so yay for my memory (but still, boo on companies that shake up their packaging designs unnecessarily). the second time this happened to me was when i went to go pick up some tostitos chips and salsa. this one wasn't nearly as hard as the toothpaste to pick out which one i usually get because tortilla chips don't all look the same inside and plus, i remembered the turquoise of the restaurant style bag (i also wasn't quite as worried about getting the wrong one, cuz it's easier to eat a different-tasting tortilla chip than brush with a different-tasting toothpaste for me). they changed the salsa jars too, but again, it's not like they make 10 kinds of medium salsa, and picking the yellow-colored jar was a cinch. well, the only trouble with that one is that the grocery store still had some of the old hot jars there and i thot mebbe they had come out with a new line of salsas or something. anyways, i don't kno why i'm going on about this. it's not that big a deal; i was just kinda annoyed, mostly i think because they both made their packaging uglier.

idaho hates fags, but not that much.

last thing, fuck the groundhog. it's 60 degrees up here in seattle, and no furry little animal's gonna tell me the winter's gonna stick around for six more weeks. screw that!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

shut the fuck up and dance

i love my girl reina. i cannot get enuf of her. she is to 2002-2005 what alice deejay was to 1999-2001 for me. i just hope in four year's time i won't think she's no longer listenable (sorry, alice). it was like two years ago that i first heard "find another woman" (which, i guess came out in 1998. where the fuck was i and why didn't anyone tell me?) and couldn't stop playing it, wondering whence i could find more of her power vocals. i found "no one's gonna change you" and "anything for love" and just wanted more. finally, late last year, she finally came out with an album and this year, i finally picked it up. and that brings us back to how i can't get enuf of her. they should totally play more of her stuff at clubs and stuff or whatever here, cuz this is like the best dance music ever. plus, if you have any good remixes (i mean, besides the requisite hex hector ones...), tell me where i can get my hands on some.

so i went to the scissor sisters show last thursday at the paramount. it was, dare i say, fabulous. i love them all, especially jake shears, but only slightly more than the rest. there were a good amount of hot people there, but also a good amount of bitches. there was also a really hot hapa there, who looked like he was straight (and went to the concert alone!), but he also knew all the lyrics, so i dunno what that means. what kind of a straight guy goes to a scissor sisters concert (and sings along, no less!) unless his girlfriend dragged him there or he secretly loves the man-ass? anyways, you were wearing an orange t-shirt, and if you're reading this, hit me up.