Saturday, February 19, 2005

hot and cold

yup, yet another impossibly hot brazilian guy! he's been the man of many a person's dreams for quite a while now, but i finally got around to scanning a few pics of model rafael verga from last month's issue of out magazine. here he's all wet, and another from behind. and here is one of my favorite pics of him (snagged from gc spotlight, where there are more pics). i really need to start planning a trip down to rio. really.

before we go on, let's ponder cute mtv uk news personality tim kash, who is also the presenter for the new top of the pops. that's all.

oh yeah, highly recommended abstinence information websites for your sons or daughters. the best sex is no sex.

so much tv to catch up on it's ridiculous. american idol went to cleveland and orlando and found a couple ones-to-watch, including the adorable, tall and blonde anthony, who looks a bit like harry potter, but taller and blonder and more adorable. oh shut up, he's 19. i also liked briana because... well, i can't quite pinpoint it... there's just something slightly different about her. but i wouldn't mind never hearing "phantom of the opera" ever again. and here we have two gay boys supported by one of their moms. awww, how cute. i didn't like anyone who came out of san francisco all that much. this mess named elizabeth made it thru even tho i wasn't impressed in the least. i guess dressing like a whore does get you places. chris was a big gay loser who supposedly sang on a cruise ship, but if that's the case, let me never go on a cruise. i don't really want to rip on mathew, who probably has a hard enuf time dealing with assholes daily, but i feel i must mention him anyways. he sounds like a woman. if you heard his voice and his singing, you would undoubtedly think he was a woman. it is uncanny. some might say there was a skinny black girl (perhaps named shakiki?) hidden somewhere inside of him. regardless, he was comforted by what looks like a hot guy. lucky him! tho i don't kno who chris wylde is, my friend immediately recognized him as he rapped his way thru his audition and then swore like nothing else after he was rejected. apparently he's a comedian or something? i dunno, he was okay, but i laughed loudest during this episode when lauren's mother cried out, "i done peed mah pants!" by the way, finally a big lesbian! the hollywood portion of the prelims is coming up and hopefully there will be drama and stupidity, the two cornerstones of fun reality entertainment.

the amazing race made its way to shanghai, china from sigiriya, sri lanka. immediately, i kno it's going to be a fun episode, because one, i have been to shanghai and i like shouting "oh my god i've been there" at the tv (imagine how it must be like to watch a home video with me), and two, it is nearly impossible for anyone who can't speak or read chinese to spend any amount of time on the chinese mainland without a guide. i anticipated a lot of frustration coming up, and there's nothing funnier than a bunch of lost and angry foreigners. sure enuf, that's basically what the whole episode was. freddy and kendra were just as lost as any of the others and yet freddy called rebecca a "little one" who didn't kno what to do, so she followed everyone around. which is not really a bad way to run the race, considering they made it thru to the final three. oh wait, mebbe freddy was calling her a little one cuz he's like OLD. you kno, like how your grandparents refer to your parents as "kids." after their stop at yu yuan (oh my god i've been there), their primary trouble was finding a taxi, which i can understand, because if i were a shanghai taxi driver, i probably wouldn't stop for a bunch of crazy yelling white people either. i kid, there are places in china where flagging down a taxi is no easy task, but shanghai is not one of them, even less so rite outside one of the biggest tourist sites in the city. after they got a taxi, their problem became communication with their drivers. this was fun to watch, but also painful. i feel so bad for the poor locals who were yelled at because a couple of foreigners couldn't speak the language, but i enjoyed seeing some of the contestants get so flustered. delicious! they were then send to lower themselves down a tall building and do some window-wiping and then carry some bricks somewhere. not too interesting. adam and rebecca came in last due to a yield, but it was a non-elimination round. in the next episode they go to xi'an (which everyone likes to pronounce wrong). yay, more china!

the oc was so hard to watch this week! first of all, sandy is keeping the "love-of-his-life," that bloated whore, a secret from kirsten. why!? this could only lead to trouble, and of course it did. when kirsten went out at the end of the episode, i knew she was going to find rebecca, and it made me cringe and bite my nails for a good five minutes. oh the suspense... i love sandy and kirsten and i wish death on anyone that comes between them (this means you, rebecca). seth and summer almost kiss and i was holding my breath thru that whole scene. i love summer and zach, and even i will not let even cohen break them up! of course, the summer and zach couple was never meant to be. we all kno that summer still really loves seth. by the way, summer, so hot! caleb continues being an asshole and ryan uses his dark sith powers to cause him to have a heart attack. yikes! sidenote: oboe. marissa and alex's storyline doesn't go anywhere really. marissa asks summer vaguely for advice, which eventually convinces her to run to alex and... hold her hand (well, with rachael yamagata in the background). darn! i guess we'll have to wait for the next episode for them to make the fuck out! instead of calling this episode "the second chance," they should call it "the blue balls." where's my hot lesbian action!?

it wasn't on the apprentice for sure. there's only ugly, straight action here. the first thing that happened was verna from seattle finally quit. what a non-contender she turned out to be! i don't believe she's really from seattle or worked for microsoft. what kind of person can't stay up a couple days to get the job done? the verna kind of person, apparently! i feel like she should have known what she was getting into when she signed up for it. i hate quitters! especially if the opportunity they are throwing away was hard-won. *sigh* oh well, what can you do? this week, they were charged with running an event to advertise for coffee. during the tasks, at magna, we learned that crazy danny is incompetent and could not make any decisions on his own, and that michael is a stupid fucking loser. what a useless bag of shit he turned out to be! he spent the whole time dicking around and pissing people off with his completely asinine behavior. what is wrong with these college grads? i kinda felt bad for crazy danny that he had to deal with stupid fucking loser mike, which is saying a lot, cuz i don't like danny either. meanwhile, over at net worth, nothing happened. of course, with danny's lack of leadership, magna lost and they went to the boardroom, where, god knos why, they tried to get michael fired. he has an exemption! these are a part of the rules of the game! granted, trump changes things up from time to time, but i don't think he ever technically breaks any of the basic rules. just how stupid can magna get? it bothers me these college grads are so dumb. mebbe i should just drop out and be a cussing street smarts kid. naturally, danny was fired, so we are saved from his guitar and singing for the rest of the season (i hope). here's to hoping michael gets booted in the next episode.

in a related story, i wish omarosa would just shut up and go away. i kno i'm just giving in to her by writing about it, but i just can't help it... she's such a horrible person who uses anything she can to get a little attention. yes, she's an attention whore. recently, cnn reported that she's accusing the apprentice for being racist. this is such bullshit! well, it may very well be racist, but definitely not for any of the reasons that omarosa is bringing up. "once you start looking at how all the black men are lazy and laid-back and nonassertive and nonaggressive and all the black women are quite the opposite, i think there is a pattern." since when? i don't think kwame or kevin were like that at all (tho it's hard to tell how craig is, since it's still early in the season), and is lazy and laid-back really a black male stereotype? as for the women, the only one who was a total bitch was omarosa! i liked stacie, who was only portrayed as a crazy person because she let her guard down, which the evil conniving women of apprentice 2 used in order to gang up on her to save their own asses. and in apprentice 3, i don't see either of the black women being like omarosa was in the first season. verna got tired and quit and tara hasn't done anything worth noting. of course, omarosa then contradicted herself and said that "when black contestants don't fit a certain perception, they tend to be ignored." apparently tara called her crying about her lack of exposure on the series (yeah, rite). "'she's well-behaved, well-spoken, she doesn't argue with anybody,' manigault-stallworth said, and she is getting 'absolutely no air time.'" well, fucking DUH, omarosa! it's a god damned reality tv show! if you want to get more camera time, you have to start doing crazy things and start yelling at other people. this is what the viewers like to see, and so that's what they're gonna show. of course, omarosa already knew that, which is why she did what she did to get as much attention as possible. i'm thinking these accusations she's making are due to the fact that they didn't ask her to do commentaries for apprentice 3 like she did for apprentice 2. i'm sure they're definitely wanting you back for the next season, you crazy bitch!

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yes i know this guy, of the novel of 'celebridad'.
he's cute,he have nice blue eyes.
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