Tuesday, May 31, 2005

in between

this is one of my favorite views from campus. when you walk down the path from red square to the fountain, you can see mt. rainer in all her glory (on a clear day). the sky has more contrast with the mountain earlier in the day than i took this picture (and it's a crappy picture), but this'll do for now.

last week, it got really hot! and then this week, it got cold again. stop toying with me, mother nature! i need some consistency and stability or i'm going to turn into a bad egg! pick a weather system and stick with it!

between siff and school, i haven't had much time to do anything interesting. i'll siff it up in another post, but as for school, i have three days left in this quarter, and believe it or not, i have yet to miss a class! i'm such a good student this quarter. actually, this morning, i almost missed my morning class cuz i overslept, but i managed to catch the last 10 or 15 of the 50 minutes. oops! if only we were graded on attendance solely, i'd be doing so well! in the next two weeks, i have four tests in three classes. i have two thursday, one friday, and another next thursday. i don't think i'm really sweating any of them, since i've been doing pretty good so far, but as it is, i'll still be doing a lot of studying. when i'm not watching a movie, i mean.

or going to a show. as previously mentioned, aqualung and cary brothers are hitting the showbox this friday. i've got tickets and i can't wait.

over the weekend, i visited chateau ste. michelle with a drinking buddy and we bathed in the sunlight and partook in wine-tasting. for $5, you can try out four different wines. after the free tour, you can try out another three. basically, it amounts to about three glasses of wine for cheap! of course, it depends how much the wine person pours for you, but i'd say i got at least two and a half glasses worth, if not three. of course, i didn't just go to drink. i also went to buy. i picked up the deliciously sweet muscat canelli for my sister, who is a fan of such wines, as well as a couple others for my family. all-in-all, it was a fun experience, and i really regret not doing the same when i was in the bay area. perhaps next time, napa!

i'm pretty disappointed with all those crappy season finales that aired. i was underwhelmed by desperate housewives, and very very let down by lost. in desperate housewives, nothing happened. the revelation wasn't a revelation, and even rex's alleged death wasn't a surprise. will i watch it next year? of course, i will, those men are hot! but will i be thinking about it at all over the summer? i don't think so. bad cliffhanger! much the same could be said for lost. what happened in this one? nothing! okay, well, walt was taken away by "the others," and they blew the hatch open (as well as that poor math teacher who felt left out). alrite, alrite, and they did a little more with the monster (tentacles? cg smoke?), but didn't answer anything. i guess my expectations were just too high or something. whatever, i'll keep watching, but they gotta give me a little more next season, or else all that's gonna be lost is their viewership. speaking of tv tho, sex feet under's last season begins next week! i'm so excited (and sad that it's ending). six feet under has got to be one of my favorite shows on rite now. what will happen to the fishers!? i hope they'll find some semblance of a happy ending. entourage is also coming back on sunday, and that new lisa kudrow show is premiering too. gotta love hbo! oh yeah, and the oc. oh my god trey! one last tv note: i haven't had a chance to see what's coming up in the fall, but eddie cibrian piqued my interest in this show immediately. i sounds stupid, but i hope it's not. wouldn't want to waste a hot guy on a bad show (*cough* las vegas *cough*).

Friday, May 20, 2005

revenge of the siff

it's time once again for the seattle international film festival, those few weeks where the cinephiles of seattle hide inside movie theaters all day long. how's that different from what cinephiles usually do, rite? well, usually they don't have to pay $10 for a fawking ticket. what the heck is up with that? pricing aside, i'm very excited for this year's fest, and these are the movies i'm planning on seeing:

oh my god, that's a lot. what can i say, i'm a freak! when i went to go buy tickets today, the guy who rang me up was pretty cute. it's weird, but he totally looks like the cute guy who rang me up last year, except shorter, more built, and with darker hair. the face shape is really similar tho. it's like the guy from last year got his brother to work the festival or something. well, whatever. if anyone wants to check him out, he works the box office at pacific place. that wasn't even the best part of the trip. i got a program guide (one of those big thick tomes they sell for $5 that lists all the movies and has pictures in it) for free, cuz the lady behind me had a voucher for one she didn't need. what a nice person! thank you, lady with a voucher, i hope good things happen for you. i kno it's only $5, but really, when i'm going to see 20 movies in 3 weeks, i need to save where i can.

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this week, i watched crash, a fantastic ensemble movie by paul haggis (the guy who wrote the script for million dollar baby). it dealt with the subject of race in america, specifically in diverse los angeles. it was well-shot, well-directed, well-acted and well-written. i think it may just be the best movie i've seen all year (that was released this year so far). it's funny, smart, sad and even heart-wrenching at times. some of the messages might have been a little heavy-handed, but i didn't really mind, cuz i was enjoying myself too much. paul haggis is most definitely on my list of guys to watch from now on. i'm excited to see what he'll pump out next.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


yesterday, i went to get a physical exam. i never really like doing these sorts of things. besides the fact that something might actually be wrong with me (i kno, if you catch serious things quickly, your chance of recovery is better, rite? but i still just don't want to find out), it's essentially some guy you hardly kno poking and prodding everywhere with his hands and cold metal objects, while you're sitting around virtually naked. that's not my idea of a good time (tho i kno for some it is, and there's nothing wrong with that). thus, the last time i got a physical was about five years ago. this particular exam didn't take very long, nor was it all that uncomfortable. the doctor talked to me the whole time to keep me distracted, and i didn't notice most of the times he was poking or prodding. even when they drew blood, it took all of a couple minutes and didn't hurt as much as i always fear a needle prick to be. however, does anyone else remember having to give urine samples? this always worries me, cuz i'm always afraid i don't have enuf liquid in me to produce a sample, so usually i chug a glass of water or two before going. this time tho, i didn't need to give them a sample, and halfway thru the exam, i just really needed to go pee. they tricked me! in the end, the results showed that there was nothing wrong with me physically. i'm completely healthy. and i'm hiv-negative to boot, tho i wasn't really worried about that one. it's always nice to kno anyways.

completely off topic (not that i ever have a topic), was i rite or was i rite about survivor! go tom! it's always more fun to watch something when you're rooting for someone. even tho i was pretty sure tom was going to win, i held my breath during the first challenge, where it essentially came down to luck and speed. in my predictions, i took too little account of the effect social relationships had on their choices and looked at things from a completely what-would-be-best strategic point of view. thus, the final three was not tom, jenn, and katie like i had thot. tom did take katie to the final two, but only after ian, thru some twisted notion of friendship, surrendered his spot. ian, don't you kno that what you do in the game doesn't really matter to the outside world? when everything's done, you can be friends with these people if you want, but you're in this game to win a million dollars. whatever, ian was never supposed to win anyways, and taking katie to the final tribal council all but guaranteed tom the money. tom played very well up until the very end, but katie fucked up. again. not only did everyone on the jury hate her (it was a relief to discover i wasn't the only one), but she didn't do anything to make it better. her answers were essentially, "you should give me the million dollars for riding on the back of the strongest player, because i was 'smart' enuf to see that he would carry me to the end. by the way, the guy who brot me this far is the other finalist. but i totally deserve it more than him." are you some kind of stupid or something, katie? not only that, with all the animosity that was directed at her (at which i took much glee), she only made it worse when she refused to answer janu's question on the basis that janu wasn't gonna change her vote anyways. yes, katie, janu might not have changed her vote, but you kno how you look to the other six people sitting there when you do that? like the horrible bitch you are. stupid, stupid, stupid bitch! finally, the only vote cast in katie's direction was by coby, and i'm convinced he has some issues with straight men he has yet to work out. i like coby, cuz i find him extremely entertaining, but that queen is full of nonsense. i seriously had no idea what the hell he's talking about when he accused tom of being a liar. i hope katie is happy with being such a big loser (well, as big a loser as one can be with a $100,000 second place prize). the next season's in guatemala! i'm excited, but it's not til september.

to the surprise of everyone, the best comedy on television these days is coming back for yet another season. yes, that's rite, fox renewed arrested development for a third year. i wish more people would just watch this already. it's so funny, i seriously burst out laughing every episode. i'm so happy about this news, cuz i dunno what i'd do without the bluth family.

i don't kno what i'm gonna do without the fishers tho. *weep*

Sunday, May 15, 2005

survivor crapshoot

tonite is the survivor finale, and i'd be completely remiss if i didn't talk about it. i had intended to give weekly recaps like i did for the last season (i love trashing reality show people and talking about what they did wrong to get them booted), but i'd been too busy to watch it every week. of course, i'm all caught up now for tonite's final tribal councils, so i'll try to at least talk about this season a little bit.

had you told me that this was the final four we were going to have from the beginning of the season, i'd tell you that you were crazy, but it's impossible to predict what'll happen between then and now, so it's also completely plausible. we are left with an all koror final not because koror outmaneuvered the other tribe after the merge, but mostly because ulong had some strange thing going on where they couldn't win ANY immunity challenges and there was no merge. but that's in the past. i seriously don't have any clear idea who's gonna take the million in the end this season, but ima look at the contestants one-by-one and see if i can figure it out:

the pretty much useless jenn used her relationship with gregg and her lack of ability to win anything to get this far. no one saw her as a threat and thus no one bothered voting her off. it's hard to say what'll happen with her. she'll definitely make it to the final three, since the next to go will surely be either ian or tom, but will she be able to make it to the final two? i think that's the real challenge for her. she's so harmless, who would want to go up against her as opposed to someone like katie? up against ian or tom, i think jenn would lose, because ian and tom worked more to get to where they were. up against katie, it's up in the air. i hate katie and i would never give her the million, but will the people in the jury feel the same? katie did work slightly harder by actually having a strategy, but will that be enuf?

goofy dolphin-trainer ian shouldn't win. he'd been playing a pretty good game until he started crying over katie's stupid-ass pouting guilt trip. that really annoyed me. but should that all have been an act, i salute him for getting katie to trust him by crying. of course, i don't think he _should_ win (someone else has played an even better game), but he just might. if he makes it to the final three (i.e. if he wins the first immunity tonite), will he have enuf endurance to win the next against katie and jenn? if jenn wins it, i don't think she would take him to the final two. but will katie take him? i think she might, out of some twisted sense of loyalty, and if it was between ian and katie, i think ian might be able to win.

i despise katie. i think she's annoying and ugly, and those kinds of people shouldn't be on tv. supposedly, she's funny or something, but i didn't like what they showed of her sense of humor. also, katie's one of those constant ship-jumpers, like she has said herself. her strategy was to jump ship once it looked like it was about to sink, and that has resulted in no one trusting her (except for ian, which is just stupid on his part) and lots of people disliking her. i don't think there's any way for her to win, but i wasn't on the island, so i can't tell what people's feelings really are. up against any of the other contestants, i see the other contestant winning. i think her best bet would be against jenn, and what would the jury look like should that happen? gregg will vote for jenn, as will caryn, janu and coby. that's already a majority regardless of how stephenie, tom or ian vote (i think the only sure katie vote is from ian, unless she royally screws him over). thus, i don't think katie can win.

i guess that makes my pick to win tom, tho that's certainly a risky pick. yes, he has played an awesome game of survivor. as one of the strongest members of the cast, i thot he would've been one of the first booted once they got to tribal council. for some reason he was able to tap into some strange sense of trust amid his alliance-mates with his leadership skills and hot daddy looks. that being said, at this point, were i one of the other contestants, i would want tom gone as soon as possible. everything hinges on him winning the remaining immunity challenges. if he loses the next one, he's gone. for the last challenge, if katie wins it, she'll take jenn. if jenn wins it, she'll take katie. i believe that tom can win the remaining immunity challenges, but you never kno...

if not tom, then ian. and if not ian, then jenn. sorry katie, you suck.

of course, i could be completely wrong about people's voting habits. i assume that only one of the guys will make it to the final immunity challenge. it just makes sense to me that the strongest member will be voted off next. but if somehow tom wins the immunity and they don't vote ian off, but instead jenn... well then, in that situation, ian will still take katie (a smarter and more emotionally sound choice for him) if he wins the last challenge, and katie will take ian. if tom is smart (which he is, for the most part), he will take katie too. he is closer to ian, but i don't think he'll let that cloud his judgement. it hasn't so far. of course, the most exciting final tribal council would be tom vs. ian, cuz i really don't kno which way that would swing, tho... i think tom would still come out on top.

tonite will definitely be fun (at 8 pm on cbs!). i dunno what the challenges are and what might happen in them, so i could be so totally off with my predictions, but that's just how i see it now. if tom loses either immunity challenge, my pick is shot. regardless, go, go, go tom!

p.s. congrats to uchenna and joyce for winning the amazing race! you were the team i was rooting for in the end (after adorable couple lynn and alex were eliminated, i put most of my support behind uchenna and joyce, tho i secretly rooted for rob and amber too). there was just no way that ron and kelly could win (sorry, ron). kelly wasn't as bad as whiny bitch flo, airheaded kendra, fellow beauty queen nicole or angry and abusive colin, but i hated her just the same. i had intended to recap this season of the amazing race as well, but i couldn't for the same reasons i couldn't do it for survivor or the apprentice. poop!

speaking of the apprentice, i think it's a no-brainer. kendra's gonna be the next apprentice! book smarts all the way! i used to be all for tana (i thot she was great), and i was ambivalent about kendra (did she join the show mid-season or something, cuz really...), but after that last task? i don't think so... my sister totally disagrees with me ("but tana is more of a leader, had a harder task, and had to work with a bunch of idiots! plus, kendra just rubs me the wrong way!"), but i guess we'll see what happens this thursday, won't we?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

a not-terrible encounter with the past

this is new food network personality dave lieberman. i finally caught an episode of his new show good deal, which premiered some time last month, wherein he prepares "quick, easy, and inexpensive" meals. he's sorta like a cross between rachael ray and michael chiarello, with a generous portion of jamie oliver mixed in as well. actually, he seems a lot like the american version of jamie oliver, which is a good thing. he's cute, entertaining and his recipes are simple enuf to make, which means i'll be tuning in whenever i can. bravo, food network!

so last nite, i ran into a couple people i went to high school with. ordinarily, i despise the stop-and-chat, but this time it wasn't terribly bad. i was waiting for something, so it's not like i had anything else to do. i tried to press them for some gossip on our other classmates, but either they didn't want to give me anything, or they really didn't kno anything. the best i could get was something about someone having to quit school for drug-related reasons (that wasn't really a big surprise, cuz the dude was a huge pothead in hs), which i had already heard from someone else. it's bad, but it totally makes me feel better that i'm not the only abject failure at life in my year. i tried my best to spread the news i had heard from someone else that another classmate was getting married to a guy who already had a kid. or something like that.

it seems like not very many people in our class has done anything interesting. it's only been five years and people are either still schooling, or just haven't accomplished much. it makes me wonder why we're bothering to have a five-year reunion (who does that anyways?). the people i've wanted to keep in touch with, i have, and the rest of them... okay, so it might be a little fun to see what people look like now (like the guys i used to secretly desire), but it's not something i have to do. anyhow, after some chatting, we parted ways and one of them said "keep in touch. let me kno how things turn out," and i couldn't help but think to myself "who are you kidding? you don't care what happens to me. i haven't talked to you in five years. 'keep in touch?' i don't have your contact info and even if i did, i prob wouldn't call, cuz _i_ don't care enuf." but i just smiled and said, "yeah, definitely!" and walked on, probably never to see these people again for another five years.

Friday, May 13, 2005

music by way of procrastination

i can't seem to concentrate on my studying so i guess i'll just talk about some upcoming live shows. of course, i've already mentioned the shins show that is happening today, so what else is on the horizon?

i kno that when i miss a dolour show, most likely they will be back in a month, and indeed, they are. this time they'll be playing at el corazon on saturday, may 14th. oh gosh, that's like tomorrow. if i can scrape together the money to go, i just might!

earlimart is coming to the croc on wednesday, may 18th. chances are high that i will be there, so i hope to see you there too (unless you're ugly).

i just listened to the newest aqualung album recently and i think i like it, so i'll mention their (his?) upcoming appearance at the showbox on saturday, june 3rd. does anyone else think he's adorable? i mean, in that pale british mannequin kind of way, of course.

and finally, rilo kiley will also be at the showbox on saturday, june 15th.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

finally on the list

if you hadn't noticed yet, sexy model tyson ballou has lent his image to louis vuitton this season. a wider shot of the scene above, and a different one. mmm...

things are going alrite, i think. i have been having trouble getting enuf restful sleep lately because i work on stuff late into the nite, but then the next day, i can't get any good naps in because people just won't stop calling me. i thot about turning off my phone, but what if someone was like, in urgent need or something? well whatevs, last nite i finally went to sleep at a reasonable hour and am plenty refreshed today. of course, tonite will be another late nite, cuz i have a midterm tomorrow. so it goes.

so i guess it's time to rant about people in my classes. again. it's the end of the seventh week, and it's been more than enuf time for people to really get on my nerves. okay, really it's just this one person in my film class. she is just the kind of person with no tact whatsoever. she likes to giggle during the lecture (when she goes, thank god she isn't always there) at just about anything, and she likes to do it loudly, be it parts in movies that aren't really supposed to be funny, the lamer professor's equally lame jokes, or sometimes, i actually don't even kno why she's giggling. and it's not just me who is bothered by this. her friend, the person she comes to class with and sits with actually looked at his friend on the other side of her after a particularly loud giggle with the "what the fuck?" expression on his face. what the fuck, indeed! also, the other day i caught her with her legs up over the desk with her nasty ass shoes hanging dangerously close to the head of the person in front of her. and during section last week (yes, she's in my section, but like lecture, she hardly goes to it), she was chomping on an enormous burrito during class, every now and then slurping some soda down. after she had taken a particularly big bite, she raised her hand to offer her opinion on the subject of discussion. "i think that... *chew chew munch munch* perhaps the... *chew chew* blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... *munch munch chew*" what the fuck, girl? she's sort of a large girl, so i can understand that she might not be able to last the 50 minutes that class takes before she can eat, but still, way way rude and so completely disgusting. and as if that wasn't enuf, she's also incredibly stupid and never has anything to say that actually contributes to the discussion in class. not only will her comments be pointless and unrelated to discussion, but everything she says has no basis whatsoever. everything about her just bugs the hell out of me. luckily, the fact that all her comments in class are easily disputable makes it fun and easy to tell her she's wrong. not that she understands why she's wrong. but at least everyone else does.

there is this really cute asian guy in that same film class. he's about average height and dresses well. his skin appears very nice, like in a well-maintained kind of way. well, it would just not be fair for someone's skin to be so good without daily maintenance, so i just assume he moisturizes and stuff regularly. i don't kno why i didn't notice him until the middle of last week, but i guess as the quarter rolls on and less and less people come to lecture, it's easier to check out the people who do come to class. anyhow, he's nice to look at and yet another reason to go to the lecture. the people who are skipping don't kno what they're missing.

okay, i think i'm done with tales from the campus. let's talk about my summer plans. rite now i want to spend some part of the summer in taiwan, but it's as of yet undecided what i'll do there. will i study? will i find some work? will i do both? neither? it's really hard to say at this point, but it'll be better than idling by in seattle. i think i'm going to apply for some summer classes, but i have to admit that my grades aren't the best in the world, so we'll see if that actually works out. everyone cross the appropriate number of fingers, please. i dunno what kind of work i'd find, but i think it would be fun to teach or at least tutor in english. i kinda miss taiwan and i hope that if i go back, it'll be the same great place it was the last time i was there, many years ago.

and i guess i'll finish off with complaining about my roommates. okay, it's not so much complaining, but just things i've noticed. one of them, i'm beginning to suspect that he's really a robot. i have same exchange with him every day. "hey andy, how's it going?" "good. you?" (my reply actually varies, but it's usually a one or two-word synonym for "good" plus some form of "you?") and the following reply from him is the same thing said in the same exact tone every day. it sounds like a recording, i swear to god. "not too bad." it has gotten to a point where i no longer ask him how he's doing, cuz i just don't want to hear him say "not too bad." it's downrite scary and sometimes i'm afraid he's going to malfunction like hal and lock me outside, or like ash and rip out my hair and try to choke me by stuffing a magazine down my throat.

the other one, whom i talk to even less, has taken to locking his door all the time. up until a couple week ago, he would only lock his door when he left the apartment (which i do too), but now he locks it when he's in his room too. did someone barge into his room at some point that he's afraid it's going to happen again, so he locks it? is he conducting some sort of weird experiment that he can't risk anyone finding out about? or could it be, as my friend suggested, that he's just jerking it a lot recently? it's a mystery i may never solve, but then again, i guess when it comes down to it, i don't really care.

Monday, May 09, 2005

the lion, the witch and the trailer

okay, i totally forgot to talk about the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe trailer in the previous post. i'm totally excited for this movie too, cuz it's one of my favoritest books that i read when i was little. in addition to hitchhiker's guide and charlie and the chocolate factory, this year's gonna be a lot of reminiscing about books i loved as a child (and still do love). tho, really, i also have fond memories of the old hitchhiker's guide tv series, as well as the classic willy wonka and the chocolate factory, and yes, the olde the lion, the witch and the wardrobe cartoon (and the tv movie, but less so). those are a lot of expectations to come up against, but everything looks promising so far, especially with this movie. look!

it's the pevensie kids! from left to rite: edmund, peter, susan and little lucy.

lucy and the wardrobe! it seems like they've made it a little bit different from what i remember the book to be like, where lucy hides in the wardrobe and then realizes that it goes really really deep. none of this poltergeist light shit! oh well, small difference.

oh my god, the lion! it's aslan, and he looks great.

yikes, the witch! i tend to love tilda swinton no matter what she's in, so i totally believe she's a great white witch.

this part in the book almost made me cry (possible spoiler if you don't kno the story, but come on, why haven't you read the book yet?). it's when aslan's being sacrificed. they cut off his mane and then tie him up! and as if that wasn't bad enuf, they kill him too! nooo!

(still a spoiler) but it's okay, cuz in the morning, he comes back to life jesus style, ready to kick some white witch ass!

and finally, the castle cair paravel. pretty!

yes, it looks great, and i'm anticipating it. i wonder what mr. tumnus looks like, as played by james mcavoy, whom i remembered to be pretty hot from that children of dune miniseries that was on sci-fi a couple years ago where he was half-naked most of the time. it's not til december, which seems like a really long time, but time moves way too quickly at my age, and it'll be here before i realize it. if it's good, i hope they do more. there were seven books in the series, and not all the same kids were in all of them, so they don't really need to worry about them getting old or whatever, or like, negotiating for more money or something stupid like that.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

harry potter and the teaser of fire

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the new harry potter and the goblet of fire teaser came to my attention today, and boy oh boy, did it get me excited. they've cast some hotties this time, and i'm sure it's to offset the fact that daniel radcliffe and rupert grint look goofy with their long, shaggy 'dos. well whatever, at least emma watson's still as cute as ever. just look at the other triwizard competitors: cedric diggory, fleur delacour and victor krum. you can't get much better looking than that. but where are the pics of cho chang? hopefully, those'll pop up soon (unless they already have and i've just not looked hard enuf). some more cool screenshots follow, the first of the pretty beauxbatons girls (and madame maxime!), and the second of the strapping durmstrang boys. fantastic!

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

today is fucking ridiculous

not that i'm going to donate sperm or anything, but this is fucking ridiculous. i just don't understand shit like this.

jennifer wilbanks has wasted so much of the nation's time and energy, and that makes her fucking ridiculous.

i'm not surprised, since this stuff happens all the time, but that doesn't make it any less fucking ridiculous. i don't care what people believe, but if you're gonna be a part of the modern world, there is no way you can teach your children that creationism is just as scientifically valid as evolution. you can't stop progress. get over yourselves.

texas lawmakers are fucking ridiculous. i think the stupidest part of the whole thing is that this is what people write their congressmen about. no, the stupidest part is that the congressmen have nothing better to do than to deliberate this shit.

happy fucking cinco de mayo.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

dark inside

a couple weeks ago, i saw oldboy, a korean revenge flick. a guy is locked in a room for 15 years and when he's finally released, he's pissed and wants to find who did this to him and make them suffer. it's a simple enuf premise, and really, the story isn't terribly complicated, but it does unfold in an interesting way revealing a few twists before the end. it's very well shot, directed and acted. the lead actor, choi min-sik does a phenomenal job with the role of oh dae-su, avenger with nothing to lose. one scene in particular was really well done, a fight in which we follow dae-su down a hall as he kicks serious ass with a hammer. i would definitely recommend this movie, since it was a pretty good movie, but i will offer one disclaimer. the subject matter is a little icky at parts, and some of the violence is really, really gross. but other than that, an interesting story told with style.

on the opposite side of the spectrum, kung fu hustle didn't make me want to jump out of a window after i saw it. it's billed as an action comedy, since stephen chow is in it, but i feel like it's more of a martial arts homage picture with some comedy elements. i'd definitely go see this more for the fight scenes than i would for the comedy. it's no shaolin soccer or god of cookery. as with most stephen chow movies, i loved it. the story was simple: the deadly axe gang vs. the people of pigsty alley with stephen chow causing trouble. i have to say i enjoyed all the action; it was really well choreographed. the comedy (where there was comedy) was great. there's really not that much else to this movie. go see it!

having read the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy when i was little (and seen the tv series, as well as listened to the radio show, oh my god what a nerd!), it's needless to say my expectations coming into this were going to be a bit high. i mean, i LOVED the book, and it's still one of the funniest books i've ever read, so i was certainly excited to see the movie. it was funny and it was done very well, but i felt like there were still things missing from it. some of the asides seemed a little awkward, and i feel like they cut out so much. i guess that's what happens tho. also, it was a lot less british than i tend to remember it to be. there's just something about the pacing and the timing that almost made it seem like an orange that tasted like an apple or something like that. but all in all, it was a really fun watch. everyone is fantastic in it, especially mos def as ford prefect. i hope they earn enuf money to think about making a sequel, i'd love to see another one of these.

some fag complimented my hair over the weekend (the part of the weekend that i remember), so naturally, i went and got a haircut yesterday. my hair was just getting way too hard to manage, so i lopped most of it off. now i'm back to short hair, and i have to say it's nice. however, every now and then i will forget that i don't have much length to it and use my hand to sweep my non-existent hair to the side. well, it's not non-existent. it's just not long enuf for me to sweep anymore. i kinda miss it, but then i remember what a pain it was to keep from looking horrible.