Thursday, May 12, 2005

finally on the list

if you hadn't noticed yet, sexy model tyson ballou has lent his image to louis vuitton this season. a wider shot of the scene above, and a different one. mmm...

things are going alrite, i think. i have been having trouble getting enuf restful sleep lately because i work on stuff late into the nite, but then the next day, i can't get any good naps in because people just won't stop calling me. i thot about turning off my phone, but what if someone was like, in urgent need or something? well whatevs, last nite i finally went to sleep at a reasonable hour and am plenty refreshed today. of course, tonite will be another late nite, cuz i have a midterm tomorrow. so it goes.

so i guess it's time to rant about people in my classes. again. it's the end of the seventh week, and it's been more than enuf time for people to really get on my nerves. okay, really it's just this one person in my film class. she is just the kind of person with no tact whatsoever. she likes to giggle during the lecture (when she goes, thank god she isn't always there) at just about anything, and she likes to do it loudly, be it parts in movies that aren't really supposed to be funny, the lamer professor's equally lame jokes, or sometimes, i actually don't even kno why she's giggling. and it's not just me who is bothered by this. her friend, the person she comes to class with and sits with actually looked at his friend on the other side of her after a particularly loud giggle with the "what the fuck?" expression on his face. what the fuck, indeed! also, the other day i caught her with her legs up over the desk with her nasty ass shoes hanging dangerously close to the head of the person in front of her. and during section last week (yes, she's in my section, but like lecture, she hardly goes to it), she was chomping on an enormous burrito during class, every now and then slurping some soda down. after she had taken a particularly big bite, she raised her hand to offer her opinion on the subject of discussion. "i think that... *chew chew munch munch* perhaps the... *chew chew* blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... *munch munch chew*" what the fuck, girl? she's sort of a large girl, so i can understand that she might not be able to last the 50 minutes that class takes before she can eat, but still, way way rude and so completely disgusting. and as if that wasn't enuf, she's also incredibly stupid and never has anything to say that actually contributes to the discussion in class. not only will her comments be pointless and unrelated to discussion, but everything she says has no basis whatsoever. everything about her just bugs the hell out of me. luckily, the fact that all her comments in class are easily disputable makes it fun and easy to tell her she's wrong. not that she understands why she's wrong. but at least everyone else does.

there is this really cute asian guy in that same film class. he's about average height and dresses well. his skin appears very nice, like in a well-maintained kind of way. well, it would just not be fair for someone's skin to be so good without daily maintenance, so i just assume he moisturizes and stuff regularly. i don't kno why i didn't notice him until the middle of last week, but i guess as the quarter rolls on and less and less people come to lecture, it's easier to check out the people who do come to class. anyhow, he's nice to look at and yet another reason to go to the lecture. the people who are skipping don't kno what they're missing.

okay, i think i'm done with tales from the campus. let's talk about my summer plans. rite now i want to spend some part of the summer in taiwan, but it's as of yet undecided what i'll do there. will i study? will i find some work? will i do both? neither? it's really hard to say at this point, but it'll be better than idling by in seattle. i think i'm going to apply for some summer classes, but i have to admit that my grades aren't the best in the world, so we'll see if that actually works out. everyone cross the appropriate number of fingers, please. i dunno what kind of work i'd find, but i think it would be fun to teach or at least tutor in english. i kinda miss taiwan and i hope that if i go back, it'll be the same great place it was the last time i was there, many years ago.

and i guess i'll finish off with complaining about my roommates. okay, it's not so much complaining, but just things i've noticed. one of them, i'm beginning to suspect that he's really a robot. i have same exchange with him every day. "hey andy, how's it going?" "good. you?" (my reply actually varies, but it's usually a one or two-word synonym for "good" plus some form of "you?") and the following reply from him is the same thing said in the same exact tone every day. it sounds like a recording, i swear to god. "not too bad." it has gotten to a point where i no longer ask him how he's doing, cuz i just don't want to hear him say "not too bad." it's downrite scary and sometimes i'm afraid he's going to malfunction like hal and lock me outside, or like ash and rip out my hair and try to choke me by stuffing a magazine down my throat.

the other one, whom i talk to even less, has taken to locking his door all the time. up until a couple week ago, he would only lock his door when he left the apartment (which i do too), but now he locks it when he's in his room too. did someone barge into his room at some point that he's afraid it's going to happen again, so he locks it? is he conducting some sort of weird experiment that he can't risk anyone finding out about? or could it be, as my friend suggested, that he's just jerking it a lot recently? it's a mystery i may never solve, but then again, i guess when it comes down to it, i don't really care.

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