Monday, May 09, 2005

the lion, the witch and the trailer

okay, i totally forgot to talk about the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe trailer in the previous post. i'm totally excited for this movie too, cuz it's one of my favoritest books that i read when i was little. in addition to hitchhiker's guide and charlie and the chocolate factory, this year's gonna be a lot of reminiscing about books i loved as a child (and still do love). tho, really, i also have fond memories of the old hitchhiker's guide tv series, as well as the classic willy wonka and the chocolate factory, and yes, the olde the lion, the witch and the wardrobe cartoon (and the tv movie, but less so). those are a lot of expectations to come up against, but everything looks promising so far, especially with this movie. look!

it's the pevensie kids! from left to rite: edmund, peter, susan and little lucy.

lucy and the wardrobe! it seems like they've made it a little bit different from what i remember the book to be like, where lucy hides in the wardrobe and then realizes that it goes really really deep. none of this poltergeist light shit! oh well, small difference.

oh my god, the lion! it's aslan, and he looks great.

yikes, the witch! i tend to love tilda swinton no matter what she's in, so i totally believe she's a great white witch.

this part in the book almost made me cry (possible spoiler if you don't kno the story, but come on, why haven't you read the book yet?). it's when aslan's being sacrificed. they cut off his mane and then tie him up! and as if that wasn't bad enuf, they kill him too! nooo!

(still a spoiler) but it's okay, cuz in the morning, he comes back to life jesus style, ready to kick some white witch ass!

and finally, the castle cair paravel. pretty!

yes, it looks great, and i'm anticipating it. i wonder what mr. tumnus looks like, as played by james mcavoy, whom i remembered to be pretty hot from that children of dune miniseries that was on sci-fi a couple years ago where he was half-naked most of the time. it's not til december, which seems like a really long time, but time moves way too quickly at my age, and it'll be here before i realize it. if it's good, i hope they do more. there were seven books in the series, and not all the same kids were in all of them, so they don't really need to worry about them getting old or whatever, or like, negotiating for more money or something stupid like that.

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