Tuesday, May 31, 2005

in between

this is one of my favorite views from campus. when you walk down the path from red square to the fountain, you can see mt. rainer in all her glory (on a clear day). the sky has more contrast with the mountain earlier in the day than i took this picture (and it's a crappy picture), but this'll do for now.

last week, it got really hot! and then this week, it got cold again. stop toying with me, mother nature! i need some consistency and stability or i'm going to turn into a bad egg! pick a weather system and stick with it!

between siff and school, i haven't had much time to do anything interesting. i'll siff it up in another post, but as for school, i have three days left in this quarter, and believe it or not, i have yet to miss a class! i'm such a good student this quarter. actually, this morning, i almost missed my morning class cuz i overslept, but i managed to catch the last 10 or 15 of the 50 minutes. oops! if only we were graded on attendance solely, i'd be doing so well! in the next two weeks, i have four tests in three classes. i have two thursday, one friday, and another next thursday. i don't think i'm really sweating any of them, since i've been doing pretty good so far, but as it is, i'll still be doing a lot of studying. when i'm not watching a movie, i mean.

or going to a show. as previously mentioned, aqualung and cary brothers are hitting the showbox this friday. i've got tickets and i can't wait.

over the weekend, i visited chateau ste. michelle with a drinking buddy and we bathed in the sunlight and partook in wine-tasting. for $5, you can try out four different wines. after the free tour, you can try out another three. basically, it amounts to about three glasses of wine for cheap! of course, it depends how much the wine person pours for you, but i'd say i got at least two and a half glasses worth, if not three. of course, i didn't just go to drink. i also went to buy. i picked up the deliciously sweet muscat canelli for my sister, who is a fan of such wines, as well as a couple others for my family. all-in-all, it was a fun experience, and i really regret not doing the same when i was in the bay area. perhaps next time, napa!

i'm pretty disappointed with all those crappy season finales that aired. i was underwhelmed by desperate housewives, and very very let down by lost. in desperate housewives, nothing happened. the revelation wasn't a revelation, and even rex's alleged death wasn't a surprise. will i watch it next year? of course, i will, those men are hot! but will i be thinking about it at all over the summer? i don't think so. bad cliffhanger! much the same could be said for lost. what happened in this one? nothing! okay, well, walt was taken away by "the others," and they blew the hatch open (as well as that poor math teacher who felt left out). alrite, alrite, and they did a little more with the monster (tentacles? cg smoke?), but didn't answer anything. i guess my expectations were just too high or something. whatever, i'll keep watching, but they gotta give me a little more next season, or else all that's gonna be lost is their viewership. speaking of tv tho, sex feet under's last season begins next week! i'm so excited (and sad that it's ending). six feet under has got to be one of my favorite shows on rite now. what will happen to the fishers!? i hope they'll find some semblance of a happy ending. entourage is also coming back on sunday, and that new lisa kudrow show is premiering too. gotta love hbo! oh yeah, and the oc. oh my god trey! one last tv note: i haven't had a chance to see what's coming up in the fall, but eddie cibrian piqued my interest in this show immediately. i sounds stupid, but i hope it's not. wouldn't want to waste a hot guy on a bad show (*cough* las vegas *cough*).

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