Tuesday, May 17, 2005


yesterday, i went to get a physical exam. i never really like doing these sorts of things. besides the fact that something might actually be wrong with me (i kno, if you catch serious things quickly, your chance of recovery is better, rite? but i still just don't want to find out), it's essentially some guy you hardly kno poking and prodding everywhere with his hands and cold metal objects, while you're sitting around virtually naked. that's not my idea of a good time (tho i kno for some it is, and there's nothing wrong with that). thus, the last time i got a physical was about five years ago. this particular exam didn't take very long, nor was it all that uncomfortable. the doctor talked to me the whole time to keep me distracted, and i didn't notice most of the times he was poking or prodding. even when they drew blood, it took all of a couple minutes and didn't hurt as much as i always fear a needle prick to be. however, does anyone else remember having to give urine samples? this always worries me, cuz i'm always afraid i don't have enuf liquid in me to produce a sample, so usually i chug a glass of water or two before going. this time tho, i didn't need to give them a sample, and halfway thru the exam, i just really needed to go pee. they tricked me! in the end, the results showed that there was nothing wrong with me physically. i'm completely healthy. and i'm hiv-negative to boot, tho i wasn't really worried about that one. it's always nice to kno anyways.

completely off topic (not that i ever have a topic), was i rite or was i rite about survivor! go tom! it's always more fun to watch something when you're rooting for someone. even tho i was pretty sure tom was going to win, i held my breath during the first challenge, where it essentially came down to luck and speed. in my predictions, i took too little account of the effect social relationships had on their choices and looked at things from a completely what-would-be-best strategic point of view. thus, the final three was not tom, jenn, and katie like i had thot. tom did take katie to the final two, but only after ian, thru some twisted notion of friendship, surrendered his spot. ian, don't you kno that what you do in the game doesn't really matter to the outside world? when everything's done, you can be friends with these people if you want, but you're in this game to win a million dollars. whatever, ian was never supposed to win anyways, and taking katie to the final tribal council all but guaranteed tom the money. tom played very well up until the very end, but katie fucked up. again. not only did everyone on the jury hate her (it was a relief to discover i wasn't the only one), but she didn't do anything to make it better. her answers were essentially, "you should give me the million dollars for riding on the back of the strongest player, because i was 'smart' enuf to see that he would carry me to the end. by the way, the guy who brot me this far is the other finalist. but i totally deserve it more than him." are you some kind of stupid or something, katie? not only that, with all the animosity that was directed at her (at which i took much glee), she only made it worse when she refused to answer janu's question on the basis that janu wasn't gonna change her vote anyways. yes, katie, janu might not have changed her vote, but you kno how you look to the other six people sitting there when you do that? like the horrible bitch you are. stupid, stupid, stupid bitch! finally, the only vote cast in katie's direction was by coby, and i'm convinced he has some issues with straight men he has yet to work out. i like coby, cuz i find him extremely entertaining, but that queen is full of nonsense. i seriously had no idea what the hell he's talking about when he accused tom of being a liar. i hope katie is happy with being such a big loser (well, as big a loser as one can be with a $100,000 second place prize). the next season's in guatemala! i'm excited, but it's not til september.

to the surprise of everyone, the best comedy on television these days is coming back for yet another season. yes, that's rite, fox renewed arrested development for a third year. i wish more people would just watch this already. it's so funny, i seriously burst out laughing every episode. i'm so happy about this news, cuz i dunno what i'd do without the bluth family.

i don't kno what i'm gonna do without the fishers tho. *weep*

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