Wednesday, May 04, 2005

dark inside

a couple weeks ago, i saw oldboy, a korean revenge flick. a guy is locked in a room for 15 years and when he's finally released, he's pissed and wants to find who did this to him and make them suffer. it's a simple enuf premise, and really, the story isn't terribly complicated, but it does unfold in an interesting way revealing a few twists before the end. it's very well shot, directed and acted. the lead actor, choi min-sik does a phenomenal job with the role of oh dae-su, avenger with nothing to lose. one scene in particular was really well done, a fight in which we follow dae-su down a hall as he kicks serious ass with a hammer. i would definitely recommend this movie, since it was a pretty good movie, but i will offer one disclaimer. the subject matter is a little icky at parts, and some of the violence is really, really gross. but other than that, an interesting story told with style.

on the opposite side of the spectrum, kung fu hustle didn't make me want to jump out of a window after i saw it. it's billed as an action comedy, since stephen chow is in it, but i feel like it's more of a martial arts homage picture with some comedy elements. i'd definitely go see this more for the fight scenes than i would for the comedy. it's no shaolin soccer or god of cookery. as with most stephen chow movies, i loved it. the story was simple: the deadly axe gang vs. the people of pigsty alley with stephen chow causing trouble. i have to say i enjoyed all the action; it was really well choreographed. the comedy (where there was comedy) was great. there's really not that much else to this movie. go see it!

having read the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy when i was little (and seen the tv series, as well as listened to the radio show, oh my god what a nerd!), it's needless to say my expectations coming into this were going to be a bit high. i mean, i LOVED the book, and it's still one of the funniest books i've ever read, so i was certainly excited to see the movie. it was funny and it was done very well, but i felt like there were still things missing from it. some of the asides seemed a little awkward, and i feel like they cut out so much. i guess that's what happens tho. also, it was a lot less british than i tend to remember it to be. there's just something about the pacing and the timing that almost made it seem like an orange that tasted like an apple or something like that. but all in all, it was a really fun watch. everyone is fantastic in it, especially mos def as ford prefect. i hope they earn enuf money to think about making a sequel, i'd love to see another one of these.

some fag complimented my hair over the weekend (the part of the weekend that i remember), so naturally, i went and got a haircut yesterday. my hair was just getting way too hard to manage, so i lopped most of it off. now i'm back to short hair, and i have to say it's nice. however, every now and then i will forget that i don't have much length to it and use my hand to sweep my non-existent hair to the side. well, it's not non-existent. it's just not long enuf for me to sweep anymore. i kinda miss it, but then i remember what a pain it was to keep from looking horrible.

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