Friday, May 20, 2005

revenge of the siff

it's time once again for the seattle international film festival, those few weeks where the cinephiles of seattle hide inside movie theaters all day long. how's that different from what cinephiles usually do, rite? well, usually they don't have to pay $10 for a fawking ticket. what the heck is up with that? pricing aside, i'm very excited for this year's fest, and these are the movies i'm planning on seeing:

oh my god, that's a lot. what can i say, i'm a freak! when i went to go buy tickets today, the guy who rang me up was pretty cute. it's weird, but he totally looks like the cute guy who rang me up last year, except shorter, more built, and with darker hair. the face shape is really similar tho. it's like the guy from last year got his brother to work the festival or something. well, whatever. if anyone wants to check him out, he works the box office at pacific place. that wasn't even the best part of the trip. i got a program guide (one of those big thick tomes they sell for $5 that lists all the movies and has pictures in it) for free, cuz the lady behind me had a voucher for one she didn't need. what a nice person! thank you, lady with a voucher, i hope good things happen for you. i kno it's only $5, but really, when i'm going to see 20 movies in 3 weeks, i need to save where i can.

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this week, i watched crash, a fantastic ensemble movie by paul haggis (the guy who wrote the script for million dollar baby). it dealt with the subject of race in america, specifically in diverse los angeles. it was well-shot, well-directed, well-acted and well-written. i think it may just be the best movie i've seen all year (that was released this year so far). it's funny, smart, sad and even heart-wrenching at times. some of the messages might have been a little heavy-handed, but i didn't really mind, cuz i was enjoying myself too much. paul haggis is most definitely on my list of guys to watch from now on. i'm excited to see what he'll pump out next.

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