Thursday, March 31, 2005

find the peace you didn't get in this life

let's think up a caption for the above photo: "i stood outside of a hospice, held a crudely written poster and screamed slogans of protest about keeping a poor woman i didn't kno alive against her wishes, and all i got was this hideously ugly and painful sunburn from being in the sun all day." thanks, cnn and the associated press for giving us another great picture. is it selfish of me not to understand why so many people got so personally involved with other people's business? i understand that the issues at hand are important to discuss, but why, dear god, did people demonstrate and cry about someone they didn't kno? i'm saddened when bad things happen to good people, but really, there's a line one shouldn't cross. i think this is a result of too much american leisure time. wouldn't it have been more constructive for all these people to have, i dunno, done some charity work or something? seems to me these protestors are the selfish ones (and don't even get me started on the schindlers). i guess now congress can go back to the important stuff, like interrogating major league baseball players about their drug use.

in other news, the pope is dying.

...and a baby feud is erupting between the killers and the bravery. who doesn't love the publicity machine? (via arjanwrites)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

don't look at me that way

okay, so who hasn't been talking about the bravery? after seeing their continuous music video airtime on tv for the past month or two, i couldn't help but find and listen to some of their music. good stuff, i thot, so when the cd came out yesterday, i went and picked it up. and that's not all. they're coming here to el corazon (formerly, graceland, they will inform you) on saturday, and i will definitely be there. if i can't get tickets to the killers, then i might as well go see the other synth band on island. i recommend a listen if you haven't yet, and hopefully i'll see you at the show!

in addition to that, i'm hoping to pop into the croc on friday to see ambulance ltd and autolux (and dr. dog). i've never heard of dr. dog before, but i kno i will enjoy ambulance ltd and autolux. check out these bands if you haven't yet. you won't regret it (unless you turn out not to like them, but would it really be regretful to kno what you don't like?).

Monday, March 28, 2005

back attack

oh my god i'm back from san francisco! i really had way too much to drink, and thus can't really recall much of the trip, but i'll tell ya, i definitely had a great time. it's a nice city when it's not raining, and i would definitely recommend people go and visit. and bring your dog... everyone was walking their dogs everywhere, i was a little jealous i couldn't bring my non-existent dog. except when my dog poops on the sidewalk, i would pick it up... hopefully, i'll have some more of my favorite pictures up later this week when i get around to resizing them (isn't the one above pretty?). of course, i'd like to thank my friends in sf for putting up with a week and a half of me, and if there's anything they need from me that doesn't require a lot of work, i am certainly willing to give it to them.

on the plane ride back, two seats away from me sat a cute boy (of middle eastern descent?) that i was convinced i'd seen around campus or somewhere. i didn't get a chance to ogle or talk to him tho, cuz i was asleep most of the flight, but if you kno a cute guy with dark skin, brown eyes and short dark-brown hair who was in san francisco for spring break, lemme kno!

the first day of classes was alrite. my morning class was very much the same as it was last quarter. tho, i don't want to sound like a jerk or anything, but one of the guys in the class asked the rest of the class if we all thot this teacher graded harder than the other teacher. i hadn't had the other teacher, so i couldn't say, but i got a damned good grade in the class, so i'm not really in any position to complain. instead of saying "no, i don't think she grades too hard," i just kept silent. this, i could tell, was the same tactic the other girl who was in the class at the time used, which is weird, cuz i always thot that she might not have done that well in the class... mebbe she's just one of those people who takes tests well or something. the class at midday is full of ugly people, but should prove to be pretty easy. the professor actually told me that a lot of it would be retread over another class i had taken previously, so i looked for another course to take, but they all conflicted with my afternoon class. thus, i decided to stay in the class (as long as the prof allows it) and hopefully it will help me with my gpa. as for the martial arts film class that is taking up most of my afternoons, i like the prof a lot, and it looks like there are a lot of hot boys in the class, not to mention i kno a few of the people in the class from the film course i took last quarter as well as my morning class, so if i want to ever, you kno... not go, i have a good amount of people there taking notes for me. not that i'll actually skip intentionally or anything, but it's nice to have the option there.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

get crunk tonite on st. patty's day

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okay, so i mentioned lucas black a while back, but i didn't get a chance to scan the hot pics of him from af magazine that made me go "oh my god he grew up!" initially. well, here's the full version of the winking one above, and here's the other one. i still can't get over how hot he got, by the way. bravo to nature, i say. encore!

but let's not forget about the paradise of guys that is brazil. alexandre slaviero is hot, as we can also see from his fotolog (via tottyland). for some nice pics of hot brazilians (like previously-mentioned sexpot bruno gagliasso), visit globo's paparazzo site.

apparently, this really cool girbaud ad (via timmy ray) is stirring up some controversy and ill will from the catholic church (what doesn't these day, really? i mean, what is it with that organization? it's like their leader is on the brink of death or something. oh my god, i can't believe i just said that). i think it's a really nice and tasty piece of photographic art. who is that next to jesus and why can't i stop staring at her buttcrack?

i want these shoes. i think i will get them.

i went to the dentist the other day for a checkup. while i was waiting, they had a bunch of books that have been there since i was in grade school, like where's waldo? (and a couple of its sequels). with nothing better to do, and completely uninterested in the magazines on the coffee table, i opened it up for a trip down memory lane. waldo isn't as hard to find as i remember (or mebbe it was more difficult in the later books), but the intricate little details that martin handford puts into the pictures are amazing. this is definitely one of those books i'd totally give my (future) kids, cuz i loved it when i was a kid, except he'd probably be all "what the fawk is this!? i don't care where waldo is!"

i'm off to san fran (do you like how this makes it into every post?) in a few hours, so i gotta start packing. hopefully, i'll come back with a whole lotta fun stuff to tell. but if not, i'll just make some up.

postscript: stop hotlinking the fucking lucas black pic.

Friday, March 11, 2005


this week saw the release of two eagerly anticipated works of art (well, by me anyway. what can i say, i'm a geek). the first, the star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith movie poster (from, and then the harry potter and the half blood prince book cover (from the star wars one is nice; it looks similar to the ones before it... which makes sense. i like these kinds of movie posters that harken back to the days when they were all painted. i really can't wait til this movie comes out. i kno everyone hated the last two, but i have to say i was entertained by them nevertheless, and i'll probably be entertained by this one too. of course, the hope is that it'll actually be a great movie. with all the death and killing and tragedy (like the empire strikes back!), it's gotta be at least better than the other prequels. plus, have you seen that new trailer that premiered during last nite's oc!? if not, you must! i couldn't tell you where to find it tho, cuz i don't kno. anyhow, it looks as if with only a couple months left, the publicity machine is finally starting to kick into high gear. mebbe by the time the movie does come out, i'll be sick of hearing about it. which is something that definitely won't happen with harry potter. i only really anticipated the release of order of the phoenix, since i was relatively late to hp fandom, but even then, i was still midway thru goblet of fire. it's been too long, however, since i finished phoenix (a short week after it came out), and i'm dying to find out what happens next to harry and pals. the cover is relatively simple, and i wonder what it's supposed to represent. what are harry and dumbledore huddling over? what are they seeing? why are they doing what they're doing! it seems like it's still a long while, but i kno the summer will be here before i kno it.

another week, and i'll be in san francisco! how fun and exciting. i just have to get thru a couple papers and a final to get there. actually, i should probably start working on the papers now. but i won't... cuz i'm lazy.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

with the trees

a warm breeze
drifts across the grass
over the figures

in the fragrance
of the flowers
even the clouds

the petals
white like shells
a fence of trees

i walk
across the way
to enjoy
the sense of spring

the birds
they chirp
as if to ask

"when is happy hour?"

Friday, March 04, 2005

it is upon us

more hot hot d&g ads. okay, a few of them are a little skinny (geez julien, what happened?), but i'd be lying if i said i didn't want them anymore. a slightly bigger version of the one above, and another one where julien hedquist looks really fucking good. in other model news, i've noticed tyson ballou is in the new lv ads, but i haven't had the funds to get and scan the new pics. hopefully i will soon, or mebbe someone can just send them to me. oh, while you're at it, gimme hi-res scans of the ck underwear ads with freddie ljungberg in them.

nevermind what the calendar says, the spring is most definitely here. it's relatively warm most of the time, with birds chirping all over the place and flowers in bloom. the cherry trees in the quad are starting to flower, and i can't wait til that's in full bloom, cuz it's definitely one of my favorite things to see on campus (another is the view of mt. rainer from red square to the fountain). it's just absolutely gorgeous, it's sad it only happens for a short while once a year. hopefully, i can take a picture of it this year and share it with those who can't be here to see it. i also love the sun, and it just puts me in such a good mood when it's shining. i need to start working on my tan; i feel like a vampire. the bright rays also bring out all the hot boys (the ones that hide inside when it's cold and overcast or rainy) and that's always more fun, and not only that, but they're starting to wear less. oh, could there be a better remedy for the autumn and winter? i think not.

there's only one week of school left, and everything is fine. well, papers and finals are coming fast, which i'm not anticipating, but it's not like i haven't gone thru this shit a dozen times. i can't wait til i don't have to take this film class anymore. i seriously am so happy that i only have to sit thru that horrid lecture two more times. i'm hoping i'll never have to deal with that prof again ever. i love film, and she's made it painful for me to love it. i curse her! in other news, i actually might miss the people i've been taking my morning class with, since i've been taking a class on this subject with them for two quarters (six months!), and while it's not like we're friends (nor would i really want to be), there's a sort of comfort that develops when you see the same people five days a week for so long. oh well, i'm sure i'll be over it as soon as they're gone. out of sight, out of mind. as for the other morning class, i'll be taking the next in the series with most of the same people, including that cute boy, so there's a reason to get excited for that. the other two classes next quarter will be martial arts film (yes, another film class) with a professor whose course i enjoyed fall quarter, and one with another prof i've had previously. i'm wishing for an easier spring quarter, but even if it isn't easier, it will definitely be a lot of fun (well, as fun as school can be anyway. is it nerdy of me to enjoy learning?).

for spring break, i'll be jetting off to san francisco to visit a couple friends! of course, i totally don't kno what to do while i'm there, so feel free to give me any suggestions. i'll be there for a week and a half, and i want to make the most of it.

i saw in good company the other day and i enjoyed it a lot. great performances from the whole lot of them. it was just the rite amount of funny and the rite amount of drama, a good balance. while it was pretty predictable, i was still very much entertained, so if you are looking for a nice non-threatening movie, this will definitely do.

last nite i went to see the helio sequence at neumo's. it was rocking and i enjoyed the music a lot. they didn't have any little buttons, so i ended up getting their cd. i just can't leave empty-handed! i recommend everything give them a listen. it seems like whenever i get into a band, they show up in town. usually, i miss it and then am full of regrets later, but this time i actually got to go. joseph arthur is coming to neumo's the day before i leave for sf, and if i'm not too tired from finals week, it'd be a good way to celebrate the end of the quarter.