Wednesday, March 30, 2005

don't look at me that way

okay, so who hasn't been talking about the bravery? after seeing their continuous music video airtime on tv for the past month or two, i couldn't help but find and listen to some of their music. good stuff, i thot, so when the cd came out yesterday, i went and picked it up. and that's not all. they're coming here to el corazon (formerly, graceland, they will inform you) on saturday, and i will definitely be there. if i can't get tickets to the killers, then i might as well go see the other synth band on island. i recommend a listen if you haven't yet, and hopefully i'll see you at the show!

in addition to that, i'm hoping to pop into the croc on friday to see ambulance ltd and autolux (and dr. dog). i've never heard of dr. dog before, but i kno i will enjoy ambulance ltd and autolux. check out these bands if you haven't yet. you won't regret it (unless you turn out not to like them, but would it really be regretful to kno what you don't like?).

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