Thursday, March 31, 2005

find the peace you didn't get in this life

let's think up a caption for the above photo: "i stood outside of a hospice, held a crudely written poster and screamed slogans of protest about keeping a poor woman i didn't kno alive against her wishes, and all i got was this hideously ugly and painful sunburn from being in the sun all day." thanks, cnn and the associated press for giving us another great picture. is it selfish of me not to understand why so many people got so personally involved with other people's business? i understand that the issues at hand are important to discuss, but why, dear god, did people demonstrate and cry about someone they didn't kno? i'm saddened when bad things happen to good people, but really, there's a line one shouldn't cross. i think this is a result of too much american leisure time. wouldn't it have been more constructive for all these people to have, i dunno, done some charity work or something? seems to me these protestors are the selfish ones (and don't even get me started on the schindlers). i guess now congress can go back to the important stuff, like interrogating major league baseball players about their drug use.

in other news, the pope is dying.

...and a baby feud is erupting between the killers and the bravery. who doesn't love the publicity machine? (via arjanwrites)

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