Friday, April 01, 2005

no april fools, just music

okay, so besides the shows i mentioned a couple posts ago, there are some more of note:

if you don't get enuf of autolux tonite, they will be doing an instore at the queen anne easy street records, saturday at 1 pm. and for a preview of the bravery, they are going to be at easy street the same day, but at 6 pm.

i'll be at the bravery show at el corazon saturday nite, but i wish i could also go see stars at neumo's and dolour at the croc. times like this that i wish i could be more than one place at one time.

oh, phantom planet. why do you tour with sting, and then why is the show all the way out in spokane? here's a case of me not wanting to spend that much money and definitely not wanting to go all the way out there (eastern washington, yikes!). if you were interested tho, the show is this coming monday nite, the 4th, at the spokane arena.

this wednesday, the 6th, is chop suey's three-year anniversary party, and helio sequence is gonna be there. it'll be free! what more reason does one need to go?

like the phantom planet show, i'm not going to this. however, norsk sondre lerche will be opening for elvis costello at the paramount next thursday, the 7th. i don't really want to see elvis costello, and i don't really have the money for a ticket to go to his show just to see sondre. it's too bad, cuz i missed sondre when he was here last thanksgiving weekend when i had to go up to canada with family. elvis costello came with phantom planet a while back too, and i didn't go to that show either. elvis costello ruins everything!

the album leaf will be at neumo's on friday the 15th. it should be good!

this isn't a cd cover, but don't you kinda wish it was? regardless, food fetish buchanan was caught covered in salad dressing last nite.

also, this unsolicited commercial love story is really funny. (via justjared)

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