Saturday, April 09, 2005

i'll show you a beautiful soul

yeah, it's an old pic from an old issue of af magazine (here's another), and i'm like years and years too old to be ogling highschool-aged boys, but... i thot some of you would enjoy it. yeah, that's it. besides, today is his birthday! happy birthday, jesse! he's officially 18 now, so have at it. and that's not all. he's coming to the moore on may 5th. exciting, isn't it? if i didn't dislike his music and the inevitable sea of little girls (and their parents) at the show, i'd totally, _totally_ go. or mebbe i'll just try to catch him out on the town afterwards. oh, wait, he's not aaron carter (who turns 18 at the end of this year, by the way), is he? sometimes i get them mixed up and don't remember which one is the boozer pothead, who is more likely to be hitting the clubs. hey, wouldn't it be great if they had a feud? someone needs to start something here.

speaking of af magazine, i need to go check out the new one for the new season. hopefully, there will be some scanworthy pics in there. who am i kidding? it's bruce weber. of course there will be. like the cover (hot!).

with apologies to the shins, that they must share a post with mr. mccarter, i must mention that they are coming to hec-ed pavilion on the 13th of may, and that tickets are now on sale, so grab 'em fast.

one last thing, what the fuck is that on her head?


Anonymous said...

ne me dite pas ke c jesse mccartney !!
jkiff trop ce mec sérieux !!!
et meme si c pas lui, il est bo goss le mec !!

Andy said...

uh, oui?