Monday, April 18, 2005

lessons in bookending

hey, look who's on the cover of this week's time magazine. why validate her existence (the persona of "ann coulter," rather than the actual person named "ann coulter." yes, i think there is a difference) with all this attention? wait, why am i validating their validation by posting about it? oh yeah, i wanted to make fun of her.

and now for something completely different! i'm currently enamored of model josh saunders. what is there to say? he's a fawking hottie, and i would like to see more of him. it's funny, cuz i kno of someone who looks a lot like him. oh my god mebbe he's secretly a super hot model under an assumed name! i must investigate.

yes, as you can see from the album covers above, m83 and ulrich schnauss are coming to chop suey on the 26th of this month. i would like to go, but we'll have to see whether or not i have the funds to participate in this event.

okay, so my roommates are generally good and nice people. i don't really have too many complaints about them, since i've definitely had worse roommates. however, i have to say something about our toilet situation, because it's really starting to annoy me. sometimes i feel like we have a public gas station toilet installed in our apartment. where did these people learn how to go to the bathroom? as you can see from the picture above, i often find shit smears and piss stains where there shouldn't be any: on the toilet seat.

for the piss, i can understand how that got there: someone doesn't kno how to lift the fucking seat. i'm not pointing any fingers, but i think it might be the guy who is sometimes too lazy to close the door while he pees. if you're too lazy to close the door, you're gonna be too lazy to lean down and lift a plastic toilet seat. i don't enjoy hearing and walking by people peeing, but it's not that big a deal. peeing on the seat tho, is nasty. of course, if you're too lazy to lift the seat, you're gonna be too lazy to clean your pee off the seat.

what's nastier than the pee? the shit! the zone in the back of the toilet seat, i get how the crap can get there. i'm not going to go into it. but what the fuck, on the front edge of the toilet seat ON BOTH SIDES? how? why? actually, i probably wouldn't want to kno what the hell was going on there. i've only found the shit on the front edge once, and i hope it's the only time it's happened. i'm not actually that annoyed at the fact that someone gets the toilet seat dirty; it's that they don't bother cleaning it up. do they want all the other roommates to kno they somehow never learned to shit squarely in the toilet bowl? it's gotta be some sort of weird fetish. that's the only reasonable explanation i can think of.

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