Wednesday, April 13, 2005

odd ends

okay, i think this is the rest of the pictures i want to share. i have a lot of others, but i think these are my favorite. on the left, the bridge. in the center, a seagull. it was really windy, so the gull would glide into the wind, but then it wouldn't actually move forward at all. it made it easy to take a picture of it, and i tried to make it so that there was nothing behind it, to get that nifty sky effect. on the rite, alcatraz. i didn't go to alcatraz this time, so this is just about as close as i saw it.

hey look it's san francisco! this was taken while i was on the bridge.

left: the bridge. center: the peace pagoda at japan center. rite: somewhere in the presidio, as the sun went down.

left: another tree. center: st. ignatius church at the university of san francisco. it's lit up really nicely at nite. rite: and yes, another picture of the bridge.

i have decided that i don't really like one of the film profs i have this quarter. his lecture isn't very good, and he goes on and on about certain things in much too much detail for our class. you might say he's describing the trees, when we're interested in the forest. except, the forest isn't very big, so he probably has to compensate for that by talking about the trees. and then i keep getting the feeling he doesn't kno what he's talking about most of the time. the other prof is great tho, so the class only sucks half the time.

for the past three days, the weather report has told us that there would be thunderstorms, but every day, it's actually been pretty sunny for most of the day. it's kinda annoying, because in the morning, i don't kno what to do. do i dress for the sun or dress for rain? even if it's sunny when i leave in the morning, it's seattle, so who knos what the weather's gonna be like in an hour or two. in addition to that uncertainty (and the fact that the weather report is a big lie), the sun that appears isn't warm! if you're sitting inside looking out, it looks like it should be in the low to mid-60s, but once you step outside, you realize that it's not even 50 degrees out AND the wind is blowing hard. this will not do. this will not do at all.

apparently, dimsum is bad for your health. they say that "excessive consumption will increase the risk of obesity." wow! really? that's like totally breaking new ground. i wonder what other foods will make you fat if you eat too much of it. someone should do a study. they also proudly claim that this study on dimsum is the first of its kind. i wonder if that's because the last time i checked, there isn't a problem with obesity in hong kong. i wish someone would pay me to come to completely obvious conclusions.

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