Friday, April 22, 2005

like summer

so everyone's talking about hottie aitor mateo from spain, and there's no doubt as to why. just look at him! these pics are also from this season's af mag. some more aitor by bruce weber: with blue steel and magnum. hot hot hot, if not terribly varied. for even more aitor, check out oh la la paris and just jared.

today, it almost reached 80 degrees. i like. i also like tan shirtless boys lounging about the quad. yum!

look at this stupid bitch!

best idea i've found this week is postsecret. (via timmy ray)

what's the verb form of civil union? what does one say? "i got civil-unioned to eddie cibran this past weekend"? or "civilly unionized"? or is it just a simple "civied"? the queerfolk of connecticut will now have to deal with this question that the vermonters have been tackling for some time now. (via towleroad)

washington state needs one of those indoor-smoking bans. that's something i miss about visiting manhattan and san francisco, coming home from a nite out and not smelling like a fucking ashtray. i respect people's rite to smoke if they want to, but i just don't like it when it affects me. ick!

we are 40% thru this quarter and it seems like it's been going by really quickly.

isn't it silly how physical contact stays with you so long?


LeeAndrew said...

Hey there.
Nice photos. I have been looking for you email, I've lost it! Anyway, I have a fresh new site with video clips from the making of my new erotic photo book.
If yiou want exclusive photos, email me!


Andy said...

hey, thanks! that sounds interesting, i'll definitely check it out.

Amelia said...

he is hot!

Andy said...

yeah, for serious! i wonder where he went off to. i haven't seen much of him in a while.