Thursday, April 28, 2005

a dozen eggs

shawn yue is fawking hot! i love this picture of one of my favorite hong kong superstars. there's just something about it that makes me want to jump on him. it could be the eyes, or it could be the lips, or mebbe it's just that he's already on what looks like a bed. here's another pic. i hope he continues to make lots and lots of movies, cuz i really can't get enuf of him.

look at this picture of tyson ballou with his mom from some time ago. it is too sexy. i love me a good mama's boy.

i got the strangest call today. i was taking a nap (a nap that was apparently fated to be interrupted at least five times. you'd think after the third interruption, i'd give up, but i soldiered on), and my phone rang and woke me up. no name popped up so i wondered who it was. when i answered it ("hello?"), i heard these words: "who are you, you stupid faggot!? why are you in my girlfriend's phonebook?" still in a sleepy haze, i didn't kno how to react to that, so there was just stunned silence. i really didn't even kno where to begin. "anyone fucking there?" apparently not, because after another minute or so of silence, i just hung up. i was in no presence of mind to be dealing with such things, and if he really wanted to get to kno me, i was sure he would call me back. unfortunately, he didn't. after my brain turned on, i realized just how weird that all was. in whose phonebook was my number? was it a girl i knew or not? if not, why does this girl have my phone number? wait, how did he kno i was a stupid faggot? oh my god do i have a stalker? i turned to the trusty white pages, and found that the phone line that some girl's jealous boyfriend had used belonged to someone named marcella over in maple valley, washington. marcella? i didn't kno any marcellas, and maple valley? i didn't even kno where that was (before i looked it up). it must have been the strangest wrong number i'd ever received. well, no, there was that one time when i was little that a creepy old guy thot i was a teenage girl and started hitting on me, but that story's for another time. i sorta wish marcella's boyfriend had called back, cuz it would have been fun to yell at him and make him feel like the dumbass he is. oh, well. here's my advice to marcella tho: you gotta dump your stupid jealous asshole of a boyfriend. you may be a whore and it may not be wrong of your boyfriend to distrust you, but he was too much of an idiot to dial the rite number, or at least made sure he had called the rite person before he went off on them. you don't really want that kind of guy around, do you? nosiree.

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