Thursday, March 17, 2005

get crunk tonite on st. patty's day

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okay, so i mentioned lucas black a while back, but i didn't get a chance to scan the hot pics of him from af magazine that made me go "oh my god he grew up!" initially. well, here's the full version of the winking one above, and here's the other one. i still can't get over how hot he got, by the way. bravo to nature, i say. encore!

but let's not forget about the paradise of guys that is brazil. alexandre slaviero is hot, as we can also see from his fotolog (via tottyland). for some nice pics of hot brazilians (like previously-mentioned sexpot bruno gagliasso), visit globo's paparazzo site.

apparently, this really cool girbaud ad (via timmy ray) is stirring up some controversy and ill will from the catholic church (what doesn't these day, really? i mean, what is it with that organization? it's like their leader is on the brink of death or something. oh my god, i can't believe i just said that). i think it's a really nice and tasty piece of photographic art. who is that next to jesus and why can't i stop staring at her buttcrack?

i want these shoes. i think i will get them.

i went to the dentist the other day for a checkup. while i was waiting, they had a bunch of books that have been there since i was in grade school, like where's waldo? (and a couple of its sequels). with nothing better to do, and completely uninterested in the magazines on the coffee table, i opened it up for a trip down memory lane. waldo isn't as hard to find as i remember (or mebbe it was more difficult in the later books), but the intricate little details that martin handford puts into the pictures are amazing. this is definitely one of those books i'd totally give my (future) kids, cuz i loved it when i was a kid, except he'd probably be all "what the fawk is this!? i don't care where waldo is!"

i'm off to san fran (do you like how this makes it into every post?) in a few hours, so i gotta start packing. hopefully, i'll come back with a whole lotta fun stuff to tell. but if not, i'll just make some up.

postscript: stop hotlinking the fucking lucas black pic.


Anonymous said...

Er ist einfach zuckersüß ^^
genau wie in The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift =)
Zum sterben süß!!!

Andy said...

i kno! he does look very sweet in these pics.