Friday, March 11, 2005


this week saw the release of two eagerly anticipated works of art (well, by me anyway. what can i say, i'm a geek). the first, the star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith movie poster (from, and then the harry potter and the half blood prince book cover (from the star wars one is nice; it looks similar to the ones before it... which makes sense. i like these kinds of movie posters that harken back to the days when they were all painted. i really can't wait til this movie comes out. i kno everyone hated the last two, but i have to say i was entertained by them nevertheless, and i'll probably be entertained by this one too. of course, the hope is that it'll actually be a great movie. with all the death and killing and tragedy (like the empire strikes back!), it's gotta be at least better than the other prequels. plus, have you seen that new trailer that premiered during last nite's oc!? if not, you must! i couldn't tell you where to find it tho, cuz i don't kno. anyhow, it looks as if with only a couple months left, the publicity machine is finally starting to kick into high gear. mebbe by the time the movie does come out, i'll be sick of hearing about it. which is something that definitely won't happen with harry potter. i only really anticipated the release of order of the phoenix, since i was relatively late to hp fandom, but even then, i was still midway thru goblet of fire. it's been too long, however, since i finished phoenix (a short week after it came out), and i'm dying to find out what happens next to harry and pals. the cover is relatively simple, and i wonder what it's supposed to represent. what are harry and dumbledore huddling over? what are they seeing? why are they doing what they're doing! it seems like it's still a long while, but i kno the summer will be here before i kno it.

another week, and i'll be in san francisco! how fun and exciting. i just have to get thru a couple papers and a final to get there. actually, i should probably start working on the papers now. but i won't... cuz i'm lazy.

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