Monday, March 28, 2005

back attack

oh my god i'm back from san francisco! i really had way too much to drink, and thus can't really recall much of the trip, but i'll tell ya, i definitely had a great time. it's a nice city when it's not raining, and i would definitely recommend people go and visit. and bring your dog... everyone was walking their dogs everywhere, i was a little jealous i couldn't bring my non-existent dog. except when my dog poops on the sidewalk, i would pick it up... hopefully, i'll have some more of my favorite pictures up later this week when i get around to resizing them (isn't the one above pretty?). of course, i'd like to thank my friends in sf for putting up with a week and a half of me, and if there's anything they need from me that doesn't require a lot of work, i am certainly willing to give it to them.

on the plane ride back, two seats away from me sat a cute boy (of middle eastern descent?) that i was convinced i'd seen around campus or somewhere. i didn't get a chance to ogle or talk to him tho, cuz i was asleep most of the flight, but if you kno a cute guy with dark skin, brown eyes and short dark-brown hair who was in san francisco for spring break, lemme kno!

the first day of classes was alrite. my morning class was very much the same as it was last quarter. tho, i don't want to sound like a jerk or anything, but one of the guys in the class asked the rest of the class if we all thot this teacher graded harder than the other teacher. i hadn't had the other teacher, so i couldn't say, but i got a damned good grade in the class, so i'm not really in any position to complain. instead of saying "no, i don't think she grades too hard," i just kept silent. this, i could tell, was the same tactic the other girl who was in the class at the time used, which is weird, cuz i always thot that she might not have done that well in the class... mebbe she's just one of those people who takes tests well or something. the class at midday is full of ugly people, but should prove to be pretty easy. the professor actually told me that a lot of it would be retread over another class i had taken previously, so i looked for another course to take, but they all conflicted with my afternoon class. thus, i decided to stay in the class (as long as the prof allows it) and hopefully it will help me with my gpa. as for the martial arts film class that is taking up most of my afternoons, i like the prof a lot, and it looks like there are a lot of hot boys in the class, not to mention i kno a few of the people in the class from the film course i took last quarter as well as my morning class, so if i want to ever, you kno... not go, i have a good amount of people there taking notes for me. not that i'll actually skip intentionally or anything, but it's nice to have the option there.

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