Wednesday, February 02, 2005

sunny day confusion

perry bible fellowship is twisted and hilariously clever. i can't get enuf of it, and you should give it a gander.

also, visit pen island for all your custom-made pen needs.

super shout out to queerclick for the link! it's not safe for work, but it's damn good at home. from naked boys to carson daly's basket, it's got everything you need for a party. check it out!

anyways, i hate it when companies up and change the designs of their packaging. well, i like it, but i hate it also. i mean, i love new stuff and it's nice to see something new, especially if the old designs were god-awful ugly, but i also hate it because after they change it, i can no longer recognize which product i regularly bought. this didn't just happen to me once this week, but twice. colgate up and changed all their toothpaste boxes on me. what used to look like this, now looks like this. now, i kno some of you may not even notice the difference, but i can tell these little things (except for women's hair, apparently, but that may just be because i don't pay that much attention to it in the first place). so this ended up confusing me and forcing me to actually remember what kind of toothpaste i got rather than what the packaging looked like. i stood there for a good minute or two reading the 5000 different kinds of toothpaste that colgate makes and finally just grabbed one. i'm not THAT particular about stuff like this, but it's just nice to keep using a product that works well with me and that i am used to. i ended up picking up the rite one anyways, so yay for my memory (but still, boo on companies that shake up their packaging designs unnecessarily). the second time this happened to me was when i went to go pick up some tostitos chips and salsa. this one wasn't nearly as hard as the toothpaste to pick out which one i usually get because tortilla chips don't all look the same inside and plus, i remembered the turquoise of the restaurant style bag (i also wasn't quite as worried about getting the wrong one, cuz it's easier to eat a different-tasting tortilla chip than brush with a different-tasting toothpaste for me). they changed the salsa jars too, but again, it's not like they make 10 kinds of medium salsa, and picking the yellow-colored jar was a cinch. well, the only trouble with that one is that the grocery store still had some of the old hot jars there and i thot mebbe they had come out with a new line of salsas or something. anyways, i don't kno why i'm going on about this. it's not that big a deal; i was just kinda annoyed, mostly i think because they both made their packaging uglier.

idaho hates fags, but not that much.

last thing, fuck the groundhog. it's 60 degrees up here in seattle, and no furry little animal's gonna tell me the winter's gonna stick around for six more weeks. screw that!

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i hate eminem.