Saturday, February 26, 2005

the dangers of public transportation

remember jeremy bloom from the 2002 winter olympics? no? me either. maybe it was because he was all covered up (which is really why i like the summer games that much more than the winter games). thankfully, being covered up is never a problem for those photographed by bruce weber. this shot is from the af mag of a couple seasons back, and i finally got around to scanning a couple pics (here's another one from the cover). i kno, these are kind of old, but don't tell me you don't like it. yeah, that's what i thot. he's got the quintessential hot jock qualities that we all love about the abercrombie culture (the face, the body, and the fantasies attached to it all), and he's talented. i dunno about you, but i'm definitely already looking forward to the winter games next year in turin.

two big thanks to give out today, one to timmy ray for the link! at timmy ray, everything you're interested in, he's also interested in, and he'll give you the latest about all of it from new york! and the other thanks goes to gc spotlight for the mention! at gc spotlight, you'll find more boys that you can fit in a box. check them both out!

let's take some time out now to do some pointless ranting about advertising. i've never been a big fan of people trying to convince me to do things i don't particularly want to do, but if they do it in a funny way, i'll pat 'em on the back for effort. i mean, entertainment is entertainment. however, something i can't really stand is when something is completely misrepresented in the ads, like the recent finding neverland tv ads from repeat offender miramax (their trailer for zhang yimou's hero were inaccurate and misleading about the plot and the characters). it's no spoiler to say that finding neverland is a tearjerker. it starts out moderately depressing, and it just goes downhill from there. yet, the ads proclaim it "the feel-good movie of the year," and they play some upbeat pop song while they show clips taken out of context to make everything look inordinately happy. i don't kno about you, but if my mom was dying, i would not feel that good. i'm so sick of miramax trying to trick people into going to see movies by falsifying the plot or tone of the movie. enuf! this next one is just a nitpick, really. i find it to be ineffective advertising for anyone who has actually read a dictionary. hbo is advertising bill maher's new show and this is at the top, a dictionary entry: "Politics (pol-i-tiks) n. 1. 'Poli' means many. 2. 'Tics' means blood-sucking insects." okay, so you ask yourself, "wait, that's kinda funny, what could possibly be wrong with it?" if you get annoyed by nitpickers, you might just want to skip this one. the fact is, there are so many things wrong with it! first of all, what really annoyed me is that they give their joke etymology of word where the definitions should be. would this have been in a dictionary, the definition of "politics" would have been either "'poli' means many" or "'tics' means blood-sucking insects." how are those definitions at all? grargh! and to make it even worse, they fuck up the etymology completely. no, i understand they're trying to be funny, but "poli" doesn't mean "many" at all. the greek word for many is "poly." it may seem like an insignificant difference to you, but if everyone did as slapdash a job as they're doing, we'd end up with a whole lot of crappy products that don't work rite. that's not even the end of it. a tic is like a twitch or a quirk that is particular to a person. a tick, on the other hand, is not even an insect! it's an arachnid. blah! i think this all bugs me a lot because i feel like if the advertisers want to work within a certain framework, i.e. that of a dictionary entry, they should stick with the conventions of the framework. i would have been more okay with it if they had just put the etymology where it should have gone, instead of where the definitions should be. in my eyes, this would be akin to if they had cast a fat chinese guy as ray charles in ray, just cuz he could act the part. it just doesn't work for me. either the people who thot up this ad are stupid, or they think that i'm stupid, and either way, i'm not pleased with it. okay, i'm done being anal for now. oh, while we're talking about ads, i like the recent geico ads with the cavemen. "so simple even a caveman could use it." i cracked up when i first saw the one where the caveman's holding the boom mike on the set. geico good, miramax and hbo, bad.

despite the sun shining bright all week, there has been very little hot boy activity worth mentioning. i blame the fact that even tho it's sunny, it's still kinda cold. well, last week, on valentine's day, there was a really hot guy working the florist department at the queen anne safeway. i wonder if the fact that he was working on v-day meant that he didn't have a girlfriend... or boyfriend or whatever. we may never find out.

let's finish up with a TRUE STORY (oh my god true story!): i was on the bus on my way downtown and this asian girl sits next to me. no big deal, the ladies always want a piece of this, but as long as she keeps her cooter to herself, i'm fine with it. she may also have sat next to me because it was one of the few remaining seats left. i dunno, i'm not a mind reader. anyways, so at one of the next stops, this slightly creepy-looking white guy gets on, and he stands in aisle just in front of us. every now and then, he'd look back at the girl. the first time, i thot mebbe he'd just accidentally stepped on her foot or knocked into her or something and was turning back to apologize, but by the second look, it became apparent that he was checking her out. eventually, the seat in front of us opened up and he sat down, tho this didn't stop him from periodically turning back to look at her. how fucking creepy is this already!? finally, he starts trying to talk to her. i had my earphones on (and listening to reina!), so i didn't hear exactly what he said, but it sounded like he was trying to make small talk by asking her if this was her regular route. of course, the effect of the question was less "hi" and more "are you on this bus daily at this hour? if so i will also be on this bus daily at this hour so that i can be on this bus daily at this hour with you!" ahhh! if i were her, i'd already have pulled out my pepper spray and given him a good wallop of spice in his eyes! bam! perhaps this girl did not have any on her or perhaps she was braver than i, and she wanted to test fate! again, i dunno. i told you i'm not a mind reader. i don't kno if she gave an answer, but if she did, it was probably distant and disinterested, because the guy stopped talking to her. after he turned back around, out of the corner of my eye, i could tell she gave me a look, but since i was looking out the window, i didn't see what kind it was exactly. i did pull one of my earphones out tho, you kno, just in case he would say something creepy, and i could defend her with my manly skillz, not at all because i wanted to eavesdrop on any further communications that may or may not slightly entertain me on a boring bus ride. soon after, the girl was almost at her stop, since she tapped me on the leg and asked me to pull the stop cord. shortly after i did so, the creepy guy stood up like he was going to get off at the next stop. immediately, the girl turns to me and she gives me the "oh my god no fucking way please save me" look of shock. i widen my eyes in surprise as well, but i had no choice but to give her the "i feel really bad but there's nothing i can do about i'm so sorry" shrug and "good luck" smirk. had i the time, i might have gotten off the bus with her and pretended i was her bf to shake off the creepy white guy, but alas, i needed to get somewhere. when we got to the stop, i could tell the girl was really hesitant about getting off the bus. i could see in her stance that she was uncertain about what she was gonna do. was she going to wait until the next stop and mebbe walk back, hoping that the creepy guy had gone by then, or was she going to risk it and just get off the bus. i think she did the smart thing in the end. she waited to see if the creepy guy was getting off the bus first. luckily for her, he was not (he apparently just felt the need to stand up), and she jumped up out of the seat and rushed off the bus, potential life-threatening situation averted. perhaps i imagined it, but it was as if the rest of the bus breathed a sigh of relief. the side of good had triumphed that day.

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