Monday, January 17, 2005

an open door

years and years ago, when i first heard of people blogging (indeed, when the term "blog" was in its infancy), i denounced the whole thing, citing that it was the result of self-absorbed people who had nothing else to do with their time and lives. "no one wants to hear about what other people did during their days, and writing about it would be pointless," i said. "i don't care what you had for lunch, which stranger made you secretly angry for cutting you off at the grocery store, or what your hair looks like today." of course, since then, i've changed my mind about the blog, not because i've suddenly started caring--i haven't, i still don't give a shit about what you ate yesterday and how that made you feel--but because i've realized that the blog can be an incredible source of good and pleasure. information moves thru the blogosphere so quickly that topics of interest are able to spread to more interested parties faster than ever. this sort of sharing is very positive (even if the sharing is going on between people whose views i completely disagree with). and also, where would i be able to find such hilarious diversions, like this concentration test for men (via the wow report) or hotdogboy brand comics (via queerclick, which is, uhm, nsfw). plus, while i realized it was fun to pour my views and thots all over my friends and family, i didn't realize it would be so fun to do with people i didn't even kno. so, while i don't want to hear about the molds growing in your fridge, i will tell you about mine, and please, feel free not to give a shit about them. so here i am, a former critic of the blog form, writing my own blog about my interests.

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