Friday, January 21, 2005

boys in the middle of the nite

hey look it's my favorite mormon! and that band he's in (feel free to click the pic to see the whole thing). thanks to fellow killers listener pink is the new blog for tipping me off about the new issue of spin. the whore in me set off as soon as i could to the newsstands to pick up my own copy. i don't want to pretend i'm not shallow or anything, but i totally listened to their music before i knew the lead singer was so fucking cute. it's sad, but i didn't really get a good look at brandon flowers until the oc episode several weeks back where they played at the bait shop. behold: far away, close up, and really pink. if you haven't had enuf, here's another one out of the mag. there's more, but if you were really a fan, you'd have your own copy. while we're speaking of the killers, i have not been able to stop listening to hot fuss. even less so after i read this hilarious article about the album's homo-sociopathic subtext (via this pitnb entry). what can i say? i'm a fan of songs about boys who like boys, and even more so, when the boy tells me i'm a star. by the way, mebbe i should start wearing eyeliner.

while we're talking about attractive men, when did lucas black turn into a stud? i mean, seriously. one day, he's the kid in sling blade and the next thing you kno he's the hottest hot guy to share my birthdate (he's like exactly one younger than me). i mean, i remember a cute boy in cold mountain, but i had no idea that was him. now, i HAVE to see friday night lights, even tho i hate billy bob. sometimes i leave the tv on cnn, not to better inform myself about what's going on in the world, but to catch the weather report, or more accurately, the weatherman rob marciano. he has the american meteorology society's seal of approval. how can anyone say no to that? i wish raj here would have made the american olympic gymnastics team. instead, we were stuck with a largely unattractive awkward-looking group of guys who i still wouldn't mind seeing naked. oh well, my sexy gymnast, mebbe next time. don't get bravo (or the whole idea of a queer eye for women, i mean... who cares?), but i like robbie all the same. i just wonder how much of a style guru he is when his credentials are he's worked retail and he's an actor. i knew i should have applied. look, an article about my manhunt contestant pick and winner, hot hapa surfer jon jonsson (via towleroad). as a friend noted, "they're opening an h&m in sf? fuckers." finally, let's all ponder french rugby player frederic michalak's awesome tattoo (hot black and white from the 2005 dieux du stade calendar).

i like how my new shirt fits. yay for hollister, yet again. also, mebbe i'm being too high school, but i can't get enuf of their scent. it's so cheap i think i might need to pick up a bottle next time i'm there. i also need to go get a haircut. i'm trying to do something new with my hair, but i don't kno if i would trust the middle-aged chinese woman with this change. not that she doesn't cut some good hair, but this change in do makes me want to go look for another hairstylist. to top off this andy-style update, lemme tell you about the facial i got last week at gene juarez (thanks, lily!). it was one of the most relaxing hours of my life. the woman put me into some sort of hypnotic trance. i could feel everything being done to me and hear the soothing music they played, but i was out. she could have programmed me to assassinate some world leader, a la zoolander; i have no idea. it was also a little disconcertingly sensual. i was expecting something that involved so much touching to be like that, but when she started pulling on my middle finger, i got a little apprehensive. anyways, my skin was so soft afterwards, i couldn't stop rubbing myself... definitely worth doing again, just not too soon, cuz i just don't have $90 lying around very often (yeah, i kno, i totally need to find myself a daddy).

i haven't watched the new apprentice yet, but i thot i might repost something i wrote elsewhere, as a prologue to the inevitable ranting i'll be doing about this show (from 01.05.2005):

so anyways, blah blah blah. apprentice was grossly predictable and kelly won the competition. big yawn! hopefully the upcoming cast will be more interesting and dynamic--if not pretty... have you _seen_ the new apprentices? i shudder. if i had to guess on looks alone tho, mike over there with the eyebrows is a fag and yeah, all the women are dykes. i kid. i'm kinda saddened that the one asian woman spot has been taken by an additional black woman. i love my black women, believe me, but where would the show be without their crazy chinks (see bitchy tammy and stripper ivana)? i guess it's okay tho, since verna's from seattle. like alex. go seattle! again, based on looks alone (i'm too god damned lazy to read their bios and credentials), eccentric raj split into two people, bow-tie wearing bren and eccentric danny; young andy morphed into a young stripper named audrey; and they've started letting dogs onto the show. too early to say who i'm rooting for (since there ain't no hotties like hot john) but how about one of the seattleites?

last thing, i just started using audioscrobbler, and you should too. i haven't poked around to see everything it does, but the main thing is it lists what music you listen to on your computer, kinda like what itunes does, and then shares that information with the world. when you sign up (it's so quick and easy!), check out my list.

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