Monday, January 24, 2005

lo rise, lo down

long live low-rise and long live tyson ballou's modeling career. these pics are straight from the runways of milan (and torn from the pages of the first and third are from dolce & gabbana and the middle from versace. i just can't get enuf of tyson and it's nice to see he's looking as good as ever. well, mebbe he could work on his color, but i'll take what i can get. i also need to look into getting some of those pants (tho probably without the rips or the paint splatter; i'm sorry, i guess i'm a traditionalist). i wonder how common low-rise-on-men will get. don't want to see another one of these in the pages of savage love.

but before i go on, a shout out to my favorite source of boy, tottyland, for the link. visit and bathe in the light of the totty.

so it's taken a while, but why not talk about my classes? everyone loves to hear about that shit. there is not much to report from the early morning class, cuz the prof has made the autumn quarter class a prereq, so i'm basically taking the class with the same people, i.e. a bunch of nerdy graduate students and an old chinese guy. too bad the andy lau guy isn't back for this one, or the indian girl whose wedding i wanted to go to, or the girl whose friend had previously taken the course and had all the notes for it... oh well, that's okay, it's interesting anyways. here's something to note tho. i skipped a lot late last quarter and as a result, didn't do so well on the last exam, so i've decided not to skip this one ever. (we'll see if i can go thru with that). i realized that the main reason i skipped the other one so much is because i didn't have a class rite after it. last quarter, i had a three hour break between the two classes i had each day, so it was easier to say "fuck this class, i can sleep for three more hours if i skip." no longer this quarter. it's essential to go to the class rite after it (yeah, for _that_ reason), so skipping just to get an hour more sleep is not worth it enuf for me. but like i said, it's an interesting class and it feels comfortable because i kno the format, the prof and all the other students in it. sounds a lot like last year, doesn't it?

i don't kno most of the people in the class after that one, but that's okay, because they're mostly attractive people, and there are very few things i like more than attractive people. there's one girl who's especially pretty, a sorority girl, no less. she's got a hot sense of style and a sexy voice. and there's one guy who i recognize from waiting outside my morning class last year when it was done most mornings (cuz he had a class in the same room afterwards) and i also remember him being kinda cute. anyhow, i'm happy he's in my class. i'm sure i'll update you as to the status of that, but don't hold your breath. i'm horrible at this stuff.

as for the third class, intro to film, i honestly can't stand the professor. if you are reading this, you ugly bitch, you are one of the worst professors i've ever had. probably not worse than the bumbling japanese stat prof i had a few years back, but you're getting pretty close. there is absolutely no point in her lecture (for the most part, she's actually started getting better about this AS WE FINISHED UP THE THIRD WEEK). she basically rambles for an hour and a half and then tests us weekly to see if we were listening to her rambling. it's hard to tell when she's started talking about something included in her lesson plan or if she's just going off on a tangent. she'll start talking about something (that we assume is part of the hopefully planned lecture) and then she'll mention a director and then stop and say "oh yes... hitchcock..." and start talking about hitchcock for a solid 10 minutes. by the 2nd minute, we're all beginning to wonder if mebbe this IS part of the lesson plan, but... she started talking about it like it was something other than what she was gonna talk about. so, we're all there taking notes cautiously about something that may or may not be important to the class. she is so horridly disorganized, i wonder if that's why they gave her an hour and half for each lecture. well, mebbe that's for the 10 to 15 minutes that she's late in starting the class. she's also very pretentious. she likes to think that she knos a whole lot more than the class and that thru this course she will enlighten us to the joys and intricacies of cinema. no, bitch, we're taking the class cuz it's about watching movies, and we all love watching movies. she likes to talk in terms that she thinks we don't kno just to make herself feel better that she's some stupid cinema studies professor instead of working in the film industry or god forbid, a lowly film critic. also, she keeps trying to make stupid stupid idiotic jokes, but they all bomb, cuz one, they're not funny, two, most everyone in the class isn't listening to her (because they are asleep or otherwise tuning out), and three, we all hate her guts! an example from the previous lecture is that whenever she was referring to a butt, she would pause and slowly say an over-pronounced "bot-tom." hunny, we're not in first grade. you're talking to a room of adults (okay, adults and freshmen, but even the freshmen are too old to be laughing at that shit). seriously, she is one of the worst professors i have ever had. she can jump into a pit of fire as soon as possible. anyways, since this is a larger class, there are quite a few boys in this class worth ogling and boy do i have a lot of time to look around, since i'm not listening to the lecture. there's the guy with the shock of bleached hair at the front tip of his do. there's the guy who has a girlfriend, but i still am convinced is gay, and then the gay guy who is friends with them and totally wants the guy who has a girlriend. there's the guy with black ear piercings. there's the guy who looks like a soccer boy in glasses. and there're the various other boys whom i have not yet differentiated from each other. i'm sure i'll get back to that at some other point in time.

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