Sunday, October 03, 2004

man, oh, man

THE MANHUNT WEBSITE IS UP! i seriously don't think anything better could plausibly have happened this week. what? i'm not excited at all. i don't kno what you're talking about. anyways, you can check out the men for yourself, but i wanted to point out a... several that i wouldn't mind finding in my bed someday...

blake. first of all, i love that name. his body doesn't really impress me all that much, but i do like that head. he's got strong features that really go very well together. the hair is very nice, and while i don't mind the stubble, i think he would look better without it. he definitely looks like he could be a model (and indeed, according to his bio, he's done modeling in europe). he went to a music academy and "studied singing, drama, musical theatre and dance." you make out of that what you will. i'm certainly not going to suggest anything. he sounds like he's had an interesting life, but he's only 21. he doesn't sound that smart, but no one's asking him to do brain surgery or anything. he just has to look pretty. final verdict: striking (in a good way) and could definitely make it.

hunter. i like that name too. this one is kinda the opposite of blake. his face is ho-hum (but by no means is he ugs like SOME of the manhunt models), but i like that body. it inspires an urge to feel him all over. plus, those pants look like they just need a slight tug... i don't think i'm too fond of his hair. i don't think he'd look that much better with shorter hair, but i'm pretty sure it would improve the head area. he doesn't look so much like a model, at least not like one of the top models, but you never kno. he could definitely do some af tho. his bio makes him sound like some all-american hunk... which i'm sure he is. small town, sports whiz, et cetera et cetera et cetera. some cracks in that life story wouldn't make him a better model, but at least it would make him more unstable and drama-prone, and thus more entertaining to watch. actually, who cares? he's already fun to watch. final verdict: hot, but that's not all that it takes to be a model.

matt. matt's a cutie, but that body's not going to make the cut. it's not bad, per se, but it looks like he couldn't find the gym. he's gonna have to shape that up if he hopes to be a hopeful. his face is definitely an asset and is completely kissable, but he looks like he's 18! which isn't a particularly bad thing, but i don't kno if i could see him representing prada or lv. as far as i'm concerned, he's another one for af, or actually, mebbe hollister. he's an aspiring actor (who isn't?) who's currently a batboy for the braves. i dunno about his acting skills, but i think i could see him playing a cutie in some teen movie, or showing up on the wb in some shape or form. not as a lead, mind you; he doesn't really stand out to me enuf for that. final verdict: cute, but forgettable.

jon. an icelandic hottie surfer. does it get any better than that? his hair is too long, but it's so modelesque. i kno he'd look better with shorter hair (unless he's hiding hideously deformed ears), but he doesn't look bad like this. he is a surfer after all. his bio makes him sound like a dork, which is actually kinda endearing. he wants to be an astronaut and that's so hot. his soulmate got into a near-fatal car accident and he stuck by her thru all the hard times. that's so sweet. that bitch is one lucky girl. unfortunately, endearing, smart and sweet don't make a model. final verdict: he's definitely a contender.

of course that's only a fifth of the models. how disappointing that out of twenty, i could only find four that i liked. it makes sense tho, since that's about the ratio that i find when i'm flipping thru homme arena+. that isn't to say all the other ones are ugly. some of them are definitely in the running to win. others... i dunno why they were cast. well, mebbe they'll make some drama that will make their presence worthwhile. we'll just have to wait and see. are you as excited as me?

survivor was fun, but the twist was not as interesting as i'm sure the producers wanted it to be. it was fun to see all the fighting, but neither ejection was a surprise. gimme some shock, guys! come on! at least we got more john k. time.

just as i was talking about how there's a guy in one of my classes who looks like bradley cooper, he shows up on jack & bobby. i hope he's gonna be a constant recurring character, cuz i like me some more bradley.

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