Thursday, September 30, 2004

time and time again...

...the words are messy and hard to read.

still moving. i can't believe how much stuff i have. where did it all come from? am i that much of a consumer whore? that's it, no more shopping for me! in addition to realizing how much shit i had, i also recognize that i used to be so much more interesting than i am now. i have this really cute rainbow teddy bear bracelet that i remember wearing oh so many years ago, but i can't remember where i got it. if someone knos, please tell me. also, where did i get this little plastic giraffe?

nip/tuck is alternating between a horribly written episode and an utterly engrossing one all thruout this season. what the fuck? i don't think there's a more uneven show on tv. just when i think, "oh good, they're back in their groove," they throw stupid shit into the story. "oh adrian *sniffle sniffle* you're adopted, that's why we can have sex." BULLSHIT! what the fuck kind of solution is that? that solves nothing! a mother still had sex with her son! (which was a truly disgusting revelation... but it was part of an utterly engrossing episode, so i LOVED it) anyways, this week was a great one. i like when christian gets a smack in the face from the bitch called life, and i hate bisexual rapists with creepy "mardi gras" masks. i really liked the cliffhanger last season about matt's real father, and i hope next week's will leave us with the same kind of question. had bobbolit not chopped up that poor j. lo wannabe a few weeks back, i would think that he would turn out to be the carver, but with the way this show is, it'll probably turn out to be... liz! *gasp* (by the way, where the fuck did she go?)

lost. only two episodes and i'm already hooked. (okay, i was hooked after the first one. damn you abrams and your stopping in the middle of a climax!) i don't kno anything about any of these people, and they release information bit by bit. kate beckinsale's a criminal? the brit rocker's a heroin addict (yeah, i didn't see that one coming *eyeroll*)? the koreans can't speak english AT ALL? okay, they were on a plane either from australia to the us or vice-versa (they crashed in the south pacific somewhere it looks like. ain't no islands like that in the atlantic), yet, for some reason, the koreans kno absolutely no english whatsoever (even tho daniel dae kim's korean is accented). i don't buy it. (but i do buy the fact that the koreans are serving food, sashimi no less. next thing you kno they'll be dry cleaning everyone's clothes to get those awful blood stains out) but then, there are stranger things going on than that, like... THE FUCKING POLAR BEAR! WHAT THE FUCK? anyways, i hope the koreans start speaking english soon or else put some subtitles up. not only would i like to kno what they're saying (i'm too lazy to ask my korean friends), but people who don't speak english usually die before the people who do speak english. with such a large cast, some of them are bound to be mauled to death by that giant invisible monster. or the weird backgammon guy. anyways, i expect this show will be fun to watch and is probably the first new show this season that i actually like.

which is not something i can say about csi: new york. what is this crap? i didn't kno it could get worse than miami. i thot zuiker was supposed to be overseeing this show. the crimes are relatively unbelievable and boring and so is most of the cast. how can you squander the acting skills of gary and melina (the toast of mayfair, fraulein sally bowles!), and the ho-o-o-otness of eddie, hill and carmine? i may give it another chance or two, but as of now, i'm giving them a big *pbbbt*.

alrite. i said last week that i hoped that none of the women of the apprentice make it to the end. i stick by that statement. are these women not the most horrible people ever? i either have to congratulate casting or call to have them all thrown into a volcano (perhaps one in vanuatu!). it's incredibly entertaining to watch all the infighting and delusions going on in apex, but the producers are not giving the women a fair chance at the job by putting together this team. anyways, before i get into all that, let's talk about mosaic. i have to say that while i was skeptical about raj at first, i think if any of the men should come in second to john, it should be him. also, it seems a little silly to me that they picked the pm randomly when one of them had restaurant experience. but even sillier than that was the notion that a hot waiter would change the minds of the queers who came in to eat. how homophobic could you get? okay, okay, it's not that silly. while i found it offensive, i can't help but admit that it would totally have worked on me. i was actually secretly hoping that john WOULD bend over and show us a li'l som'n som'n. back to the women. first off, why is jennifer such an idiot? "piaza"? "zaggit"? how could she have thot that she brot the team together when she was really just yelling at them the whole time? what was her problem with stacy? that she looked like she was 10? i just cannot believe she could not understand how to play this game (no, bill, this is a game. it's a competition with a prize at the end. what else could it possibly be?) you never ever bring people into the boardroom if they don't deserve to be there. did she not watch the last season? you need a good reason for people to be there besides the fact that you don't like them and dub them "havoc wreakers." mebbe trump tricked her by getting rid of stacie last week (okay, i must admit, there's hope for the other jennifer. she straight out called all the girls out about stacie's firing). it was so obvious that sandy should have been taken into the boardroom if jennifer had wanted to stay in the game. even if you liked the job that sandy did, she was the reason that you guys failed. and yet, even in the end, in the taxi ride, after both bill and carolyn tried to explain it to her multiple times, she still didn't get it. she was talking about how her friend sandy sold her out. wake up from whatever dream world you're living in already. glad she's gone, but half of me hopes that there'll still be lots of drama (and i do believe there will be... get off my designer dress!) as a side note, is it me, or is it becoming too obvious who's going to lose the tasks? last week, trump talked about saving money (the ladies went over budget) and this week, he talked about getting the respect of those who work for you (lunatic jennifer is talked about incessantly behind her back). hmmm... mebbe next week trump could just tell us which team loses and save us all some time.

so wednesday was the first day of the autumn quarter. first days are always fun because you get a new pool of people in (some) of your classes and new people are great. on my way to and from class, i counted at LEAST thirty fags. they sure are everywhere these days.

in my first class, it was basically the typical mix of asians (predominantly chinese people looking for that padding for their gpa... no they cannot take it out of genuine interest; don't be ridiculous) and creepy white people. while he was kinda creepy, there was one guy who had nice hair. blond and blue (i think, i didn't really pay that much attention to anything that wasn't his hair. how lily is that?). he resembled bradley cooper with more of a beard (and eyes that aren't in two different latitudes). this coupled with his hair made him one to watch in this class. didn't look queer (except for the hair. it really was nice), and he's not exceptionally hot, but one to watch nonetheless (you grab at what you can get in these classes). his name? no fucking clue. i think it started with a j? prof took attendance on wed. and thurs. however, forgive me for not giving a fuck who these freaks are but i wasn't listening. oops, was that too harsh? mhmhmhmhmhm...

in my other class of the day (let me tell you, i LOVE having only two classes a day most days), again, asians and creepy white people, tho i must say they were less creepy than the ones in the morning class. one particular guy of interest (again, blond and blue. what is it with the blond and blues these days? i used to be such a brown and brown person) was some guy whose last name was... ford, i think? there's a good 75 chance he's a queer. here's the breakdown: mannerisms and speech, not queer; hair, clothes, general look, slightly-homely-female-friend-who-is-not-a-girlfriend-but-looks-like-she-wants-to-be (i.e. faghag, type 2a), and, here's the kicker, he crossed his legs like a mo, queer. usually mannerisms is the easiest way to tell (god knos that's why they all DO it. no one REALLY talks and walks like that). these days, look is tricky. it used to be all straight guys couldn't dress. damn you queer eye for making it okay for the hets to look good. the thing that really tips the scale toward a fag decision was the cross of the legs. very few straight men like to cross their legs like that in this country, because supposedly their genitals are simply too big for it (yeah, i believe you), but the queers do it, yes they do. anyways, i've only had the class once, so much more research must still be done, but that's one to watch. on a side note, there's a big asian (prob chinese) queen in that same class. he doesn't dress particularly well and he needs to do something about that facial hair and the hair on his head, but it's painfully obvious he's gay. he started speaking and that, as they say, was that. i'll have to keep an eye on him because he's potential competition (ha ha ha ha...)

on thursday, i had my third class, and surprise! asians and creepy white people! well, there were exceptions. there were actually quite a few hot girls in this class. i had no idea what they were doing in this class, but one of them went to china and loved it (WHY!?) and the others were all history majors who needed to take a non-western hist. class. ohhh... there was one guy who was kinda cute, but nothing special (brown and brown, i think) because 1) he was wearing a sports jersey, ew in so many ways, and 2) he was a SOPHOMORE. *shudder* 19! 1985? *mmbt* i just puked in my mouth, i'm so disgusted with myself. he seemed like a nice guy tho who still had some of that frosh idealism in him and that's always very awww. anyways, there were a few people in this class that i kno i've taken a class with them before, but for the life of me, i can't remember which ones. they were all chinese majors, so that's not a surprise, but it kinda bothers me my memory is so bad these days. i think i need to stop taking all those drugs. the prof in this class had written several textbooks (none of which we're using for the class, go figure) but her chinese pronunciation was really subpar. especially compared to the other two profs. we were talking about chinese pronunciation for pinyin (for instance, q is pronounced "ch", x is "sh", c is "ts" and so on), and when i pointed out that when an a is followed by an n, it's different than when it's followed by an ng, she didn't seem to agree with me (please, woman! you're messing with my first language here! plus it's something that was confirmed when i took linguistics). i'm a little disappointed, cuz i don't like it when my profs lose credibility like that. granted, she's a history prof and not a language one, but still, it doesn't make me happy.

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