Sunday, September 26, 2004

moving is a bitch from hell

one day i'll have enuf money to pay someone else to move for me. i do not want to be involved with it at all.

on wednesday, there was the puyallup fair, and guess who was there? none other than real world danny. how adorable is he? i mean, really.

was joey not totally gay this week? he threw a party so that he could talk to a hottie in his apartment complex. that's something _i_ would do. i mean, really.

when i spoke of survivor a couple weeks ago, i forgot to mention brady the FBI AGENT and of course... jeff. the real reason i come back to this show season after season. this week's show was great, except i can't tell the women apart (the same problem i'm having with the apprentice. how about some more diverse casting?). please, producers, start telling what TYPE of people they are. if you don't tell me that one's a slut and the other one's a born-again christian mother of six, then i'll never figure it out. chop chop! of course, it was obvious dolly (the super cute sheep farmer. see how that works?) was the one to go. once they got back from the challenge and immediately focused on dolly's indecision and wavering back and forth, you already knew she was outta there. plus, there was that revealing moment when pre-law chatterbox bitch with the ugly bikini talked to the "older women" about voting dolly out. i think it's cruel they make you wait a whole week to see the repurcussions of the oust. i wanna see some claws! next week, both tribes have to go to tribal council (i only wish it would mean that the episode was twice as long), and that means drama. ehehehe...

the apprentice was borderline disgusting. okay, it wasn't, but i felt bad for stacie. she didn't lose this task for apex, even tho the producers tried to show jennifer (that idiot!) making disapproving eye-rolls at stacie for picking up the 800 cases of toothpaste a little too late in the day. it was all maria's fault and she blamed everyone else but herself. did you see her jet out of the boardroom to get the rest of the women back? "this is our chance to get rid of stacie while i save my ass from getting kicked out." that bitch! then we saw as all of the women ganged up on stacie, painting her as a mpd psycho out to get the girls. whatever. stacie wasn't going to win, but she shouldn't have been booted this week. i hope maria falls off one of donald's 10000-story buildings. as of now, i hope none of the women make it to the end.

when i watched the csi premiere, it surprised me how much i actually missed csi and the cast. the whole cast, not just george and eric. the show is addicting. more more more!

manhunt. one of my favorite words in the english language. where have you been all my life? not only can i not wait for this show, but i would sacrifice goats for it. i hope they'll run around with current models like julien (those cheekbones!), tyson (those eyebrows!), both img clients, as well as jason, james, brad, tyrone, doug, shaun, dayton, jon, russell, chad, oh there are just too many! only eight episodes...? ;_;

ghost in the shell 2, the visuals were absolutely breathtaking. the story was good, but really, how many times have we been here before?

yay, school starts on wednesday...

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