Sunday, September 19, 2004

the emmys and everything else

oooh kay... angels in america got as many as they could get, garry shandling was pretty funny, and sopranos took the best drama FINALLY. plus, i'm a sucker for huge gatherings of famous and famously beautiful people, so of course... loved it.

the best part of award shows, i think, is not the people that the camera is focused upon, but that really cute guy in the back. there's always a really cute guy in the back, somebody's boyfriend or husband or aspiring actor/model seat-filler or something. if you're reading this and you have access to the seating chart, GIVE IT TO ME. i kno, huh? how can i be a stalker if i don't even have the awards show seating charts? i'm shamed.

i agree with chris rock. who the fuck is elaine stritch?

all the stars were looking good. jenn and brad, sarah and matthew, seth, ryan and marissa...

i wonder what phantom planet thought of the awards show version of "california"?

i'm so stupid. how did i not kno that joely richardson was british? her mom's british, her dad's british, she was born in london... i guess her american accent was just too convincing. well, it's always been a little weird, but i thot that was just the way she talked. i mean, next to julian mcmahon's attempt, it's nearly unnoticeable.

you kno, if taye diggs' and matthew fox's shows don't work out this fall, i have the perfect solution that includes BOTH of them. boys, call me.

go michael imperioli and drea de matteo. speaking of drea de matteo, what's with all the weird cuts? they happen every year and i'm beginning to think they're a secret tradition. yay, drea won, now let's cut to her new co-star matt lebanc, WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER SOPRANOS WIN. granted, we saw enuf of the "family" thruout the evening, but was someone at nbc secretly working in the control room? plus, someone mention homos? let's cut to sean hayes! is he even gay (>_>)? someone mention latinos? cut to antonio banderas! is he even latino? isn't he from spain?

i'm kinda sad that they couldn't give justin, ben and patrick emmys as well, tho if any one of them deserved it, it was jeffrey wright. that's not purple, mary. that color up there is mauve.

a widely-watched awards show is the perfect time to advertise your new fall schedule. thus, i'm all ready to watch lost (from the guy who did alias and felicity) and desperate housewives. is this really abc? why am i going to watch lost? good question. matthew, ian, dominic, and josh. plus, daniel dae kim and some korean woman. i support hot guys and asians. and that other show? only this. he was in that smallville episode with shawn ashmore. the ONE smallville episode i ever caught. anyways, the shows could suck, but at least they'll look good doing it.

collateral. good movie. you've probably already seen it. vanity fair. entertaining and beautifully shot, but i was expecting barry lyndon. the one thing barry lyndon didn't have in it: thomas sturridge. i kno, i kno, 1986. does that make me a pedo? if so then FUCK YOU FOR JUDGING ME. who do you think you are? i remember him from that nbc production of gulliver's travels. he played lemuel's son. "oh that was HIM?"

amazing race. GOD DAMN WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET RID OF COLIN AND CHRISTIE? my ox is broken. apprentice. best... boardroom... EVER. i hated that ass and i'm glad he's gone. not that the asian girl or black girl were competent at all, but at least they weren't overly-confident goofy-looking motherfuckers. yes, i mean bradford. survivor. VANUATU! it's fun to say, everyone say it with me. VANUATU! i cannot believe the men lost the first challenge AGAIN. and furthermore, i cannot believe that THEY VOTED OUT BROOK! are they fucking STUPID. you don't vote out your most capable members at the beginning of the game! you're shooting yourselves in the FOOT. if the old men keep voting out the younger guys, not only will my beloved john be gone, but they'll lose challenges. don't ever underestimate the women, you stupid fucks! plus, one of the guys was talking about how women get along and men scheme against each other? WHAT FUCKING PLANET IS HE FROM? are all the men gay or something? hmmm... now that would be an interesting survivor. let's all ponder that now.

and FINALLY, friday nite, pacific place, top floor. how fun is it to watch gay boys running around like little kids? i remember being drugged and not bitter. those were good times, huh? *sigh* anyways, they were as cute as new books. mmm...

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