Sunday, September 12, 2004

the hot boys of the past week

i think this week was a particularly good week for hot boys, what with all the new shows premiering. but before we get to that, how about some real people.

the waiter at the district on a fine labor day monday was a looker. tall, medium build, short brown hair, nice smile. what more could one want? perhaps the hottie that moved in to the apartment directly above mine. if i described him, you'd think he and the waiter were the same person... oh, wait! no... couldn't be. i've only seen him twice (both this week, once on tuesday and the other, why, just yesterday) and very very briefly, but woo-ee, i hope i run into him more often. with a name like harrison, who could resist? (side note, i THINK i heard sex the other day. there was a very rhythmic squeaking of a bed coming from up there, and i don't think he was doing jumping jacks on it. whatever he really was doing, i don't care. i can imagine whatever i want.) i'm sure there were others, but they weren't special enuf for me to remember... or i just have a bad memory.

not really real per se, but some of those french kicks boys might be worth your time. saw them opening for keane and was drunk enuf to have enjoyed their set, not to mention their tite jeans.

on tuesday, we watched zach braff freak out (adorably) on scrubs and godel brandon, of brandon and nicole, take off his shirt (sizzlingly) on the amazing race. i kno, i kno, brandon's a fucking dumbass and what's with the hair?, but it's not like _i'm_ the one who's planning to marry him.

finally watched queer eye uk. hi, julian. hi, dane. that's all.

thursday brot the mediocrely-scripted hijinks of joey, but alas, where are the hot guys? i hope phoebe visits and brings mike, and rachel stops by with brad... (oh, whoops, i think i'm getting mixed up...) the real sweet ass popped up in the apprentice. uhm... hi, john. nice to meet you. is it that the rest of the guys were so bleh-to-ugly or that he was truly a stud? again, don't care. i'm rooting for him to win, despite the fact that he's a little bitchy in the boardroom. actually, that made him cuter, strangely enuf... speaking of bitchy, i'm so glad they show cutie will on big brother every week in the jury house. it's like a refreshing blast of sticky, wet... is it just me that wants to see a sequel to bb5 called "will and drew"?

today, jack & bobby, matt long, lick him all over. i'm calling dibs, RITE NOW.

survivor premieres next week. john k., a self-proclaimed artist living as a mechanical bull operator in la after being a model in ny. hmmm... artist... model... mechanical bull... yeah. i'll be watching. btw, when does that taye diggs show happen? i'm glad upn got my letter, but i sent it like 5 years ago.

what's up with nbc sucking so much? las vegas? LAX!? MEDICAL INVESTIGATION!?! are you kidding me? 5 josh duhamels, 4 blair underwoods and 16 christopher gorhams would not make me want to watch that crap.

okay, i'm done.

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