Tuesday, October 12, 2004

sugar pie excitement

survivor. poor brady! the hottie fbi agent was voted off. WHY? WHY!?! i'll tell you why! those god damned old guys are fucking everything up. but i can't say it was all their fault that all the younger guys are getting booted. why didn't the younger guys reach out to the older guys in the beginning? i kno they're all ugly and/or legless, but we're talking about a million dollars here! i'm not actually that concerned about the weakening of the men's team. besides john, i don't think i really care for any of the rest of the guys (okay, chad is so far acceptable. a little too acceptable, actually...). if john gets booted, i'm rooting for the hot lesbian barista. it looks like next week there'll be a twist and they'll shuffle the tribes. i think i heard jeff telling them to drop their buffs. hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. i'm crossing my fingers for my john.

apprentice. poor pamela! the gigantor amazon woman was voted off. she was probably the most qualified of all the women and trump gives her the cobra. i think i'm pretty sure that donald doesn't want to give the job to a woman. for the first time in a while, the women didn't completely fuck up, and i'm pretty sure a lot of it had to do with pamela's iron fist fascism. i loved seeing her tell stacy to shut up cuz that stacy's a bitch (which one of them isn't?). she went into a situation where no three girls got along, girls she hadn't ever worked with, mind you, and she got them up to what i also think was as close to a tie as you could get. $10? i mean, come on. had they sold one more unit they would have won it. well, don't get me wrong. i didn't want her to win the thing (no, that's for john); i just thot that it definitely wasn't her time. also, i hate maria.

nip/tuck. BEST. EPISODE. EVER. OH MY GOD. so many secrets and twists revealed, i loved it, absolutely loved it. ava, a man! *gawk* adrian, suicide! *gasp* carver at christian's place! *ahmigawd* liz is back! *yay* joan rivers is fucking weird looking and alec baldwin did a great job. this is exactly the kind of episode that we needed to make us craving more. of course, after two seasons, i think we kno that no one really ever leaves the show. i fully expect ava to come back sometime next season, and i can't wait. that famke's a hottie. i think we need more episodes written and directed by ryan murphy. and i seriously hope he doesn't leave the show. it would go way downhill and i dunno if i could continue watching it. well, forget all that, i can't wait til the first episode of the third season. i gotta kno how it's gonna resolve itself (if it does).

i tried to watch life as we know it, but i honestly couldn't get past the first five minutes. could anything be more painful to watch? i don't think so. i can't stand the guys, tho one or two of them are doable (in other contexts). i hate their look and their hair. aren't they supposed to be three different kinds of guy that are friends? i couldn't tell them apart. they could have gotten those cingular triplets as far as i'm concerned. the show was touted as more "true-to-life" than its counterparts like ye olde dawson's creek or supercool the oc, but it just felt so fake and been-done that i almost threw up. i mean, really. "they say boys think about sex every 15 minutes. well, i probably think about it every 5." how many other shows was that ripped from? "i want to be her first, cuz it's something they can't ever take away." uhm, i think that exact line is from kids, which came out, what, a decade ago? can we please stop rehashing the same shit over and over again not even in different packaging, it looked like a whole lot of other "i'm-trying-to-be-cool" teen shows. well, i dunno why i'm ranting anyways. i'm sure the show wasn't made for jaded old fucks like me, so what do i care, really? it did do something good tho. it reminded me that i can't wait til the oc comes back in november! ba ha ha ha ha... (speaking of the oc, uhm... have you seen the previews? nick gonzalez: hoooooot...! but he's like my sister's age, so... do i see another "oh my god my mom and i have slept with the same guy" moment for marissa? i hope so.)

desperate housewives's second episode was enjoyable, but not as good as the first episode promised it would be. yes, we got to see jesse's ass, but... fine, it was totally worth it, even if the rest of the episode was only okay.

is this going to be a whole entry on television? yes. cuz i don't feel like talking about school (nothing really to note, actually), and there were no remarkable boys. i'm pretty much unimpressed with all the boys in my classes. oh, sigh. hopefully, the other half of the week will be more exciting.

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