Thursday, October 07, 2004

procrastination addendum

casey. okay, so i forgot to mention him. why? well, to tell you the truth, he's not terribly remarkable. it wasn't until a second look of all the men (most of which definitely didn't need or deserve a second look) that i saw casey and thot, "hmmm... yeah, given the chance, i wouldn't turn it down." he's a strange mixture of cute and hot that beckons to me. i hear your call, casey. ima comin'! will he win it? i don't think so. but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a chance. i can't say i've seen many models out there that looked like him. i do like that necklace tho. mebbe he could just model necklaces. at any rate, it'll be fun to watch him every week.

this week was a good week for boys of the past. i chanced by a lot of the old favorites, like elf, monkey, takeshi, leif, and mean-looking guy. they all pretty much looked the same since i had seen them last. elf was still tall, tho his hair was shorter than before. monkey was still monkey, but he didn't have his glasses on and his hair was longer than it used to be. takeshi was still dressed uniquely, leif was still dressed like a gay econ grad student, and mean-looking guy... well, he was still mean-looking. it was nice to see them, but it reminded me that i don't have that many new boys to ogle. well, besides simon from last year. speaking of whom, i spotted him walking up the ave today (what is it? thursday?) as i was waiting for someone who might have seen him had she not been late. everything was the same except he was wearing a gray track jacket and was listening to music. too bad, cuz i wanted to shout "hey simon!" yeah... really.

i would like to be paid in hot boys from now on, yes please thank you.

how about that vice presidential debate? some people say cheney (that evil cold-blooded motherfucker) won, and some people say that edwards (is he not the most adorable running mate ever?) did. who do i think won? i don't kno! i'm still waiting for the media to tell me what to think!

i'm terribly cross with lost this week. just as kate beckinsale was about to reveal why she was being brot back to the states in cuffs, dr. party-of-five tells her that he DOESN'T WANT TO KNO. WHAT? we spent the entire episode heading in that direction and rite when i thot i was going to be rewarded for my remarkable patience, they do this to me! why torture me, abrams? WHY? and what was with that ominous-music-et-creepy-shot of the backgammon dude? you're killing me!

taegukgi may be the most depressing movie i've seen this year. it was pretty well made with perhaps too-realistic battle scenes and an above average story of two brothers caught up in a civil war. everyone i've talked to who've seen it all say that they cried thru the whole thing, and i can't blame them. it was fucking sad. anyways, i'd recommend it to people strong of heart and strong of stomach, but you aren't, you're really not missing anything that hasn't been done before. of course, why anyone would ever pass up an opportunity to watch won bin for two and a half hours is beyond me.

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