Tuesday, October 18, 2005

rhydian vaughan

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if there's anything i love as much as wet boys, it's sleeping boys. this is model (slash-actor) rhydian vaughan, shot by photographer leaf yeh for the august issue of chinese gq. isn't he just the cutest? nothing brightens up the day like an adorable hapa. in fact, nothing would make my days brighter than to wake up every morning with an adorable hapa. anyways, here he is looking cute while narrowly avoiding a bus, and looking cute while a little lost.

i don't kno much about him, but if you would like to see him in action, he apparently had a role in a sci-fi short called lamb that came out what looks like never in wide release, so good luck with that. actually, there's a trailer on the site (that reveals the movie to be one of those poorly-subtitled, weird artsy meditations about the existence of god), and i think you can buy the dvd from eslite books.


Sascha said...

Hi there.
I'm really surpirsed to find a pic of him on your blog. That's my classmate and good buddy. He lives here in Taipei, and he's on quite a few TV ads here.

I don't know if I should tell you any more without his consent, but I probably will tell him of this blog here.

Andy said...

yeah, i remember seeing him here and there (magazines, tv, etc) when i was in taipei. one of my friends there told me that she knew him or friends of his or something like that, i don't recall exactly. i guess taipei's not as big as one might think it is! anyhow, let him kno that he has some fans in the states too, and thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I know him....he graduated from my school. T.E.S( Taipei European School)

Shane said...

He's quite famous rihgt now coz his acted as the leading role in a newly released film called“Winds of September”.