Monday, October 24, 2005


well, it's been about three and a half weeks of school now (that's like a third of the quarter already gone!), and it's about time to complain about all the people in my classes who annoy me. actually, i probably should have done this a couple weeks ago instead of now, cuz i feel like i don't dislike them as much as i used to, as happens when you get used to people.

at first, my first class of the day was a little intimidating, cuz the prof sent out her syllabus a week before classes started and her list of requirements seemed like a whole lot to take in. of course, after a few weeks, i've gotten used to the routine and it no longer frightens me. the prof herself is a really small old lady who's lost what seems like most of her hearing. she also has a habit of ignoring your answers if they're not what she's looking for, so sometimes when you answer her questions and she doesn't acknowledge them, you don't kno if it was cuz she didn't hear you or if you didn't answer it in the way she wanted you to. we're all a little hesitant to repeat what we said in such cases. i don't particularly dislike any of the other students in the class. sometimes some of them can be annoying at times, but definitely not worth bringing up (at least not anymore). any cute boys in this class? no, of course not.

my second class is taught mostly by a t.a. whom i had previously taken a couple classes with last year. he really annoyed me in those classes, cuz he always asked the prof really weird off-topic questions, but as a t.a. he's not actually too terrible. i think it stems from the fact that he's actually a pretty nice guy. his knowledge is a little spotty sometimes, but at least he doesn't act like the class is something he hates doing (like some t.a.s i can think of). or mebbe i don't hate him, cuz he's pretty lenient when grading quizzes and tests, who knos? there are some really weird people in this class. one of them mumbles to himself like he's giving a running commentary on whatever he seems to be focused on, and another talks like one of those nerds who think they kno everything, but then you listen to the actual words coming out of this guy's mouth and you realize he doesn't actually. there's this one girl who seriously acts like she's 10. she uses a "cute" voice when she talks (that's in quotes, cuz it's not really cute, it's grating) and exaggerates all her movements (like her gestures and her head wobble). i dunno what would possess someone to act like this in college, but at the end of every class (she spends a lot of class just talking to her friend while the t.a. is trying to teach), i want to throw her out the window. not really. maybe. again, no cute boys in the section. there are a few freshmen in the lecture who are kinda cute, but they're freshmen, and ew...!

as for my other class, a lot of the people from my first class of the day are also in this class, since the subject is related. the prof is pretty good; i like the way he teaches. sometimes he makes students feel really stupid, but i don't have a problem with that, since he hasn't done it to me yet. there's this one older woman in the class who is both homely and not very smart, and it wouldn't bother me so much, except she tries to pretend she knos what she's talking about (which she doesn't most of the time). it baffles me how much she just doesn't understand in class. it's not a bad thing to get the answer wrong. i mean that's how we learn. but under the prof's guidance, she still can't arrive at the rite answer. i don't think she understands basic grammar, in fact, since her answers tend to come out in incoherent phrases. you'd think someone would ask themselves "does what i'm saying make any sense whatsoever?" before saying it. or perhaps her answers actually make sense in her mind, which is equally frightening. again, no cute boys. i don't think they frequent this major for some reason...

all-in-all, school isn't all that interesting, is it? and yet it takes up so much of my time.

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