Thursday, October 20, 2005

november's what?

as some of you already kno, jay chou is releasing his next album on the first of november, and yes, it's really called "november's chopin." why? i think he's trying to stress the fact that this album is heavily influenced by classical music and its... italian flavor (see, look he's in venice), whatever that might mean. but then... wasn't chopin french-polish or something like that? whatever, i don't question; just listen, like and then subsequently buy. if i preorder the cd in taiwan, i can get a free poster with it, or if i preorder from yesasia, i get a 2006 calendar and postcard(s). the only problem is i think both options are obscenely expensive, and my only hope might be that i find someone coming back from taiwan after the first of november willing to brave the hordes of jay fans to satisfy this jay fan's needs.

they also played his first single "nocturne" on the radio, and i have to say it's not bad at all, tho i can't say it sounds all THAT different from his old stuff. well, the first isn't that far away so i don't feel like i'll be waiting long, but even so, i have to say, "i can't wait!" purely figuratively, you see.

postscript: more pictures!


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