Monday, September 05, 2005

what can i do

last nite, i went to a nan quan mama autograph-signing event at the gongguan rose records, like the 12 year old girl i am. i was disappointed that i missed their free show at ximen last week, so i had to take this opportunity to see them up close. the channel v pop music concert just wasn't enuf. plus, back then, i had no idea who they were. thus, armed with the cd booklet, i set off with a friend to gongguan.

when we got there, there wasn't really much of a line, unlike the event yesterday at the same location for boyband 5566 (i think all the little girls in all of taipei showed up for that one). hopefully, this was because of the fact that this was nan quan mama's fourth of five stops around taipei city, and not because people don't love them, cuz people should love them; they're great. they arrived unceremoniously a little after 7 in a small gray van. after they got situated, they started letting people in, so we all slowly filed into the little shop and gave them whatever nan quan mama materials we had for them to sign. when i got up to the front, i couldn't help but grin like an idiot. what does one say to pop stars as one is whisked quickly by them as they sign their name for the 1000th time? do i tell them that i really liked their cd? how many times had they already heard that? do i tell lara she's too cute, and dantou that i think he's cool? plus, how does one convey these things in chinese without sounding stupid? i had no idea. i just said thank you and smiled as zhang jie and dantou finished signing their names. all of them looked absolutely exhausted from their day that started at 1, but when i got to yuhao, he pointed to my hair and was like "you have very cool hair." tee hee! after lara finished signing my booklet, i grinned and waved a goodbye to her. she's so adorable.

and then it was over...

they have these sorts of events every weekend, so i wonder who'll be in town next week.


maggie said...

andy's cool

Andy said...

i believe you!