Sunday, June 19, 2005

wet hot summer

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i like water. i like boys. i like wet boys. this photo was taken by sølve sundsbø for the latest edition of vman. i like this picture.

i've been busy doing nothing lately. well, it felt like nothing, but when you put it all together it's definitely something. spring quarter ended and i did quite well. i'd like to say it isn't because i didn't skip one class, but cuz i'm super, but there just might be a correlation between how many classes i don't attend and how low my grades get.

the film festival also ended, and after seeing so many movies over the course of three weeks, it felt a little empty when i wasn't looking forward to seeing a movie the next day. i also saw revenge of the sith (a while ago) and batman begins (last week) and they were both pretty fun. look forward to a whole lot of movie reviewing in the coming days.

i'm currently in the process of moving out of the apartment, since i'm not going to be in seattle for the next three months. yes, that's rite, for nearly the entire season of summer, i'll be in taipei, schooling and hopefully relaxing... well, as relaxing as it can get in the oppressive heat and humidity of a tropical summer. i wish i could write one of those oh-my-god-i'm-living-in-another-country blogs, but three months isn't really all THAT long, and i don't anticipate very much culture shock. that being said, i'm sure i'll still make stupid observations about how different things are, just for the sake of making them. my friend is having somewhat of a similar experience in kunming, china, so check out his oh-my-god-i'm-living-in-another-country blog at bitsculptor. i am leaving saturday nite.


Anonymous said...

hiyaz peep

kwl bolg like da piks i have read the wirght al okies**!

hows lifen treating uz dese dayz
love yaz xxx

Anonymous said...

hiyaz huni
my names nat like da piks u have and i8 like ur blog its kwl ?
i defenantly liiked the wet summer pik lol hes was fit lol

howz life for u the4se4s dayz

love yaz peep xxxxx