Thursday, June 16, 2005

a very long stop-and-chat

so last week i went to some class reunion activities (but not the reunion itself, since i was busy meeting ben mckenzie). i didn't originally intend to go, but i found out that another one of my friends was going to be there, so i thot to myself, "why not?"

it was nice seeing some of the people, and others i really couldn't have cared less about. it was very overwhelming at first, because i felt like if i didn't say "hi, how are you, what have you been up to?" to someone that i was somehow neglecting them, and then they would feel offended and start rumors about me. and then i remembered that they weren't the bitchy queens i usually have to deal with, and that i didn't really give a shit if they felt offended. so after i came to that realization, it was better.

everyone was essentially the same as i remembered them to be, and so it was not as fun or exciting as i had hoped. after a while, it just got tiresome, because really how much did i have to talk about with these people? every fucking conversation was about what everyone had been up to, and after repeating myself for the 10th time, i started switching it up, but even that wasn't entertaining. also, once we were past that point, i had nothing else to say. i wasn't going to see any of these people (god willing) for another five years, so what was the purpose?

i also realized that while i didn't feel like any of them had changed much, i think i have to a certain extent, and it was harder for me to relate to them. i sorta wanted to go away with the caterers (one of them was pretty hot), and chat it up with them rather than the privileged lot they were serving. for the first time, i felt bad being served by other people in the privacy of some rich girl's house. "wait, i'm one of you!" was what i wanted to say. that being said, at the same time, it was all very oc, and i felt almost like i was at one of the cohens' parties.

i'm glad i went and talked to and saw the people i saw, but i would die if i had to do this any more often than every five years. okay, who am i kidding, i love (almost) free food and alcohol, and if i have to suffer thru laborious conversation for it, that's a relatively small price to pay. when's the next get-together?

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