Monday, June 13, 2005

hot celebrity sex dream

oh my god, guess who appeared in my sex dream last nite?

i kno! isn't that totally weird? it wasn't until i was taking a shower today after i woke up that i actually remembered that i had had a sex dream. but once i had triggered the memory, a smile came to my face. these sorts of dreams come way not often enuf and, tho it might be sad to report, the memory of the dream made me happy. it's disappointing, but i think this is the first time an actual celebrity has appeared in one of these kinds of dreams. usually they're very hot, but not famous, hot, hot, hot men. i haven't had a sex dream in such a long time. it's a good thing that the wrong number that woke me up this morning happened after the events of the dream were over.

i hadn't seen him in anything for a while, and i haven't watched his show since early last year. it was very random, but it was really hot all the same, and i can still vaguely feel him all over the dream version of me. how sad is it that the dream me is getting more action than the real me? i guess that actually makes sense tho. well, whatever. one day it might come true. but i'd have to get past his hot wife.


Kristyn said...

That's Chad Micheal Murray! Lol!

Andy said...

i kno! is that hot or what?