Wednesday, May 16, 2007

oh so hot

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Not that further proof is required, as it is obvious to anyone who spends any amount of time outside when it's sunny, but here is further proof! When the sun comes out, so do the hot, hot, hot boys! How else can you explain the torrent of new missed connections? Twelve on Tuesday alone!

We had a record high of 84 degrees here in Seattle yesterday (not hottest ever, just for the recorded history of May 15th), and it was very nice. I suppose we've got to enjoy the climate change while it's still bearable, before the lakes dry up, the animals all die off, and we're forced to live in underground tunnels where everyone will be ugly. Guess how much faith I have in humanity to change the course of what we're all doing to our planet.

Also, let's give thanks to Diesel and Chad White.


Anonymous said...

nice to see you back Andy:)

Andy said...