Friday, May 26, 2006

siffty siffs

oh, yes. film festival season is upon us once more. last year, i saw a crazy 20 movies, mostly good, some not so much. but that's nothing! despite finding well over 40 movies i wanted to see this year, i've cut the number down to approximately 22, due to budgetary (and time) constraints. we'll see if that holds. i have yet to finalize it all, but i hope to see all of the following:

yes, that does seem like a lot, but i have so much fun year after year that i can't help myself. this is also the last year that i get to take advantage of the student discount, tho the woman at the box office didn't check my id or anything, so perhaps i can pull it off next year. i actually didn't think i'd see as many this year because there seemed to be a lot less east asian movies in this year's selection, but after going thru the entire list, i found that didn't really hinder me. notice the slight increase in pictures of naked boys and/or boys about to kiss? there were more queer movies this year, i think, or at least more gay movies that looked interesting (i.e. had screencaps of naked boys and/or boys about to kiss), so those easily filled the holes left open by a lack of asian cinema representation. i'd like to give short reviews on the movies after i see them, but i never had time to do that last year, so who knos. no promises. anyhow, i'll see y'all at the movies!

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